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Pretty Poster Child

Tonight I had a chuckle..I have a few new flower girl/pageant/party dresses making there way into MOMI boutique & I've been ho-huming around about "the look" I want for these pictures. I'm not usually that narotic when it comes to pictures but, there was a pretty particular look I had in mind for this Chocolate dream dress..tree lined railroad tracks, a little girl with ringlet curls, & a nice vintage touch. Needless to say I stepped Lily up to bat since she is easy access & typically cooperative with just a $1 bribe.  Not today ladies & gentlemen!  The ringlet curls were all beautifully in place & we headed out to the tracks only to have her fall asleep in the car..no biggie. The sun was blasting & I can't make a picture look good to save my soul when there is blasting sun.  
A few hours later I tried to bribe Lily while she was "working", so she proclaimed, helping Mr. MOMI dig a garden. I tried to bribe her with $1..not a chance..this little garden digger was not budging. Can I really blame her?..no..she's been modeling basically every MOMI design since the beginning of MOMI..that would put her at exactly 3 months old..poor little girl couldn't even sit up on her own but, we managed. I finally sealed the deal with $5 for a pair of roller skates but, then she shouted at me.."but I need one for the other foot!". Little did I know my 3 year old is smart enough to know that roller skates do not cost $5. To top it off, she tried to convince me to let her hold her pink shovel as she modeled the dress...not a chance lady!

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I decided to borrow the daughter of the headless horseman for this shot..she has no opinion & can't be bribed with ice cream!
Here is a little sneak peek!


MOMI's Melting Pot swing top

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This dress remains nameless because between 3 grown adults we could not decide the most appropriate name for this little beauty but, after alot of laughs here were the top 3 picks:

1.  Melting Milkshake
2. Heffer Splash (a heffer is actually a cow!)
3. Eat more Chicken



What's in a name?

Today I had a semi embarrassing/"Duh Rachel" moment and of course since I hold nothing back....how could I keep this from you!  I received a message from a sweet lady on etsy this morning stating that my shop was just lovely & this dress (pictured above & below) had quite a unique name which caught her attention.  She perceded to tell me that Californication is the combination of the two words California & fornication & she would hate for me to lose any customers due to the name being inappropriate. 

 So, I thought to myself..what?.. did my college education really do nothing for my vocabulary because I have absolutely no idea, still, why someone would be offended by this name.  Oh cheese & rice...I'm from Pennsylvania...what do I know about Californication!!?? I thought it was just a rockin' way of saying someone was turning into a Hollywood Blvd babe...star studded glitz & glam, sunkissed skin, golden locks. How could I not help thinking California babe after looking at the pics I took of Lily in these rad little edgy sunshine dresses?!   I quick googled the lyrics to Red hot chili peppers "californication" & pulled up the trusty online webster dictionary.  Sure enough I was WAY off!! Etsy should have shut me down.. haha. NO, MOMI boutique is NOT selling Californication..EVER. Mr. Momi commented this past week that everything I make is soft & sweet & told me I had to make at least one dress with NO pink. Little did I know I was starting a MOMI boutique controversy by the name I chose.  As if this whole designing clothes/owning a business thing isn't hard enough.. I guess I need to start having a screening process for the naming of my dresses.  Mr. Momi..looks like you just earned a new job responsibility!
p.s. Sorry if I offended anyone else in my name selection..I really had no such intentions!!


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