it's just about time!

MOMI boutique is 123 fans away from 3,000! When MOMI hits 3000 fans the holiday/winter 2010 collection will be listed in my etsy shop! Be sure to "share" this post on your page & suggest to all of your friends! Thank you for your support & enthusiasm for my holiday line!


Coming soon

Holiday/Winter 2010 coming soon to MOMI boutique


Beach Bound

I am SO excited to be back down at the beach visiting family, friends, & have a little time away from the sewing machine!  I contemplated packing it in the car but, after looking over the LARGE amount of Holiday/winter designs that I have been so diligently working on for the past week....I know that I already have my work cut out for me...to say the least!  Mr. Momi tried to convince me  to model all of the clothes on my "headless horseman child" in our own yard before we leave so we don't have to pack the outfits in the car.  I was appalled haha I would rather walk over burning coals then photograph these designs on our headless horseman child, especially since we have 2 little girls who can bring these outfits to life! I finally eased his pain, pulled a Lollipop bride out of my pocket & Leah to the side door. Here is the cooperation I received in return....
But, for a rookie...I have to say she isn't half bad!

MOMI's holiday/winter collection will make it's way into my etsy shop & http://www.momiboutique.com/ by October 10th at the latest.  I still have a large amount of pieces to photograph & I plan to photograph most of them at a new location here in NC!  Although beach modeling would be much more convenient since all we have to do it step outside the house...it wasn't my vision of holiday & winter! 

But, I do believe Lily pulled it off pretty well for the few designs we decided to shoot today.
Holiday/winter collection COMING SOON to MOMI boutique!
*keep posted here or at www.facebook.com/momiboutique for the exact date!


Rock Star

Ladies & Gentlemen....today I feel accomplished :)
Lily is a huge Olivia fan..I've had to remind her several times that her teachers' name is not going to be Mrs. Hogenmiller.  She chose to wear her Olivia rock star shirt on her first day of preschool & I mananged to convince her to wear the cinnamon strips ..it was a fairly easy task once I pointed out that Olivia had the very same pants on!   She told Mr. MOMI this afternoon that they are not her pants, they are her lucky tights..
Here, in all of her goofiness, is my little preschool rock star....

*congrats Lil' you have officially pulled off Valentine colors in September.


A chip off the Old block

My mom was sitting in my living room the other day & out of nowhere stated the obvious..."You haven't blogged in awhile"....don't worry mom, my time lately has been well spent trying to convnice a 3 year old to wear a dress to school. When I was younger I honestly thought that I would probably become a writer someday. You know, something along the lines of a Carrie Bradshaw in NYC but, before I knew it I was on a plane to Hawaii, got stary eyed over a boy, had some beautiful babes, &started sewing dresses.  Little did I know my  friends & family would line up to read my blog....well, here's to you Mom..the moment you have been waiting for since I was 4 years old...my payback has finally come!

Chapter 45: The ugly side of custom boutique

 It's been a mysterious wonder to me how I ever ended up having my world completely revolve around dresses, children's clothing, &coordinating fabrics.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I do & wouldn't want it any other way. But, here is something that may just make you go..hmmm....

It seems that some girls want to wear dresses every single day when they are little & some girls are on the polar opposite end of the spectrum. Chalk me & Lily up on the anti dress list.

Age 4-13: I wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with a dress....and no one in the world was going to convince me to wear one.  I remember many, many temper tantrums in my parents bathroom when I was very young as we were trying to get ready for important events. By junior high I just made the executive decision to completely avoid all formal events where a dress was required.  I'm not really sure what the turning point was..possibly when I made the cheerleading squad, I'm pretty sure they didn't allow non skirt wearers on the team so, the spell was broken. Hallelujah!

Age:14-?: I could not match....anything...ever. My sister would get very irritated at me every morning coming into her room.."does this match?, does this match?"...I will use my non matching ways to my complete advantage & maybe that is my little secret behind MOMI that I shouldn't have leaked out :)....

It is quite amazing to me that I basically sit around everyday matching fabrics & sewing dresses. 

Now in a perfect world my daughter would be nothing like me, she would LOVE dresses, she would be the little MOMI girl walking through the preschool door everyday in her new MOMI dress...sigh.  You would think from the pics that that was the gist of the story here because she usually pulls it off so well...errr, wrong, think again!

Not my little apple that fell 1 centimeter from the tree, she wants NOTHING to do with a dress....these are the disturbing words that I hear coming from her little 3 year old mouth..."I do not want to wear a Beeeaauutiful dress, I want to wear ugly clothes"..."I want to wear boy tshirts, I'm a rockstar"..."I don't want my pink cool shoes, I want to wear my tennis shoes"..."I want to wear the boy shirts from uncle j"....someone please save my soul!   On the bright side, she sure does provide for some great inspiration for me to have to keep thinking outside the box. Now if I can at least get her in a tshirt & ruffle pants on her first day of preschool tomorrow....I will feel truly accompolished.
I guess I know who may take on the role of designing MOMI's boy line...you may just have to wait about 22 years :)