If I only knew then, what I know now!

Honest injun....I secretly need/want to get back in my sewing room at this moment & have a midnight randevous with my sewing machine.  But, if I do not hold myself hostage to this computer right now the extremely entertaining days of my life will go on & on without a blog post & surely I will forget everything humorous!

The past few days I have spent more time consoling in my fashion mentor/pattern maker/sample maker/saving grace & taking 5 minutes for myself to mentaly prepare rather than sitting with my sewing hat on...but, it is all for good reason!  It is part of my "Grand" plan.  You see somewhere over the rainbow there will be Pink momi, Blue momi, Momi MOMI, and little Momi shoes.
When I think back I can't really recall anything in my life that hasn't been a "fly by the seat of your pants" moment.  When things happen for me it's usually fast & furious & thank goodness for that because my patience is just about non exsistant.  The only thing that seems to have not happened fast & furiously is MOMI boutique.  Everyday I wake up I feel like I'm climbing up the steepest mountain.  There are roadblocks, there are people cheering me on, people who secretly hope I never make it, people who follow in every footstep I take which is just plain annoying, and people who shine a light & give me a little nudge to take me higher.  They say slow & steady wins the race but, I am not convinced.....so, today I broke the mold.  I did what I feel needed to be done.  When it comes down to it I'm still growing, still learning, still trying to really figure things out.  You can call me an expert, a master of my craft but, i'm not sure I am where I need to be.  For the moment it works but, it's a far cry from where I hope to be.  I will get where I need to be...and today I took my first leap of faith.
Mr. Momi & I drove 19 bolts of fabric (that's about 460 yards of fabric) to a manufacturer, along with my pattern & everything I thought/knew I needed to make this happen.  Thankfully when I walked in the door they didn't look at me like I had 10 heads...pure success in my mind.  I tried to sound like I knew exactly what I was talking about...did I really? that's half debatable.  Mr. Momi started bringing in the fabric & then it happened.....we were doomed.  doomed....doomed.  Apparently, in the world of manufacturing they don't work with bolts...they only work with rolls (of fabric)....I never got the memo.  Little did we know that we were in for a real treat.  We spent over an hour & a half shut in the back room of this manufacturing location unfolding bolts onto a 20 yard table, spreading fabric, & rolling my fabric onto these huge rolls.  It was absolutely the most hilarious time I have had in probably all of my working days of MOMI boutique.  I could not stop laughing the entire time.  To top it off...my shoe broke.  I'm getting there but, from the outside looking in..I'm still a mess in a dress.  I thank my lucky stars for having a meek man and for as long as I live, even if I do end up meeting Al Z. Heimer...I will surely NEVER forget that moment.  Priceless.  It's only the first baby step but, I can already say...
If I only knew then what I know now!


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