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She got out of town...

Today I am bursting at the seams with excitement!!

I'm sure most of you had read on the Facebook Fan page about the mishap that we've had to endure this summer. It was about mid May & I started feeling very ill, I was going to bed early, waking up late, & could have slept all day if someone would have let me! Dave spent hours on the computer searching for parasites, he was convinced I had one, my sister tried to pin me with a heart condition, my best friend who is a nurse believed I had endometriosis, & I, once again, was certain that there was some type of cancer invading my body. My mother in law & mom questioned pregnancy a multitude of times but...no way, no how, not me!! I was defying the odds of the unplanned pregnancy, I had myself fully convinced that it was virtually impossible because in my past experiences, I was the Gucci, the Prada of pregnancy. Gain a couple pounds, work 16 hour days up until the day you give birth, breeze through with no symptoms, & come out skinnier on the other side. At times I had even thought about offering myself up as a surrogate mother because to me, it was that easy. To our surprise, for the 3rd time, yes the queen of the unplanned pregnancy speaking here, we were going to add a little more joy, a little more laughter, & a little more crying to our already hectic lives. I was on a daily search for a 5 bedroom house, we thought about larger vehicles, & our baby names were just about set in stone. Everyone joked that it had to be twins because I was just "TOO pregnant" this time....
and that is when we got another surprise! Low & behold, the good lord thought my stomach was noah's ark & he was bringing these babies in 2 by 2.  Twins it was & for 15 glorious minutes thoughts & images flashed through my mind as tears just streamed down my face. Some delightful, others quite frightening. Then I was blindsided and hit with the news that became the epicenter of my entire summer...they were 9.5 weeks and had no heartbeats..what did I want to do?  What I really wanted to do go grab Mr. Momi in the waiting room, run to the car, and let myself become an emotional wreck..and that was pretty much exactly what I did. Over the next 3 weeks we bounced back & forth between 3 different doctors & became more than emotionally taxed. Mr. Momi was convinced after the first doctor, it took me 2 more opinions & I still was uneasy about the situation because there wasn't even a hint of a sign that these babies weren't ok, except for what the doctors couldn't find on the radar. In my head I always worry that someone is going to steal our children out of their beds in the middle of the night, Dave is going to crash on the way to the grocery store & never return, I am going to get cancer & die at a young age, or one of the girls will end up on the face of a milk carton after their senior trip to Aruba. In my mind everything horrific in the world is going to happen to my family so, I don't know why I was so headstrung that there was no way, no how, that this could happen! 
I told Mr. Momi on the way to the 2nd opinion ultrasound that if "these babies" didn't have heartbeats, we are going to Hawaii. Well, techinically I said we are going to Hawaii in September, North Carolina in October, Floriday in November, & Vegas in December. :) It wasn't a celebration trip, more of a calm after the storm & something to look forward to if all hope should die. 

Tonight we make our departure for paradise! It is a trip that I told Mr. Momi back in February that there was "no way, no how" we were going to be able to go...for a friend's wedding.  We are beyond thrilled to be getting away, childless, for our friend's wedding, for our anniversary, & to be taking it back to where our life together started, the girls were born, & the sun was always shining!  Hawaii to me is sacred ground & I really can't recall a bad memory from the years I lived there! My entire life fell into place while I lived there. I met Mr. MOMI, the girls were born, Momi boutique was started, & I got married.  Everything's perfect in paradise, right?!  Aside from coming home to the girls..it is going to be even MORE hard to leave Hawaii this time. The girls are aware that we are leaving tonight & this will be the first time we've ever left them for more than 24 hours...guilty mommy syndrome has set in!

We will be out of town until September 9th so all "MOMI event days" have been canceled through September 8th! There will be a new Friday Flirt skirt posted, mid day, on September 9th! I will be releasing new Halloween designs the second week of September! Please be aware that I will have limited internet access & the BEST way to reach me will be to email momi_boutique@hotmail.com.  My etsy shop is on vacation mode, however, orders can be placed through http://www.momiboutique.com/. Please just be aware that no orders will be processed, made, or shipped until after September 9th on a "first in" basis. If you are in need of an item for september delivery please be sure to place your order as soon as possible to ensure that yours is one of the first completed upon my return!

Have a great week! Aloha!


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Heart & Soul

Hi there...it's me MOMI.  I always think to myself..if for some reason I was blessed with another baby..would I name her Momi? haha Probably not!

To say my blog has been neglected is an understatment, I feel like facebook has just taken over the reigns....it works alot better than sitting here typing up a novel! However, at times there are issues that need to be addressed in regards to this brand that take up more than 420 characters..especially when you are as wordy as me!
If you are a MOMI follower I am sure you are well aware that I have different limited edition days of the week and some are posted and purchased on facebook, one in particular is auctioned off on facebook...MOMI's Melting pot Monday...dun dun dun...

I hate being the bearer of bad news, I would much rather blog about something lighthearted & upbeat...however, when things are just fine and dandy I'm usually working on orders or trying to spend 10 seconds with my family...which I am sure all of you moms out there can understand.

Now onto the root of the topic...you may want to close your ears because as my mom gets shocked when she reads my blog posts saying that I am brutally honest..this post will be no different! Call my the Taylor Swift of the blog world...if something happens you better believe there is going to be a blog post about it!  I have nothing to hide, ever.

MOMI boutique has been in business for 4 years..it was not started because of my love for sewing, or because everyone in my neighborhood wanted to purchase my items, it was also not started completely out of boredom or to make me feel good about myself.  MOMI boutique was started as a means of survival. Yes, granted I LOVE what I do, I had always wanted to go to Philadelphia college of textile & design but, even the grant that I had received was not enough to make it affordable for my family and I ended up going to a state university for Marketing. Call it a miracle or a simple twist of fate that I am actually living out my dream! I feel blessed and thankful but, trust me...it did not just all fall in my lap. There has been ALOT of blood, sweat, and tears in this journey of building this business from the ground up.

Here is my rags to ridiculousness story since I know you all love a good story! ......Dave bought me a sewing machine for christmas, a month after Lily was born. When I was pregnant I wanted a $200 crib bedding set that we could not afford so I would sit in my bedroom at night and hand stitch ugly little pillows, I even painted circles on crib sheets..PAINTED...WHO paints on crib sheets!!?? Me who had no idea what she was doing! Here's the set and now it's on Sale..4 years too late!.. http://www.blanketmybaby.com/bubble-gum-4-piece-baby-bedding-set ...Darn it! Trust me, I won't have another baby even though it seems tempting :)

Back to the beginning...I had been working as a substitute teacher and a full time waitress up until the day before Lily was born. We lived in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment in Hawaii and someone managed to gamble all of their money away on sunday afternoon football games the week before Lily was born leaving me to pay all of the rent and in a terrible situation since I was about to go on maternity leave. I felt like we were in dire straights. Yes, we both have solid family foundations but, it's not something you call home to your parents about! My luck at the time, I ended up on extended maternity leave because my doctor cut me like a thanksgiving turkey and it was painful to walk for more than 5 minutes straight for about 6 months! TMI :)  I had to do something, I was scared to death of the sewing machine and it sat in its box for almost 2 months. My mom sewed as a hobby my whole life and I would always stand over her shoulder and watch so one day I thought..why not! I broke that baby out and went to town. In between Lily's colic crying I was teaching myself how to sew. Eventually I went back to my "real jobs" and I slowly I started selling on ebay.  My first dress sold for $5.25. I was over the moon. I thought it was the greatest thing in all of the world.  My heart was in it and I kept at it non stop.  I had alot of outward support and motivation from friends and some who thought I was crazy.  That christmas season I sold a "fancy" dress on ebay and it ended for $250. I think I walked into the restaurant to work that night on cloud nine & wore a smile the whole night, not because of the $, even though it was a nice motivation but, because I knew this was real, it was happening, my hard work was being noticed by many. I had no idea I was building a business or any idea what was to be in the future. As time went on I got better and I had repeat customers who would buy oodles of items from me. I really couldn't have been more lucky and fortunate. MOMI kept growing and 1.5 years later after Leah was born I quit my day jobs since we were moving off the island and half way across the world.  Dave got a good job when we moved home and I decided to put every ounce of my energy into MOMI. It was at that point that I pulled of ebay because I was tired of the weekly bidding. I streamlined alot and offered a larger variety of items. That is when things really started to boom.  The growth of MOMI has become exciting, yet scarey to me. It is not something that I asked for but, definately something that I hoped for & it is a reflection of my dedication and hard work toward my business. I do not just sit back and delegate duties to employees, I am in my sewing room, away from my children for the majority of the day, slaving away.  I do not have a factory overseas or even down the street. I wish I did! I do not have a customer service rep that sits and anwsers all of my emails..I wish I did, I am at the front line of EVERYTHING that happens with MOMI. In spite of that, I tend to keep my personal emotions out of it and try not to take anything personally. I have always tried to keep myself very seperated from other designers and their personal lives because I feel that I would rather not be involved in drama of any sort & it seems like the "boutique world" can become just that, drama. When people knock off my work, then it does become my business, and my problem, and you better believe I am going to say something diplomatically about it.
Regardless of that...the point of this post...it has/had become apparent to me that there is a situation that needs to be addressed in regards to the amount of money that people are willing to pay for my work. It seems as though my Melting pot designs have become a breeding ground for drama and unnecessary comments.  I have realized this for a few weeks now on chat forums where people are making comments about the "ridiculously high amounts" that people are bidding on my melting pot tops. I have deleted multiple comments over the past weeks on my fan page after the auctions ends such as... "are you ladies crazy?" "WOW", "don't you think that is a little high?".   I realize some people may say it all with a grain of salt and really put no thought into it or think that it will have an effect on anyone. If you don't think that I am blown away by the bids or sometimes feel half way guilty, your wrong because I do. However, I do also know the dynamics of supply and demand. From the outside looking in, there is no telling how many "followers"/"buyers" I have, how many different countries I ship to every week, or the magnitude of items MOMI sells on a weekly basis. There is more to all of this than what meets the eye. If my items were all made in a factory or I had multiple sewers, that would be a different story. Yes, there is a supply/demand factor and my prices are reflective of that. If I priced my items differently I would burn out and put myself out of business because I would NOT be able to keep up.  I am pretty sure that is has already all become too much because just the other day I had a 2 hour "fit" about how I'm not sure that this is even fun anymore for me and that I feel like a caged animal everyday shackled to a sewing chair with someone standing behind my back with a whip in their hand. haha I may have become melodramatic at some point in my life but, that is just how I felt at that moment. Trust me, I am not going anywhere but forward..regardless if I need a 2 day vacation from my sewing chair or not.  The reason I felt this way is becasue this business has once again become my means of survival after my emotions were thrown to the edge of the earth and I had to make my husband quick his job and work for me because of scanadlous situations at his work. Yes, I went through h*ll and back to earn my first employee. If some people consider me lucky because I get to spend 24 hours a day with my husband or because I have a "helper"..trust me, I would rather be in YOUR shoes. Yes, I love him to the end of the earth and back and he has the patience of a saint but, working with your husband is not all sunshine and rainbows.
When MOMI says it is a OOAK, it is not a joke. They are truly just that, One of a Kind. Sure, if I was really all in this for the money I could cut off my whole website and just sit here and sew melting pot swing tops and auction them off everyday. Obviously that is not happening and because of that, there is a high demand and a low supply. Now, granted I am not the inventor of a patchwork dress, nor did I EVER think/say I was but, for my OOAK spin offs of a patchwork dress there is a low supply & a high demand...people want what they want...and good luck changing their mind.  The fact is, unneccessary comments do have an effect on the bidders and it also is a slap to my business and degrading knowing in my mind how hard I have worked.  Maybe I do sew them with golden thread while my golden geese that lay golden eggs watch me sew!  Maybe I don't.  However, I am not worried about someone hurting my feelings but, it does matter when people are making MOMI customers, who buy from me on a weekly basis, the heart and soul of my brand,  feel like they need to feel that they are doing something wrong. It is not ok when I receive an email from a very loyal customer of mine saying that she has been awake since 2 am because she has received many emails from multiple people who have personally attacked her because of her high bid. Nor would it have been ok with me if it was ANY of my customers who said they have been attacked because of the amount they were willing to spend on this brand.  Everyone spends their money on something and everyone is entitled to do just that.  It is not something out of this world for people to have designer brands that they are "hooked" on or have a restaurant that they love and eat at every week. Some people have lavish homes, some have fancy cars, some gamble (AHHH!), some vacation, some throw amazing parties, some do it all, regardless...to each is own! I truly believe that everyone that follows MOMI comes from something great, I believe that you are all educated and smart women so please just use caution when commenting in regards to what people choose to spend their money on.  Everyone in this world is in a different financial situation and regardless if you have the money to spend on MOMI boutique or you buy your kids play clothes at Target like me, that shouldn't matter to anyone else.  I would personally never comment on someone elses spending unless it was my best friend who tried her hand at extreme couponing and spent a couple hundred dollars on cat food for a cat that she doesn't even have! Yeah, then I may voice my 2 sense!  Whether someone is bidding $500 dollars on a One of a Kind design from MOMI, a resell item of MJ's on ebay, or on a doll from Bambo over in her corner...it is no one else's business and so maybe this all swings back to being my own fault.  However, it took ebay how many years and probably 20 million complaints to realize that they need to disquise the usernames of bidders on their site, so I don't think that I have failed completely considering it has only taken me a few months!  I hadn't realized that it was going to come down to any of this so, maybe in the next weeks, if I can find 10 seconds to figure out how to set up a hyena cart account the melting pot auctions will be moved there. This will protect the identity of bidders.
On a lighter note, my in laws, who I adore, are in town for a week and my sister is moving home from Hawaii on Saturday!! ...and I just found my 3 year old who somehow lost her very last "paci" last night, laying in her room sucking on her toes. HAHA are we still in dire straights?....that is debatable!  I hope you all are enjoying your first bursts of summer and making alot of memories!


Carolina on my mind...

Just a little side note to say Happy Saturday.....& if you are interested in purchasing an item/items that have not been "relisted" on my etsy site, most likely you can find it on my website http://www.momiboutique.com/.  I have not been "relisting" sold items as frequently on my etsy site because I have been having large influxs of orders at http://www.momiboutique.com/ & the purchasing process seems to go alot smoother for all.  It is nicer for you as the MOMI addict because the layout of the page allows for easier searching & larger front images.  All "add ons" or modifications are "spelled out" under each item & unless an item is truly sold out, it is always available for purchase...you do not have to email me or wait for me to "relist" it!  It has really been nice for me on my end because just when I thought I was going to really have to consider hiring a customer service rep, http://www.momiboutique.com/ became the new found hit place to purchase MOMI (vs. my etsy site), my orders increased X's 3 & my emails decreased X's 3.  I certainly hadn't seen that one coming in my crystal ball!  Since you have to enter a size to purchase at http://www.momiboutique.com/, it cuts down on alot of time...& at the moment I need every spare second I can get!  It has also helped to eliminate most "private listings". I really couldn't be happier!

I also need to let you know that I am gearing up to go out of town on April first to shoot my summer line..which will be released near the begining of April. I do not have an exact date at the moment as I am relying on mother nature, who typically has a mind of her own! :) 
I will not return until April 8th or possibly a little longer depending on how much fun we are having! I am so fortunate that my in laws have an ocean front duplex rental property in Carolina that they so graciously let us stay at, pretty much whenever the mood strikes. I think it was the only thing that really saved our sanity moving from Hawaii to PA, knowing we had a place to escape to. We have such a great time down at the beach house, we are usually never ready to come ome!...but, we always do! Unfortunately for Mr. MOMI & the girls, I have to keep everyone pretty grounded in PA due to the workload of owning a business.  I have made promises though that one day we will head out of town for good & get our own place by the sea...in the 20 year plan :)

All items purchased from March 20th - March 31st have a potential 4 week turn around until shipment. I would strongly urge you to place your orders asap if you are hoping to have them for Easter. I know this seems quite strange & so very long to wait, especially since MOMI has become notorious for it's very fast turn around but, please do know that I am turning orders as fast as humanly possible at the moment with the amount of orders that I have coming in daily & the circumastance that I was only born with two hands! :) I believe I have been pulling "all nighters" now, more than I had in college!!

*I wish you all a wonderful weekend!*


MOMI boutique 101

If you're new to MOMI boutique, or feel completely lost in the dark in regards to all of the "event days" that MOMI has going on, this one is for you!....

History lesson:

It all started 2 years ago with what I termed Art Show Saturday. Since I literally spent 15 hrs a day in my sewing room it was my "15 minutes"of escaping from the mudane each week & letting my imagination run wild. I created ONE set/piece/dress/whatever I felt like in that moment & ritually every Saturday morning at 11am EST posted it in my etsy shop as a "One of a Kind" design. "One of a Kind" in MOMI's book means that the piece will not be duplicated/recreated, it is the only one of its kind, & your little girl will be the only one in the world to own that piece!

A year later, due to unforseen circumstances, I made Mr. MOMI quit his day job. That was not something to take lightly, he was the top salesman at a local auto group.  It was a huge risk but, it had to happen.  During the first month he was home & after finally realzing what was really involved in my days & that I never stopped working, he would constantly comment that I needed a hobby. I'm not sure what he was thinking becasuse I was basically forced to kick everything into survival mode, my 15 hour days became 18 hr days & there was just absolutely no time for a hobby. My "event days" came about  to satisfy my "need" for a hobby....when the "normal" working world works 5 days a week, I work 8..& because of this I can justify that extra time I take to dream away & create these OOAK pieces.  Orders do take priority over OOAK days.  If MOMI boutique becomes so overloaded that I don't feel I have a grasp on things, I will full on stop the event days.  I would never put a paying customer 2nd in line to my "hobby".  However, that does not mean that just because I have orders I will stop the event days. At this point orders are a constant & the OOAK's are worked into the 5 hours a day that most people would have already left the office....I hope this is all making sense!! 
At the end of the day, regardless of my "crazy workaholic ways", I am still human, life happens, I have 2 small children with 2 little hands that each need to be held, I have a house, a husband, & family, I also have a few friends but, they would probably like to kick me to the curb because I am always busy. :)
There are days when things are just not feasible for one reason or another & I will post on my facebook wall that the "event" of the day is not happening. 

Except for Saturday, there is no rhyme or reason to what time I post the designs of the day. I may give warning on my facebook fan page wall as to an upcoming time, other days it is whatever works at the moment. It is a HUGE commitment on my end to have designs made/photographed & ready to post 5 days a week, I can not commit to a specific time each day...if that would end of having to be the case, that is when the luster would be lost, my hobby would become a hassel, & the magic would be gone. :)

If you are interested in being at the brink of the latest cutting edge MOMI designs here is some terminology that may tickle your fancy:

Monday-MOMI's melting pot swing top: 1 MOMI melting pot swing top will be posted on my facebook fan page & auctioned off. Auction ends at 10pm EST the next day (Tuesday). Rules are posted at time of auction.

Two Timin' Tuesday- a 2 of a kind design will be posted at http://www.momiboutique.com/, there will only be 2 of this design available unless otherwise stated.

Flirt Skirt Friday- Thursday night at midnight EST (or possibly a few hours before) there will be a limited edition MOMI flirt skirt posted & availble for sale. The directions on how to own this skirt are always posted & the skirt is available until midnight on Saturday night, or until supplies last!

Art Show Saturday- at 11am EST there will be a design posted at http://www.momiboutique.com/, this design will be a OOAK unless otherwise stated

Sister set Sunday- 2 coordinating limited edition pieces/sets will be posted at http://www.momiboutique.com/, these are typically OOAK designs or 2 of a kind designs

I do have a fairly large following for these unique designs & they tend to disappear VERY quickly. I do have women who take their limited edition MOMI pieces VERY seriously & I will be forever thankful!
I will look forward to seeing you all soon!


*Another one bites the dust*

Here we go again..a topic that I have spent 10 seconds too long dwelling on in the past & has caused me nothing but complete annoyance & headache for 2 years coming. I created this original design 2 years ago for my spring collection. (hence, Lily, thumbsucker,age 2)  I did not have a pattern for it, I did not draw inspiration from anywhere but the fabrics I saw before me, I went on a whim, & put my heart & soul into it.
Spring 2009

I attempted to replenish the fabrics last year but, they were delivered too late in the season. I could take the high road here but, since I'm pretty much a "hold nothing back" kind of person, I have to say thank you to the designer who took it into her own hands to recreate one of my designs, once again...from the ribbon & the lace down to the double ruffle bottom pants & every ruffle in between, in a different fabric combination. I thought the knockoffs were only sold on the streets of New York, not on etsy where people are paying $100's of dollars for a designers original piece of art. Personally I wouldn't be able to sit easy & sleep at night knowing that I have basically just been riding the coat tails of another designer or taking my inspiration from them to the absolute extreme.

I know there is no way to stop people from replicating your work, it has be done since the begining of time in every industry, especially the fashion world. At a fashion seminar that Mr. MOMI & I attended in NYC last month it was proclaimed almost first & foremost that indeed this is one thing that you have absolutely no control over. However, is it still beyond frusturating when I'm losing sleep at night thinking "out of the box", to deliver a design to set myself apart from the other 20 gas stations on the street.  It is clear in my perspective now why at the end of the day I am completely exhausted. For the past 2 years I have not only been the brains behind the designs of MOMI boutique, but, it seems as though I am also pulling the weight of others.

For example: take this ballerina set that sold in the Spring 2009. I purchased this exact fabric in a pink colorwary intending to recreate my exact design with the pink fabric, when the white sold out. Unfortunately, for me, before I had 10 seconds to turn my pink fabric into my design, a replica of this design from lace on the bodice, to the double ruffle bottom showed up in another etsy shop in the pink ballerinas. At that point I have 2 options, list my design up anyway in the pink & risk people thinking that now I was the one who "copied", or just let it go, sit on the fabric, & dream up something else eventually. Call it pride but
a design that was going to be easy for me to offer turned into a complete lose & the fabric sat in my armoire for over a year before I finally turned it into a OOAK & a Friday Flirt skirt, and fabulous it was! :)

At the end of the day it makes my head spin....I feel like I can't even go back & recreate some of my designs because, somebody already did. I don't think it would bother me so much, and maybe I would have never even noticed the extreme similarity, if this certain someone hadn't drawn attention to themselves 2 years ago when their shop opened & asked me to do a dress trade with them because my dresses were "just darling".  They had nothing to offer in their shop except a fancy dress that my girls had no use for & a big costume thing.  Little did I know what was really going on.
I debated writing this blog but, it is something that rides heavy on my mind almost every day, or at least every season. I always have to brace myself for the worst, and it usually comes.  Above & beyond anything else in all of my ranting, I just want to say cheers...Cheers to the facts of life.....Cheers to the reality that I will never have the opportunity to become mindless in my endeavor because the competition will always keep me at the brink.  Whether that be at the brink of success or losing my mind, that is yet to be determined! 
At the end of the day, MOMI boutique will always be MOMI boutique...and no one can take that rare.beautiful.genuine away!

Summer 2009



*Spring in Full Swing*

If you haven't heard...regardless of the weather outside your window....Spring has officially sprung at MOMI boutique.  If you haven't yet placed your order, I would highly recommend taking a look at the Spring 2011 lineup in my ETSY SHOP as the fabric supply is dwindling at a rapid rate!!  Once the designs are sold out, they will not be replenished and I can tell you for certain there are items that are about to see their last few dancing days!

Please note if you do place an order I am currently on a 3-4 week turn around time.  Gasp..I know, very uncharacteristic of MOMI boutique. Trust me, if I could fly in those North Pole elves, we would be rockin' & rollin' but, have no fear I am very "OCD" when it comes to leaving things undone and have bearly slept a wink in a week! I will probably be back down to my 2 week or less turn around by mid week next week  You know things are slightly crazy when Mr. MOMI is up and willingly working at 3am. The man is getting more job responsibilities by the day and I even contemplated teaching him how to sew on a button, it didn't happen but, you get the point!  He chooses to go the moral support route and serenade me with his guitar skills..or lack thereof  :)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, MOMI boutique is no longer accepting custom/special requests.  In a perfect world I would love to but, I am in a position where I have a clothing line that is growing at a rate that is almost beyond my relm.  For me special requests are a double edged sword. 
 I feel like MOMI is in the position it is in because of special requests and.....I feel like MOMI is in the position that it is in because of....ding ding..special requests!  It is what puts a smile on my face at the end of the day and what also makes me have less time to take MOMI in the direction I want to take it in. Here is the groundwork 101:

MOMI boutique accomodates special request = very happy customer=customer tells friends=customer returns=customer wears MOMI everyday..yay! = Big smile for MOMI

MOMI boutique accomodates special request= approx 2 hrs back & forth customer service + new design layout=pull fabrics from one design to make another, minus 1 inventory for other design due to fabric loss=
ZERO hours to make MOMI better
I will be completely honest and say that I do truly enjoy some special requests that I receive because they provide great moments of inspiration, in a day when that is sometimes hard to find, & I honestly am happy to accomodate a strap change & a this or that, here or there. I am not in any way, shape, or form targeting any one person. In this week alone I have received 23 emails in regards to custom requests/tweaking designs. I wish I could say yes to everyone, if I had 12 hands & an endless supply of each fabric, I would. I am simply trying to paint the picture & help everyone to understand  why I am at this time not willing to do something that at one time seemed very "second nature".  I think what has thrown me for a loop is I have realized that although I do LOVE "customer service", I do not have the hours in my day to customer service items that I do not offer in my shop and that is what I have been spending a great deal of my days doing. I truly hope that no one will take any offence to this and your heart will still belong to MOMI!


*Flirt Skirt Friday*

Give her spring/summer wardrobe a little kick start in this super sweet pink/red/cottage blue/white flirt skirt!
This is a limited edition skirt that is only available through Saturday night at midnight EST only!  This skirt will no longer be available for purchase after this event!  Half of the skirts are already gone so don't miss out! MOMI's flirt skirt event will not be held next week as I will be out of town for my birthday.
Have a great weekend & be sure to visit my facebook fan page to place your flirt skirt purchase!
All skirts will ship Monday !


Worst boss in the world

I always had a hunch that if I had anyone actually working for me I would be deemed the worst boss in the world.  I know that I am the worst boss that I have ever had! Long hours, emergency bathroom breaks only, no phone calls, 5 minute meal breaks, must work 7 days a week, holidays, weekends, work before socialization & if the calendar ever adds on an 8th day to the week you better believe I will be sitting in my sewing chair smiling!  But, at the end of the day I LOVE it! I wouldn't trade it for any other "job" in the world. 
Mr. MOMI is not as much a die hard as me when it comes to the whole "work all day" attitude. I believe he thinks work is slightly overrated so, with a little bit of give & take, at the end of the day, we balance each other out nicely.
Some of you probably don't know this but, way back in the begining of time Mr. MOMI was actually MY boss. gasp! Yes it is VERY true. We met while working at an Italian restaurant in Hawaii. (now doesn't that just sound romantic, haha)  Typical situation..I was the waistress & he was my boss.  It was a Romeo/Juliet sitution, bosses were not permitted to date anyone in the restaurant. Well, that didn't work for us & along came Lily.  The restaurant kept us both around but, in order for it to seem like Mr. MOMI wasn't playing "favorites" with me or giving me any special treatment, I think I was the hardest worked pregnant girl in the history of Auntie Pasto's! It was..Rachel fill the ice bucket, Rachel carry 25 lbs of plates, Rachel take all the extra tables, Rachel work a double the day before you are due.  It was grand & I think I lost weight during that pregnancy.

 Little did Mr. MOMI know that one day the tables would turn and on this day, January 8, 2011 as he turns the wonderful age of 32, he is happily cutting out 27 flirt skirts.  Here's to you Mr. MOMI for letting those tables turn & trying to redeem yourself in everyway that you possibly can...and that my friends is how our world keeps spinning & how I can stand to work at home with my husband everyday.  We are "pro" at it!

***Happy Birthday to you Mr. MOMI!***


**Flirt Skirt Friday**

Have you heard....MOMI boutique has a new event!

**Flirt Skirt Friday**
little details:
 I will be posting an album of the flirt skirt available for purchase on my facebook fan page, along with the price & if you would like to have one..or multiples for your own you will comment on the post with the desired size (18mo - girls sz 8) (measurements are in the "notes" tab up top) & your paypal email. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours. The skirt will only be available for purchase during the event!

This week's Flirt skirt: **$24 shipped**
Decoupage style skirt made from 2 Moda designer fabrics w/ a unique/chic/shabby love patch of your choice
*This skirt will only be available for purchase until Saturday 11:59pm EST*
*Please visit my FAN PAGE to purchase or email me at momi_boutique@hotmail.com with your desired size, paypal email, &love patch of your choice!

*Happy Friday*


Bitten by the Love bug

If you have a little love bug in your house this week's melting pot swing top will suit her just well!  I am completely smitten for this sweet little mix of this & that. 
Be sure to stop by my fan page to bid if your interest is in owning this new MOMI One of a Kind melting pot swing top!


** 2011 Giveaway***

**A new year calls for a new MOMI boutique piece**
*1/1/11- 1/10/11*
*Spend $100 and receive FREE shipping on your entire order*
*Be one of the first 11 MOMI shoppers of 2011 to spend $75 or more and receive a FREE Rockin' tunic in your choice of size and color*

($75 must be reached before shipping charges & after any discount)
Valentine designs & OOAK's will be trickly into the shop so don't ever miss a day here at MOMI boutique...because as quick as they come, they may be gone!

**Happy NEW YEAR**

Well hello 2011, it's so nice to finally see you, I've been anxiously awaiting your arrival all year!  I hope everyone has had a very enjoyable & safe holiday season & here's three cheers to all of your new year's resolutions, which have hopefully not been broken quite yet!  (afterall..we are only 1 day out from the fresh start of the new year!)  I'm still undecided on what my resolutions are/should be. I will figure that out in good time. Whatever is to be in 2011 I am ready to take it head on because 2010 sure did hit me with it's best shot...and although my stability may be debatable, I did make it out in one piece!  We have had an extremely eventful holiday season that included my best friend's wedding. The 4 layer cake that we helped her make turned out to be a real face smashing success!
However, it's appearance was amazing to start! (I didn't help with the cake, I'm capable of burning a poptart & my decorating skills are for dresses only. I did save her sanity a few times though & Mr. MOMI rolled the fondant &put about 2million little edible pearls on the bottom tier)

I may be bias but, the flower girls were just about as cute as could be.

  The pastor commented that they were the best flowergirls he has ever seen.  They may begin their career in 2011 as "rental flowergirls" equipped with custom dresses to coordinate with your wedding party.

I'm fairly certain that may be illegal but, it may be necessary if Mr. MOMI doesn't put down the guitar I gave him for Christmas & get back in the sweltering shop to help me work. It's so bad he even takes the thing to bed!  I don't know if he is trying to run away to Nashville to become the next Johnny Cash or the next Taylor Swift out of Berks county. Whatever it is..I will support that art because I'm just about ready to retire & live like a rockstar..see, here is a blurry/discolored picture to prove it! (don't ask who spilled something on my dress, I'm sure it couldn't have been me)

All in all the holiday season was a grand one! We had visitors in from out of state, had our fun & said our farewells so now it is back to the little world of MOMI for us!

Happy "Happily Ever After" Lori & Ben...

Ta ta for now!