Happy Thanksgiving

I have them here for all the world to see...the quickest Momi boutique shoppers of all time!
Congrats ladies & thank you for your $50+ purchases! Snuggle pants are on their way!

All other sales & offers are still in full effect through Friday November 27th!


Thank YOU again...and again!

My Thanksgiving would not be complete without sending a larger than life heartfilled Thanks to the people who keep my world turning...yes, that's you...each & every one of you who have shown your support, encouragement, & loyalty to MOMI boutique.  Whether you've been a MOMI lover from day one, a recently turned MOMI girl, or just an admirer from afar...I could never do enough to Thank you. 

Truth be told...Black Friday gives me anxiety.  I honestly remember going black friday shopping like 1 time when I was around 7 or so.  We woke up around 4am & stood in line at a KMart for what seemed like hours to get a free tin of cookies...ugh!  Scarred for life!  Don't get me wrong...I can find lots of entertainment on Thanksgiving oogling over all of the flashy flyers & their doorbuster deals but, honestly, between the nightmare of parking & actually deciding which stores to go to so I can get those $2.00 socks at 50% off..thanks but, no thanks! Black Friday is just really not my thing.  I think you would have to dump a bucket of baileys in my coffee to drag me out the door!

So whether it is, or isn't YOUR thing....I decided I really can't go wrong by starting MOMI boutique's Black Friday sales just a day early!  At MOMI you will find some FANTASTIC deals that may NEVER happen again!

All Sales start 12:01am EST Thursday November 26! (that's just a few hours away!)
Sales last Thursday November 26th - Friday November 27th

*Free Shipping + 20% off your entire order

*the first 10 customers to spend $50 or more on apparel (after discounts) will receive a FREE pair of MOMI large ruffle bottom snuggle pants from the pictured chic bebe pink/brown damask....

*Spend $300 or more on apparel (after discounts) & receive a FREE Chocolate lemondrop over top (pictured above and can be found at http://www.momiboutique.com/)

*35% off sister sets (you must purchase 2 or more of the EXACT same item...can be different sizes but, no tweeks)

P.S.  I will also have a section in both of my etsy shops that are titled Gobble Gobble...all items under this tab will be additional 15% off (after the 20%!)

*these offers can not be combined with any other MOMI offer and do not apply to previous purchases.  All refunds will be sent through paypal after purchase & payment are complete. If you are purchasing from more than one of my online locations please wait for a revised invoice!
Thank you again...and again!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Going BIG or going home!

True Story:
My day started out fairly normal...for the most part. I took the 2 hour commute to what has become one of my most loved fabric suppliers in PA.  Out in the middle of absolutely Nowhere, pennsylvania popped up a fabric store & to my twinkling eye surprise I found the most awesome striped knits that have become Momi boutique's "Peppermint sticks" & "Spearmint sticks".  Running low on both, I figured I'd stock up.  Word to the wise...spearmint stick fabric is completely gone so..I have only a few yards on a bolt.  If you love them..don't leave them go!
Did I ever mention that the peppermint sticks are going to double as amazing valentine pants & then fourth of july capris.  Not to mention the spearmint sticks are completely St. Patrick's day appropriate!
Today I managed to find polka dot knits (fushia/white & white with aqua)...so very dreamy!  On my way home I cross over railroad tracks with no crossing guards out in the middle of the woods...nothing in sight as far as the eye could see...and for a moment (even though I knew exactly where I was) I felt lost.  I haven't been sure if I'm going left or right lately.


I get home only to realize I am locked out of the house...I run..drive,really...up to my parents, have a quick chat about the Thanksgiving day activities then head home to finish up some orders.  Here's where my day took a big loopdee loop spin.  I go to leave, pick up my phone laying upside down on my driver's seat...missed call...Jon....yes...Gosselin.  I called him back as i'm racing back to my house not thinking anything of it..thought maybe he forgot something at our house. Although, I did know that he was going to have dinner with his design guy the night before. Then I hear him say the words that made me almost faint to the floor..."hey Rach.. I talked to my design guy he wants to meet with you in new york city so I'll just drive you up here & then I'll get you a car back" (i've known him since i was 12...no, he's not trying to swindle me haha.)  My first words were...."WHAT!? when does he want to meet me?"....apparently the sooner, the better. I think somewhere during that conversation my body shot completely through the ceiling or I crumbled to the floor..I think both.  Although, I do remember almost bursting up in tears...I think tears of joy...or maybe it was tears of relief.  I think that was after the part that I told him I was scared & I know people dig my clothes & all that but, what am I going to say to these people!!??   I don't even know if I know what I'm talking about or if I know what I'm doing....I just do it! Besides the fact that the entire time I'm thinking to myself...what am I going to wear!? Surely I have no clothes to wear...I don't even leave the house!..so if anyone wants to let me borrow a really fabulous outfit..please send size 2 or 4...haha just kidding! So then of course he continues to scare the wits out of me & tells me i'll meet with this guy & his people in this huge building in NYC & he knows the president of osh kosh b gosh & all of the designers are up there and I shouldn't worry because he will trust Jon's opinion of me.  Basically what will happen if I don't completely blow this huge opportunity is...Mr. New york haha will pick up my line...it will still be momi..unless I decide otherwise.  So the part that puts the biggest smile on my face is that maybe sometime...sooner than later...every little girl's heart can belong to MOMI :)

So, I guess around christmas I will get to take my big trip to the city!  I absolutely will not blog about it again until after it's all over because my blood has been pulsating through my body all day & my hands have been shaking...I could bearly tie the ribbons around your orders!  I don't think I have ever felt completely scared to death & so much excitement about the exact same thing in my entire life.
Surely, a phone call that I will never forget!
Cheers :)


Building a mystery....

I do recall saying a few hundred blog posts ago that Star magazine needs to hire me on as a writer because come November...surely I'll have a story.  Well, I do & they didn't hire me so my lips are as tight as a turkey..gobble, gobble.  Although, I guess it didn't help that I never applied for the job!  Besides, who needs Star magazine when you have the blog of Momi boutique! haha
 My sister & jon have been friends for 15 years & that's as far as I will go. But...she is a "pretty" mystery.  Last night they were both emailing me pics from their phones, trying to humor me because they know that I've been sitting here googling Gosselin about every 10 minutes for the past 4 days.  Apparently there are no paparazzi in Hawaii...which I do believe is true. You wouldn't think that for all the famous people who vacation there but, really, a paparazzi person could not make a living on a remote island in the middle of the ocean. 
P.S. Goodbye matching gymboree...hello Momi boutique! He now follows momi boutique on twitter!



Beach Holiday....

Having a blast at the in-laws house in Florida & it's back to reality in Wernersville tomorrow night.

While somewhere on a far away island my sister is hanging out with her friend Jon G & it's only a matter of time until Momi boutique becomes famous.  Cheers until then!


Happy Birthday Lilyahna Jolynn!

I have SO much to say I don't even know where to begin! Today is Lil's 3rd birthday so a much needed HUGE Happy Birthday to the swine flu survivor....or so we thought! The doctor had me convinced Sunday that after talking to an infectious disease doctor down at CHOP that even after 2 negative swine flu tests, she mostly likely DID have the swine flu. Well, after her repeat blood work & follow up appointment today..we're not really so sure what is going on as her inflammation is still elevated. This whole experience has been nothing short of a complete nightmare from the moment she turned grey & to ice in the doctor's office Friday night, to the 106 temp while being admitted. It is quite tramatic having a sick child, especially when your husband's tear ducts flow just as fast as hers! Big ol' softy! I, for one, know that I am absolutely NOT cut out to be the parent of a terminally ill child...no, absolutely would have to call in back up support. And thank the sparkling stars in the sky that my mom is a nurse!

Speaking of sparkling..that leads me to my next thought! The entire time we were holed up in the Reading hospital Lily kept begging to go home to her birthday party (we had one planned for Sunday). Well, when we arrived home on Sunday we made it happen! As I have already made completely clear...I am NO party planner! Lily's theme turned from Wow Wow Wubzy into..."anything Lily loves". We had wubzy, backyardigans, my little pony..and of course little silver circle confetti. Monday morning I frantically picked up all of the confetti that I was finding all over the floor, all the while thinking.."I sure hope leah doesn't swallow any of these or we may just be right back in the hotel for lead poisoning"...Sure enough, I changed the diaper & there staring me in the face was a silver sparkling confetti!
Needless to say she survived & I'll be happy to tell her someday that she poops sparkles. She'll just love that since she is the girly girl of the group!
I feel like I have been a whirlwind & am crossing my fingers tight that daycare will happen the next two days because Friday we are supposed to take flight to Florida for a mini vaca & let it be known that I have absolutely no new designs to be modeled...huge disappoint to me, however, maybe it is all for the better! I may just take those 4 days of rest & relaxation & run with them!
Thank you all for your positive vibes & well wishes over the past few days!


Art show Saturday canceled November 7 th

I never thought I would ever have to cancel an art show and I never saw this one coming but, unfortunately lily went for a doctors Appointment this evening and here we sit admitted to the Reading hotel (hospital). Let's hope it's a quick stay because some little girl had a birthday party planned for Sunday. Cross your fingers and so sorry for no art show tomorrow. I hope you'll forgive us!