One Cupcake.....

Well, today marks the day....Mr. Momi & I have officially been married for one year...yes, you read that right...just one! Honestly if you would look at our family you would never think that it has only been a year. Anyhow, to my point....a real wedding celebration has still not been had..however, this would have been the year since our actual marriage date does fall on the standard wedding day..Saturday . Looks like I may have to wait about 7 more years to wear my white dress...maybe by then I will become a vera wang myself...although, I'm not sure anyone would buy into my white colored wedding dress..I may have to go with a more appropriate color such as...grey...deep charcoal..possibly black!?? I may just start a new trend.

I do not top the charts when it comes to event/party planning so when I received this 9 page pdf file from a dear customer of little Annabelle's 1st birthday that was themed around Momi boutique's cupcake dress....my mouth dropped to the floor in awe. If my wedding is this perfectly planned someday it will only be because I hired Annabelle's mommy as my personal wedding planner. Feast your eyes on one of the yummiest birthday celebrations that I have ever seen! ...and if you ever think for a moment that one is an insignifigant, lonely little number..think again...it is just the start of something Wonderful, fresh, young, & fun!

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Mande said...

Happy Anniversary Rachel. Love these sweet pictures.