Christmas 2009

When what to my wondering eyes did appear....
It's Holiday time at Momi boutique .....so I hear...

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The start of the MOMI christmas designs till appear in the shop tomorrow! Be sure to check them out here...http://momiboutique.etsy.com



I think it's safe to say that the most beautiful thing about Momi boutique are all of the Momi girls....From the heartbreakers....
right down to the innocent & sweet...

Don't forget that the Pink Paparazzi preorder + free shipping only lasts through today. Tomorrow all prices will be changed to retail price.
If you are looking for a dress in earthy tones, appropriate for every fall event, you may want to search "save a tree" in my etsy shop.. http://momiboutique.etsy.com/ ..my daughters wore theses dresses to an event last evening & the ooo's & ahh's were pouring in..it even won the Dad seal of approval! Definitley a personal favorite!


A perfect Present...

Go Pink! Why?...because you can't put Christmas dresses under the Christmas tree & of course there must be some boxes with boutique! Don't miss your chance to shop early for Christmas presents this year. At momi boutique, through September 26th, you will find all Pink Paparazzi preorder items at lovely low prices. Wrap them up especially sweet for friends, neighbors, cousins, nieces...those special little people in your life!

I must say WOW!! I am blown away by the incredible hair goodies that Nikki has fashioned & made to match Momi boutique! If you make your way over to http://lilliannamarie.etsy.com/ you may just find a hair piece that matches a MOMI dress you have! It is surely worth a trip to look at the 19 Made 2 Match momi listings!!

Now I must do a quick poll/questionaire...are there any lovely ladies out there that are still searching for halloween themed designs..pants, knot dresses, peasant dresses, skirts, triple ruffled upside down platypuses..? (not really sure where that came from, having my children in daycare is dangerous) ..Comment me below!!
P.S. I do have 95% of my christmas collections photographed & ready to go..I'm just holding out on you so that you can enjoy the pumpkin patches & falling leaves for a moment. I will give you a few sneak peeks soon!
Oh yes, don't miss out on the upcoming art show piece on saturday...think brown lydia fabric (the sold out fabric), knot dress, strip work, apron front..love it!


pink PaPaRazZi

Pink PaPaRazZi
Fall/Winter 2009 mini 3 piece collection....Coming Soon to Momi boutique!
Preorders for Pink Paparazzi will begin Tuesday September 22-26. All preorders will ship October 2nd. Special requests are welcome during preorder dates only.


NEW items on SALE!!

If you pop on over to http://momiboutique.etsy.com/

you will see that all Chocolate Mahogany items & the NEW fall/winter Mother nature save the trees are on SALE & the best part is...if you purchase any of these pieces you will receive 20% off any item of your choice. This sale will run through Monday only! (discount will be refunded to you after payment is received or message me for a private listing)

Don't miss out..all items are limited quantities!!

Little by Little....

So, I'm taking advice from a 2 year old...she's actually quite smart so, it really can't be a bad thing. After watching Noggin for 1,457 hours straight (just kidding) she has picked up alot of the songs & phrases that are always said..one just happens to be "Little..by little...by little!" So I said, you know what Lil..you are so right, you are so right. I have decided for now that all Pink Momi items will be added to the shop...you guessed it...Little..by little..by little! So if you want your little dose of Pink momi love just hop on over to the shop today & check out these two new beauts that are only available 3 times each & are all ready to ship! Free shipping for these items last through the weekend & the coordinating pants (in your choice of size of course) can be added for just $20! http://pinkmomi.etsy.com !

Don't forget to checkout my art show piece at 11:00...it's just quite a work of art :)


2 reasons to Smile...

Yes, it's true..there will be a few new designs appearing at http://momiboutique.etsy.com/ at some point today..maybe tomorrow! (sorry to keep you on the edge of your seat..I just know that sometimes I have good intentions of listing & one hour seems to fade into another & before I know it, the day is done)
Now if I must say so myself..don't those boots just scream..Octoberfest. Hello my little dutch girl, my my.....your mommy has some funky taste! :) I would totally steal them from her closet but, I think my feet would have to shrink to half their size.
Now here is a little story I would like to share...
Last week I had Mr. Momi do some rearranging in my sweltering shop & he convinced himself that I need to throw out my entire scrap drawer/drawers saying that it's a waste of space & I am never going to do anything with them. He had a point but, I was not convinced so the scraps stayed. The same week my sister said in a phone conversation to me.."you must have the biggest scrap box in the world". I thought, hmm, why yes...yes I do. I was wondering if they were forming some secret scrap hater society against me. But really, if we were down to our last dollar & lost heat then at least I'd have the scraps to make blankets for the babies...aside from my 127 bolts of fabric...I had myself convinced that i NEEDED those scraps. Well, last night Mr. momi must have had the heavens working on his side because an angel named Nikki was sent down & asked if I wanted to trade my scraps for hair goodies. When I saw what her shop had to offer I nearly flipped!! She didn't have to ask me twice...I was sold in an instant. You just MUST check out her awesome hair flair. Every Momi girl needs at least one!! I bet if you look in a few weeks she may even have a fabric flower that matches some of my designs!
Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


So you need a cute dress appropriate for the fall & into the winter that will make those blue eyes POP..?? Search no further than right here... http://momiboutique.etsy.com
The lydia dress is back & better than ever in a NEW brilliant Blue! And for the lack of pictures sake (meaning, it won't stop raining & I could not manage to photograph Lily in the NEW dress color) I am offering this dress up to 5 lucky ladies this weekend ONLY for just $29! When opportunity knocks..will you open the door??

:) Hope you all have an over the top weekend!
P.S. Don't forget to check out my twirling oats top & pants set for just $36!


BOGO Sale Extended!

I am extending my BOGO SALE through Thursday September 10th!
Buy One Get One 30% off!!

(a refund will be issued to you for 30% off the least expensive items once payment is received!)
Please just proceed with purchase & payment as usual & I will refund your discount promptly.
Once the sale is over, it's Over.....so don't miss out!

This does also include Pink momi items which can be found here.. http://pinkmomi.etsy.com

Thank you one & thank you all!


September 5th & 6th....

Buy one....get one 30% off...it's a BOGO sale!

Purchase your items directly from these locations & a refund will be issued once the transaction is complete.

If you would prefer your items be grouped into a private listing on etsy, please convo me with your desired pieces.

*please note: this sale does not apply to previously purchased pieces, special custom requested items, or Sale items.

*the 30% discount will be applied to the least expensive of the two items.
*can not be combined with any other offers.

One Cupcake.....

Well, today marks the day....Mr. Momi & I have officially been married for one year...yes, you read that right...just one! Honestly if you would look at our family you would never think that it has only been a year. Anyhow, to my point....a real wedding celebration has still not been had..however, this would have been the year since our actual marriage date does fall on the standard wedding day..Saturday . Looks like I may have to wait about 7 more years to wear my white dress...maybe by then I will become a vera wang myself...although, I'm not sure anyone would buy into my white colored wedding dress..I may have to go with a more appropriate color such as...grey...deep charcoal..possibly black!?? I may just start a new trend.

I do not top the charts when it comes to event/party planning so when I received this 9 page pdf file from a dear customer of little Annabelle's 1st birthday that was themed around Momi boutique's cupcake dress....my mouth dropped to the floor in awe. If my wedding is this perfectly planned someday it will only be because I hired Annabelle's mommy as my personal wedding planner. Feast your eyes on one of the yummiest birthday celebrations that I have ever seen! ...and if you ever think for a moment that one is an insignifigant, lonely little number..think again...it is just the start of something Wonderful, fresh, young, & fun!


Fall/Winter Pre Sale

Be sure to keep checking out the shop of Momi boutique on etsy for NEW Fall/Winter 2009 designs starting at SALE prices. These sales will not last forever so get yours while their hot!!

p.s. you can find the new Juki Jress & Juki ruffle bottoms listed now..
(who really says dress anyway? I bet you don't!)