Is the Summer in the Hamptons really over?

Catchy title, huh?

I do actually have my own story for that title...

unfortunately I only have 1 more of these dresses available, up to a size 2T, unless I start actively seeking out more of the pink floral fabric...which at this point...is debatable. You can find the dress relisted in my etsy shop this evening.

Check out these Momi girls sporting their Hamptons wear...fabulous as always!

Now to the other side of the story..so I got to daydreaming in my head...would it honestly be possible for me to snag myself Kate Major's journalist position. Afterall...it was my dream in life to move to New York City...somehow I ended up in Hawaii & now back here in Wernersville. I'm not sure if Star knows it but, come November when Jon (minus Kate & her 8) goes out to Hawaii for Shane Victorino's wedding....they are definitely going to want me on their team.

Now here is a story I've been holding out on you. For 2 years...yes, TWO solid years....I have been trying & trying with all of my mite to master high key pictures. See..when I started out in "boutique world" little did I know that you had to also be an accomplished writer & photographer. The writing part I had down pat...the photography...not so much. Lucky for me Lily was born with a full head of hair & in Hawaii the sun was always shining. But, one thing that I wanted so badly to master was "high key" pictures. I'm sure if you are anyone who knows me personally you have heard me talk about "high key" pictures on numerous occasions. It's basically when the background is completely blown out of the picture..like you would get from a studio portrait. In Hawaii I tried to turn out 4X4 kitchen into a high key studio with a white sheet, a white board floor, & 4 huge worker lights from Lowe's...talk about heat. Poor Lily & a complete flop. After we moved to PA I tried & tried & tried again. I bought the big studio lights, a newer/better camera, set up a white sheet, had the girls play in front of it for about 4 hours & nothing. Defeat. After I found out from a friend who lives in my neighborhood that our backyard neighbors thought that I had some "Jon Bennet Ramsey" thing going on with Lily (HAHA) I decided I wanted more options so I asked Mr. Momi if I could paint the garage. Of course he said "sure....what color are you going to paint it?" Little did he know! Our "across the street neighbors" must now think we are a little on the wild side since our garage has fabulous blocks of colors in shades of blue, red, pink, & white. Anyhow, I knew that it was the absolute best place for a photography studio because despite the fact that we never use our garage...during the day it becomes completely sundrenched if the doors are open. Alas...Victory....My high key pictures have been achieved & all it took was a paint roller, some primer, manual mode on my camera, & a little bit of determination.

Feast your eyes on the next to be released Momi boutique design: Thursday July 30



Arizona & a Follower Special!

I am going to be holding more discounts for my blog followers & today is a great day to start! Why? ....no good reason other than the fact that I like you & because in a perfect world every little girl would have a momi dress in her closet. Today & tomorrow receive the Lydia knot dress (pictured below) for just $40 when you purchase the Lydia peasant dress. Message me through etsy for your private listing! http://momiboutique.etsy.com/

(This offer can not be combined with any other discount except the ooak Pink momi discount)

Arizona was the art show piece today in all it's sun blazing glory!...No...don't worry..Lily was not picking her nose..

Yesterday my West Reading shop received their first round of Momi boutique. If you are in the area...maybe celebrity stalking the Gosselin's...be sure to stop by!

P.S. personally you will be happy to know I have also gone on hiatus...in regards to celebrity sitings :) However, my mind is still churning 37,000 mph...more on that at a later date.


Be there.....Be here.

Arizona....Art show Saturday, July 18, 2009...11:00 a.m. EST.....http://momiboutique.etsy.com
...don't say I didn't tell you so!


40% off @ Pink Momi...please read for details!

I interupt this announcement to bring to you Miss Bella & her fabulous friend Lucy. What a lovely POP of color! Anyone interested in this dress can message me at momi_boutique@hotmail.com. There is still ONE original Lucy dress available, however, the side colors are now changed to the same print but in a stunning yellow.

Now after much consideration I have decided to offer a great deal to all of my blog Followers..if your not one...I suggest you click on the follow button the sidebar of this blog..pretty easy!

For every Momi boutique item you purchase valued at $35 or more you will receive
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This is a limited time offer. Your discount will be refunded to you AFTER you purchase your OOAK/Ready to ship item of choice from Pink Momi. Please do not message me with your order because I do not want to be responsible if someone comes & snatches up your favorite while I am off working on orders :) The Sale prices in my Pink Momi shop DO NOT reflect the discount..the discount WILL be refunded to you. A SALE on top of a SALE...OH MY!

Happy Momi shopping!!

* * SALE @ Pink momi * *

I am feeding my obsession & making an unnecessay trip to my local fabric shop today. My house has slowly turned into a fabric store of it's own so I have made Mr. Momi start to rearrange & get the sweltering shop in order....why is it that my husband is SOO much better at doing an outstanding job than I, when it comes to cleaning/getting rooms in order. I know a few people have requested to see pics of my lovely sewing area...however, when my daughter comes into my room & says.."that's a pretty mess" & I'm not sure if she's trying to tell me "that's a pretty dress" or my shop is really "a Pretty mess"....So, I'm going to hold off on those pics until she either learns to say the word dress or the "rearranging" is complete!
On a side note,
I have marked down almost all OOAK Ready to Ships in my pink momi shop!
If you "Follow" my blog you will also receive Free shipping on all Pink Momi "SALE" items. (shipping refund will be given after purchase. Please do not message me before purchase for a private listing because I do not want to be to blame if your item sells before I get around to setting up the listing) I have a fun idea for Pink Momi so I want to get the OOAK's cleared out of my shop :)
I have listed a few new designs in Momi boutique last evening...starting the Fall collections slowly. Since I have not done a pre-order on the Lydia designs...anyone who is a blog follower will receive free shipping on your entire order when you purchase any of the Lydia pieces.
(shipping refund will be issued after purchase)


Happy Saturday

Today's Saturday Art Show piece is North Carolina...a classy compliment to my Carolina collection!

Check out my SALE items in my Pink Momi shop today! http://pinkmomi.etsy.com
We are in L-O-V-E with this Pumpkin hoodie at our house! It has already sold out this season...however, I do have the sample dress but, I believe Mr. Momi will not let me part with it since he always swoons when I make the hoodies!

What a cute Momi girl in her Roxy dress & Stuey Blues ruffle bottoms. http://pinkmomi.etsy.com/

DON'T FORGET...today is the last day to submit your 4th of July Momi girls for the discount!

*Eye Candy*
The state with the most electoral votes has also received a box containing the most Momi boutique items ever shipped! Topping out at 47 items..that will be a hard # to beat!
I have also arranged another gig this week with a local boutique! That puts a big smile on my face :) If you live in the area...or are traveling to the area for any reason....be sure to stop by the Women's Exchange on Penn Ave. in West Reading! They will receive their first round of Momi clothes on Friday July 17th so this is going to be one CrAzY week for Momi boutique.
My ebay design group Wisterialane is also having an alphabet soup launch starting Tuesday July 14th so stay tuned!



*Firecracker FREE Shipping @ Momi boutique*

July 3rd, 4th, & 5th

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Break out the MOMI clothes 4 your 4th of July festivities and receive.....

**25% off your favorite item + Free shipping when you email me a pic of your little one showing off her Momi boutique at your 4th of July celebration!

(all pics must be received by July 11th to qualify for the offer & must portray that the pic was taken in a party/picnic setting)

Did I really just tell you yesterday that I would not be releasing fall for quite awhile? I take it back! After another downpour last night the warm breeze that I spoke so highly of was non existent & it set the mood for the release of a few Fall transitional designs. You may want to take a look in my etsy shop for the lastest in fabulousness...http://momiboutique.etsy.com.

I must admit...I have been hording & keeping this set a secret for quite awhile...when I say quite awhile imagine a time frame of about 2.5 weeks!

I hope you all have an AwEsOmE & SAFE holiday weekend & I look forward to many pics in my email inbox.... momi_boutique@hotmail.com

P.S. Art show saturday is ON!


New items @ Pink Momi

If you get a chance to swing by Pink momi today you will see that the "C" girls have made their debut. A collection of swing tops appropriate for Back to School fun. You will also receive FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of Metro or Lotus Momi ruffle bottoms. Please message me through etsy after your purchase so that I can set up your private listing for coordinating pants!

I have a few Fall tricks up my sleeve, however, I am not sure at this point what the preview date will be on these new designs. Since it finally just got warm here in PA....I am in no mood for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas! We are thoroughly enjoying the nice warm breeze & hoping it never goes away! However, be sure to check Momi boutique often ...as I will be listing a few new pieces & a few oldie but goodie designs!
Speaking of which...here is a DANGEROUSLY cute Halloween design from the past. Lily did a superb modeling job at the young age of just 1 1/2...save my soul...the girl is going to look 25 when she is 16 & even the white fence makes me miss Hawaii oh so much!

P.S. This design will be appearing in my etsy shop when the time is right. However, you can message me if you would like to reserve one for your own! (very limited available)