A reason to smile...

Today I found several reasons to smile & thought I would take a second to share, because today I truly only feel like I have about 1 second!

I am sure that if you are a MOMI follower you haven't forgotten our sweet Miss Layla Grace who went to heaven to dance with the angels earlier this spring.  It is truly profound how her wonderful mother has taken a "not so favorable situation" & turned it into something so positive, so inspiring, & so thoughtful! To participate & help make a difference in a child's life who is battling cancer visit laylagrace.org to make a donation for the 12 days of Christmas! 

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us."
- Flora Edwards

My dear sister should be arriving at our doorstep any moment now from Hawaii! We have not seen her for almost 7 months so we have been anxiously awaiting her arrival & Dave has been cleaning the house top to bottom..I would take credit for some of the cleaning but, it's true, I am just terrible at cleaning & he is SOO darn good at it!
I have appointed him the master fabric organizer & it is upon his request that I MUST have a studio SALE to clear out some of the designs that are so perfectly adding to the gorgeousness in the closet...

Little did Mr. MOMI know when he chose to marry me that someday he would be oh SO lucky to live in a fabric shop! If there is an award for the lady who lives with the most fabric..sign me up because these pics aren't even showing 1/2 of my collection!
Starting NOW ALL items in the READY TO SHIP section of my shop are 25% off of the listed price! Be sure to please enter code: STUDIOSALE25 at checkout for your 25% discount!!  All ready to ship items will be shipped the within 24 hours, or the same day if the post office is still open on the east coast! 
(if you plan to purchase multiple items please checkout with your "ready to ship" items seperately)

 I will be adding quite a bit more items later tonight to the "Ready to Ship" section of my shop.  At this very moment I am headed off to my Best Friend's house up the street to help her make her wedding cake for her wedding on Saturday!! This may be quite the challenge as I must confess again..I can not bake or cook either, I am completely capable of buring a poptart.  Did I mention this is a 4 tiered cake? I like to think that my fancy sewing skills make up for my lack of any other domestic skills you can possibly think of! :) The only thing I am capable of in this situation is to happily offer my moral support & a nice bottle of wine to help alleviate as much stress as I can....and that's what friends are for!



So proud...

I am OVER THE MOON right now & so extremely proud of a very close friend of mine from Hawaii! She just recently moved with her husband to Oregon (he's a sailor) & she opened her own Spa!! Riki is all around one of the most fabulous people i've ever met & I am so extremely tempted to go to Oregon to let her glam me up before my best friend's wedding I am in on Saturday! She is one of those people that just make you feel gorgeous inside & out.  Riki is my girl & I am just squeeling with delight & so happy that she is making her dreams come true. To see her happy, just makes my day! We always had the best time, all of the time!  She is an amazing makeup artist & would sneek me in the tanning beds where she worked when no one had appointments (I know, it's sad but true, people in hawaii still went to tanning beds).  Now look at me, I moved to Pennsylvania & I am a mess in a dress! I'm lucky if my face sees makeup & my hair gets washed once a week...haha.  I sure could use a little bit of Riki in my life!  If your lucky enough to live in Oregon, you may want to treat yourself to something wonderful over at Malama Day Spa! http://www.malamadayspa.qwestoffice.net/ She does also have a fan page on facebook you can follow HERE!

There is nothing too exciting going on at the house of MOMI.  Just trying to hold it all together, as always!  I am truly beginning to feel like we live in an elf workshop!  My father-in-law had sent a "build it yourself" doll house for the girls a few months ago & Dave has finally found enough time to start bringing this "thing" to life. So while I am upstairs sewing dresses for all of the children of the world, he is down in the basement, like a little elf, building a dollhouse. I tried to convince "Jacob" our "elf on the shelf" that I bought a few weeks back to at least get off his bum & start helping out with these toys but, he's not interested. I am just REALLY hoping that I am allowed to paint this dollhouse when it is complete...preferably a nice pink &green with some classy polka dots, I'm sure that is not what my father in law had in mind but, hopefully I can accomplish this before he drives up next week & shatters my dreams of a pink/green polka dot dollhouse. :)

I hope everyone is having a very happy holiday season!