It's my party & I'll cry if I want to...

Today I woke up, January 19th, and like every year for as long as I've been alive on January 19th I turn another year older. I thought to myself as I was printing out shipping labels at 6:30 in the morning....28...hmm..am I old enough to retire??? Surely that can be arranged, right!? 

I had a realization today...
I made Mr. Momi stop at Border's books after lunch because I've had this GC hiding in my purse for the past 2 years. I had the grand idea last night after Lily & Leah fought sleep for 3 hours & ran around like wild banshees that either I was submitting the form online to be considered for Supernanny or I was going to go buy a book on discipline because clearly I am no longer cut out for the job.  Let it be known that if you walk into a book store these days it seems like the only thing you can find as you walk around and around in circles are books on diet, exercise, and cooking.  Everything from Skinny Bitch to Hungry Girl and Love pray eat! I swore I was going to write a book someday but, I don't think anyone is going to buy a book titled:
The 3 C's of Sanity: Cheese-itz, Coca-cola, and Children's custom clothing....
although, I could be onto something :)

Now anyhow, I finally found the shelf of "parenting" books, 15 discipline books...15!  Besides the covers of the books, I'm pretty sure they were all saying basically the same thing, although, I was not reading between the lines and what do I know about discipline anyhow..obviously nothing.  At that moment I wasn't even disciplined enough to make a decision and choose one of those 15 books, I turned around after 10 minutes of browsing and left empty handed.  After coming home and telling the story to my mom on the phone of how my day was going my heart sank for a second and I thought to myself...OMG..this is how I make my customers feel everyday.  Everyday I give them 20 pairs of ruffles pants, 20 peasant dresses, 20 knot dresses....all in 20 different colorways and they come to my shop to ease their minds and have a look at some lovelies and then leave and abandon their full shopping carts in a frazzell all because I had to go buying out every fabric store in the state!  Well, to set you into a larger state of confusion..there are still 12 more spring pieces to be listed in the next day or so.  After that I promise I will not be listing much until mid march.
I hope this helps to ease some minds :)
P.S. isn't my new blog banner amazing! Thank you so much Lori for my fab birthday gift! xoxo


The name of the game is.....

**MOMI madness**
(yes, like march madness except ealier & MUCH better :)

January 18th - February 15th
Game is as follows:

**There will be 2 winners**

For every point you earn you will receive ONE entry in the MOMI madness drawing to be held 2/16/10

MOMI girl with the MOST points at the end also wins!
(in the event of a tie breaker, lead point holder winner will be drawn from a hat)

Each Prize: $50 gift certificate

How to earn points:

ONE point:
* For every item you purchase between January 18th - February 15th
(if listing is sold as a complete set you will receive a point for each piece in the set)

Leave feedback on etsy for an item purchased between 1/18/10 - 1/ 31/10

*Leave a comment on my blog at http://momiboutique.blogspot.com/ and tell me the first item you ever bought from Momi boutique!

TWO points:
*For purchasing a coordinating top/dress & pants


*Refer a friend to MOMI boutique
(tell your friends to place their purchases before 2/15/10 and enter the word "friendSHIP" with "your name" at checkout to receive Free shipping!  ex:   friendSHIP Sally M.
Refered friends can not be current Momi customers and the referal will only count if they place a purchase)

*Mention Momi boutique in your own personal blog or in a chat forum that you belong to & send me the link!

Eligible purchase locations:

Winners will be announced February 16th, 2010!


Does your heart belong to MOMI?

I LOVE Sundays.  I'm pretty certain that my love for Sundays came about when we moved to Pennsylvania and it became a guarantee that my husband could not even get called into work for a split second on a Sunday...pure bliss! 

As you may already know I have the most FABULOUS graphic designer who I love dearly & has been my best friend since the age of 2.  We lived next door to each other our entire lives so we have always been close like sisters.  A week or so back she showed up at my door with her boyfriend flashing her hand in my face with her mouth open wide like she was catching bugs, I think there was a shriek that came out of her mouth but, it was such a high pitch that I could bearly even hear it because I was completely stunned.  The moment had come that we talked about for what seemed like years.  I do recall one of the first words to come out of her mouth was "start making those flower girl dresses!".   I though..hmm..does MOMI make flower girl dresses??  I do believe I even asked my friend the same question & reply was something along the lines of....everything you make it amazing so I am sure I will love them.  I guess I did dream up my portraits & petal pushers dress that I absolutely LOVED on Lily so I thought SURE...I can do this! I've been searching high and low this week for some fancy fabrics to experiment with so let it be known that slowly but surely Momi will now be offering flower girl dresses that can double as some wonderful portrait, party, & easter dresses!  Although, the first dress that I created Lily, Leah, & Lori went completely gaga over so my adventures in flower girl dress making may just stop right there!  Only time will tell!

Speaking of time....there is not many more hours until my spring designs start making their appearance at http://www.momiboutique.etsy.com/ !  I hope you will all join me this coming week for some new pieces for your MOMI girls!


The best is yet to come....

Forgive me friends for I have failed you.  Not only have I just looked back and realized I have blogged once, just ONCE, since the new year but,  my humor for the moment has gone completely out the window, there is good reason!  When this cats away, she does not play....I have been hard at work, oh SO VERY hard at work.  Endless days in & days out of nothing but continuous sewing & sewing some more, to come up with some of the most fabulous pieces that will grace the pages of MOMI boutique this spring & summer.   Yes, you did hear that right..the most fabulous! :)

I am in a constant struggle to convince Mr. Momi that we NEED to go down to the beach house today, tomorrow, next week..but, he is not convinced. So sadly, I will be stocking up on anything & everything that makes your children stay awake for 10 days straight, in order to get Lily & Leah under complete cooperation for some indoor modeling.  However, if Mr. Momi finds it in his heart to change his mind & spontaneously take me on a beach vacation for my birthday next week...I will not have to follow through with my new years resolution of slathering stress relief lotion all over my body twice a day.  :)

Elaborating on that topic...stress relief lotion...let me paint the picture here for you: 
During my holiday shopping I bought this stress relief lotion intending to give it to my mom..then it popped in my mind that I'm sure she will not enjoy the eucalyptus/spearmint smell so I thought..ah ha..I'll give it to my sister..well, when the moment came I decided that maybe I secretly did indeed buy it for myself so I wrapped that little canister up with a bow on top and put it right under the tree just for me!

We were having a very quiet New Years eve at home with my sister when of course the topic of resolutions came up & nothing really popped in my mind as to what I need to do or give up..ok, except maybe stop buying unforseen amounts of fabric..but, I joked and said...."I think I need to start slathering stress relief lotion all over my body twice a day"....and then the moment of truth....a little voice came from the living room floor..a little girl who was so mentally indulged in her coloring books....said with the most bulsterous voice..."yeah, THAT'S FOR SURE!"....and that my friends, is how my new year started, rolling off my seat laughing.  Children are not afraid to tell you EXACTLY how it is...always go to them for the most honest opinions.  It is now my resolution to document everything my daughter says & someday I may write a book :)


If I could turn back time....

I saw this video today..it made my heart hurt. To be honest I have had this song on my blog for so long now but have never even seen the video. It is funny how friendly reminders pop up here & there to help you recall what life really is about..how simply we sometimes do forget. Much love to the island!...going to design my spring/summer collections now...they are purely stunning!