New items @ pink momi coming soon!

The J's & A's have been cut, pieced, pressed, & modeled. I meant to jump on here & tell you Monday that they had been cut but, suddenly Monday turned into Tuesday which brought about some fabric shopping, mexican restaurant eating (honestly is my family trying to get the swine?), & celebrity stalking. Tuesday turned into Wednesday & Thursday which brought about more fabric shopping (did I mention I live around quilt shop capital of the world?) & celebrity stalking. I can breathe now. Aside from my shopaholic & celebrity stalking I actually have been running a tight ship this week..as always..& have pumped out 13 new Unique/Original/will never be duplicated pieces! (fear not, I have shipped out all pink momi orders & customs)

So, in regards to the "celebrity stalking" I speak of....Mr. Momi wanted to see were jon & the 8 lived so I drove him past..of course I threw it out there that if for some reason I somehow see him showing up in the tabloids with kate..for the love of god PLEASE remember to dress the girls in MOMI :) Might I add Mr. Momi can not stand her. So it goes. I might have to take the next few months off sewing because I got word through the grapevine that they will be taping at the township park 1 minute from my house...the girls & I may being going to the park from dusk till dawn for the entire summer...dressed in momi. just kidding..I would so never do that..Lily is a pistol at the park...it is either a screaming fit to leave or I have to bribe her with ice cream trips & smarties, however, that may shake the whole park thrill from her if we are there for 12 hours straight!

Check out this little peanutball...
This little chick is turnig 1 next weekend & I can hold my head high & say..thank god both her & I made it :) This week I turned my back for 2 seconds..literally..2 seconds & there she was standing on top of the kitchen table about to climb onto the lazy susan. Here is a candid pic I found of Lily the day before her birthday..can't deny them being sisters!

Well, I am off to kick back & list some new goodies in my pink momi shop....they are quite splendid so don't miss out!



We have a winner!

She was super fast & obviously did her homework..

Kari please send your email me at momi_boutique@hotmail.com to receive your $15 momi boutique gift certificate!

I did have a few people who emailed me with the correct city & state, however, they were a little too late. Kari actually posted within 1 minute of my blog post. Sorry I have been so slow to announce.
I hope everyone is having a fun filled/long holiday weekend!
We can take this day to remember all of our brave men & women, past & present, who are serving in the armed forces..
check out this proud momi girl with her favorite soldier! Thank you Jen for the awesome pics!



I always used to be a Fall kind of girl. Not a Calamity Jane..the season. But, at this point in my life..summer wins my love by a long shot! Oh how I have been longing for the summer months!
Anyhow, so I've been thinking & I'm not really sure...do I really have your attention? When I was a teacher there was nothing in the world that annoyed me more than kids that were NOT paying attention. Whether they were sitting there with their eyes glazing over, looking but not really listening..and I could tell..or just plain resting their heads on their desks...I was bent. So this should answer my question of how many people really read..or check up on my blog. Perfect way to spice things up & have some over the top summer fun....GIVEAWAYS!! Do I have your attention now!?
(please don't tell the man in charge...he has convinced himself that nothing should leave the Sweltering shop for less than $100...if he knew I was openly giving things away...eek!)
Here is your chance to WIN a $15 gift certificate to momi boutique...
the above pic of Lily in this week's art show piece brings back fond memories..
the FIRST reader who comments me on this post with the exact city & state where this picture was taken WINS!
Good Luck!

If you haven't yet, you should....
Meet: Riley


they are super fabulous for spring, summer, & Fall...and even a unique patrioticish look. (did I mention I did not teach English?) The best thing about these beauties is they are ON SALE through Monday May 25th!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend & the winner will be announced as soon as I have one!

P.S..I have now renamed the sweatshop the sweltering shop...don't worry, I don't even sweat..I'm very used to hot temperatures from where we used to live..hmm..now where was that?


Pink Momi Day

I just want to take the opportunity to thank all of the awesome ladies who pounced on all of the fabulousness of Pink Momi. You are all such an encouraging inspiration & you are truly what makes the world of momi keep turning.

So, Mr. Momi has been at work now for 15 hours & still counting....since the moment he left I have been listing, listing, changing diapers, listing, listing & eating a few times in between...right about now I am approx. 10 seconds shy of selling my children as OOAK in my new Pink Momi shop...although, I guess that wouldn't work because Pink Momi already had a Leah & a Lilyahna dress!
Speaking of the pink momi girls...please know that the names I choose are completely random...ok, so maybe I used a few friends/relatives names :) but, for the majority of it all..it's just whatever pops in my head at that given time or whatever name I feel best represents that dress. If you haven't seen your name...keep looking, if you missed your name...I am sad for you.
P.S. there will be a Jenny dress :)
So you may wonder...how did Frockly Broccoli & Stuey Blues make their way in there amongst the pretty girls....these ruffle bottoms are made to coordinate with a variety of pieces so rightfully so I could not place them with any particular group of girls.
Well, the fat lady has yet to sing so I must make my way back to Pink momi to keep listing the last few bits...I hope you will join me there!



So you may wonder..what do the children of momi boutique wear to their spring/summer weddings....only the most gorgeous Summer in the Hamptons line...
p.s. don't ask about Mr. Momi's shaved head..I did not approve...he really does/did have the thickest most awesome hair around..so it goes.
We had a fab time in the south but, I must once again remind Mr. Momi that I am a "yankee" through & through & as much as I try to pull it off here & there....I am no southern belle.

are you nervous, sliding off the edge of your seat, or jumping with joy because with the next awaited sunrise will come the opening of one of the best etsy shops you will ever lay your eyes on....ok, I may be bias but, really, I'm sure some of you will agree.... :)

Listen closely because Pink Momi day brings some amazing specials...

*the first 20 items sold will ship free..you can check the status of how many items have already been sold by looking at the side bar in my pink momi shop that says "items sold"
(if you earn free shipping because you have purchased one of the first 20 items sold..you will also receive free shipping on all momi boutique purchases at time of order. A shipping refund will be issued once payment is received)

*For every 5 pieces purchased from pink momi you will receive a $20 momi boutique gift certificate good for use at http://www.momiboutique.com/, http://pinkmomi.etsy.com/, & http://momiboutique.etsy.com/. offer good May 20, 21, & 22nd only.
I will begin releasing items on pinkmomi.etsy.com at approx. 7 am EST. Don't miss out as there are OOAK items that will never be repeated & also items that are only made a few times in specific sizes. I hope to see you all at my newly anticipated Pinkmomi shop!


South Carolina


This is going to be super short & sweet!
Demolition derby (Leah) is pulling on my neck & Mr. Momi is beckoning me outside.

Meet South Carolina...I know we are in North carolina right now but, for some reason this reminded me more of a south carolina...

Don't forget to take advantage of my FREE SHIPPING offer through today! A refund will be sent to your paypal account once payment is received.
I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend & until next time....cheers!


FREE SHIPPING @ Momi boutique

MAY 14th - 16th
free shipping on all items purchased from

A shipping refund will be sent after paymet is received!

(Free shipping will not be honored for international orders weighing over 3 pounds..please message me if you are an international customer & concerned with the weight of your purchase!)*offer will not be honored after May 16th.

Have you ever wondered what a Momi boutique modeling session looks like...have yourself a peek into the secret world of beach modeling...
looks like I may become the hunchback of Notre Dame if I keep this up. A little fish told me the set Leah has on may be an upcoming art show piece...appropriate for sizes 12mo - 2T..pants are semi-custom...hmm.

Now this is the part where I bribe my poster child with "marcies"...smarties...she is now like pavlov's dog..she see's a dress & salvates for marcies & lollipops. I train em' well!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my sister a VERY exciting 30th Birthday today...

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean..

Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens

Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

I hope you dance!

7 sets down...11 more to go! Your welcome for the eye candy & these sets will all be available for purchase as soon as we are done having fun!



I'm here! I finally made it! I bet you all are thinking...how cliche to pull out the flamingos for Florida...I know, I know but, it just had to be done!

I am a woman of few words this week, not my normal self....physically I am here but, mentally..not so much. It was one of those weeks... the kind that no news would have been good news. The kind that makes you kiss your loved one a little bit longer, squeeze your children a little bit tighter, look out the window a little bit longer, & cry just a little bit harder. My aunt was diagnosed with multiple myeloma mid week after being sick for many many months. It will be a long road.

I didn't mean to disappear right after Miss Florida made her appearance but, I think you will all be pleasantly surprised with what Miss Lil & I were up to...oh, & Leah too!

Pink Momi was scheduled to open June 1st, however, I took this week to console in some yummy fabrics & veg out on a few gorgeous OOAK dresses. Yes, you saw that right...OOAK! These unique pieces will be sold one time only, in one size only...no tweeks, no twists, no turns...all ready to ship! It's like one big saturday morning art show. Pink Momi is now scheduled to launch Wednesday May 20th. Sorry to keep you waiting 11 more days, however, I think you will all appreciate the outcome.

I will not be having a Mother's day special...even though you are all very special....due to the fact that I will be going on vacation this coming week. However, I will be having a PINK Momi's day special to be announced closer to the opening of Pink Momi.

To keep you drooling here is the link...mark Pink Momi as a fav now so you are there right at launch!


In the meantime..you can find this little number newly listed in my etsy shop! There are only 3 customs available...just 3.


On another note..Mr. Momi is in his best friend's beach wedding this coming week in NC....you know what that means..vacation & loads of gorgeous beach modeling to come! I will have internet connection & my shop, website, & ebay store will remain open, however, if I am not quick to respond please know I may be trying to get a golden tan or test my surfing skills & will get back to you as soon as I can!




I won't bore you with a long story of how this dress came to be...in fact I don't even have one. Just a cute dress for one cute girl! A OOAK spawn off of my "When pigs fly" dress that still has alot of interest & is out of stock on my website...www.momiboutique.com.

Speaking of out of stock..here is another out of stock design...little Belen recieved the last "for the birds, for the trees" & she is stunning! Her daddy took these awesome pics & I must mention I am super jealous....I have been trying to get Mr. Momi to sharpen up his photography skills but, he is showing no interest in that department!

Thank you to all of the beautiful Momi girls who have graced my inbox this week! If you are new to momi boutique, you can find all of these designs in my etsy shop.

Confessions of a workaholic/work at home mom:
I confess, I have taken my children & visited a few local daycares. (GASP) Can a lady get a little relief!! Here's how the story goes....

It was a tranquil tuesday afternoon (mr. momi's day off from work). Mr. Momi is standing on the stairs, I am on the landing at the top of the stairs holding leah (who is not so much a baby anymore, she took 18 steps the other day! hide the cookies, cutting tools, & thread..the child is on the move).. and one child clinging to my leg. We are getting ready to go to a local mexican restaurant we have been meaning to try..(I know, it wasn't until we ordered our food that we looked at each other & thought...are we absolutely nuts to be at this restaurant right now?)

Back to the stairs..he looks up, under my armpit, laughs, & says.."go take a shower". Go take a shower?! THANK YOU, AMEN! I put the kids down & bounded into the shower. If a lady can't even remember, or take the time, to shave her armpits...Huston..we have a problem. (please tell me I'm not alone here!)

I am in need of a college 101 course on how to achieve balance in my life. Caution: There is a fine line between work, leisure time, me time, him time, we time, them time....when your work & children are both staring at you 24 hours a day. So I figured..if I can get the babes in daycare 2 days a week, I may feel accomplished at least by the end of 2 days & it would be great for them to have social interaction. Well, that all flopped. I am NOT a picky mom...my children eat hotdogs, not tofu, they are often times left to watch noggin for 10 hours straight, they don't have a bedtime, & they are lucky sometimes if their socks match, however, after seeing a daycare setting...thanks but, no thanks!

So I've made a vow: I will continue to shoosh them off of my presser foot & wrangle them off of my ironing board legs, but, I will cherish this time that they are so little & be thankful that they are safe & sound at home....at least until I can convince Mr. Momi to let a nanny move into our inlaw suite....on the plus side..his wife may have 2 minutes to take for herself.

Yesterday, to my surprise, Lily openly offered herself up for modeling. Strange & unusual since I am usually chasing her around the house & wrestling her like an alligator to put a dress on. After a few dresses down it started to rain...now if you are in need of some great animated shots of an uncooperative 2 year old, take them outside to play in the rain. This was a first for Lily. My camera & I will be anxiously awaiting the next downpour!

I hope you all enjoy your beautiful weekend!