*Flirt Skirt Friday*

Give her spring/summer wardrobe a little kick start in this super sweet pink/red/cottage blue/white flirt skirt!
This is a limited edition skirt that is only available through Saturday night at midnight EST only!  This skirt will no longer be available for purchase after this event!  Half of the skirts are already gone so don't miss out! MOMI's flirt skirt event will not be held next week as I will be out of town for my birthday.
Have a great weekend & be sure to visit my facebook fan page to place your flirt skirt purchase!
All skirts will ship Monday !


Worst boss in the world

I always had a hunch that if I had anyone actually working for me I would be deemed the worst boss in the world.  I know that I am the worst boss that I have ever had! Long hours, emergency bathroom breaks only, no phone calls, 5 minute meal breaks, must work 7 days a week, holidays, weekends, work before socialization & if the calendar ever adds on an 8th day to the week you better believe I will be sitting in my sewing chair smiling!  But, at the end of the day I LOVE it! I wouldn't trade it for any other "job" in the world. 
Mr. MOMI is not as much a die hard as me when it comes to the whole "work all day" attitude. I believe he thinks work is slightly overrated so, with a little bit of give & take, at the end of the day, we balance each other out nicely.
Some of you probably don't know this but, way back in the begining of time Mr. MOMI was actually MY boss. gasp! Yes it is VERY true. We met while working at an Italian restaurant in Hawaii. (now doesn't that just sound romantic, haha)  Typical situation..I was the waistress & he was my boss.  It was a Romeo/Juliet sitution, bosses were not permitted to date anyone in the restaurant. Well, that didn't work for us & along came Lily.  The restaurant kept us both around but, in order for it to seem like Mr. MOMI wasn't playing "favorites" with me or giving me any special treatment, I think I was the hardest worked pregnant girl in the history of Auntie Pasto's! It was..Rachel fill the ice bucket, Rachel carry 25 lbs of plates, Rachel take all the extra tables, Rachel work a double the day before you are due.  It was grand & I think I lost weight during that pregnancy.

 Little did Mr. MOMI know that one day the tables would turn and on this day, January 8, 2011 as he turns the wonderful age of 32, he is happily cutting out 27 flirt skirts.  Here's to you Mr. MOMI for letting those tables turn & trying to redeem yourself in everyway that you possibly can...and that my friends is how our world keeps spinning & how I can stand to work at home with my husband everyday.  We are "pro" at it!

***Happy Birthday to you Mr. MOMI!***


**Flirt Skirt Friday**

Have you heard....MOMI boutique has a new event!

**Flirt Skirt Friday**
little details:
 I will be posting an album of the flirt skirt available for purchase on my facebook fan page, along with the price & if you would like to have one..or multiples for your own you will comment on the post with the desired size (18mo - girls sz 8) (measurements are in the "notes" tab up top) & your paypal email. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours. The skirt will only be available for purchase during the event!

This week's Flirt skirt: **$24 shipped**
Decoupage style skirt made from 2 Moda designer fabrics w/ a unique/chic/shabby love patch of your choice
*This skirt will only be available for purchase until Saturday 11:59pm EST*
*Please visit my FAN PAGE to purchase or email me at momi_boutique@hotmail.com with your desired size, paypal email, &love patch of your choice!

*Happy Friday*


Bitten by the Love bug

If you have a little love bug in your house this week's melting pot swing top will suit her just well!  I am completely smitten for this sweet little mix of this & that. 
Be sure to stop by my fan page to bid if your interest is in owning this new MOMI One of a Kind melting pot swing top!


** 2011 Giveaway***

**A new year calls for a new MOMI boutique piece**
*1/1/11- 1/10/11*
*Spend $100 and receive FREE shipping on your entire order*
*Be one of the first 11 MOMI shoppers of 2011 to spend $75 or more and receive a FREE Rockin' tunic in your choice of size and color*

($75 must be reached before shipping charges & after any discount)
Valentine designs & OOAK's will be trickly into the shop so don't ever miss a day here at MOMI boutique...because as quick as they come, they may be gone!

**Happy NEW YEAR**

Well hello 2011, it's so nice to finally see you, I've been anxiously awaiting your arrival all year!  I hope everyone has had a very enjoyable & safe holiday season & here's three cheers to all of your new year's resolutions, which have hopefully not been broken quite yet!  (afterall..we are only 1 day out from the fresh start of the new year!)  I'm still undecided on what my resolutions are/should be. I will figure that out in good time. Whatever is to be in 2011 I am ready to take it head on because 2010 sure did hit me with it's best shot...and although my stability may be debatable, I did make it out in one piece!  We have had an extremely eventful holiday season that included my best friend's wedding. The 4 layer cake that we helped her make turned out to be a real face smashing success!
However, it's appearance was amazing to start! (I didn't help with the cake, I'm capable of burning a poptart & my decorating skills are for dresses only. I did save her sanity a few times though & Mr. MOMI rolled the fondant &put about 2million little edible pearls on the bottom tier)

I may be bias but, the flower girls were just about as cute as could be.

  The pastor commented that they were the best flowergirls he has ever seen.  They may begin their career in 2011 as "rental flowergirls" equipped with custom dresses to coordinate with your wedding party.

I'm fairly certain that may be illegal but, it may be necessary if Mr. MOMI doesn't put down the guitar I gave him for Christmas & get back in the sweltering shop to help me work. It's so bad he even takes the thing to bed!  I don't know if he is trying to run away to Nashville to become the next Johnny Cash or the next Taylor Swift out of Berks county. Whatever it is..I will support that art because I'm just about ready to retire & live like a rockstar..see, here is a blurry/discolored picture to prove it! (don't ask who spilled something on my dress, I'm sure it couldn't have been me)

All in all the holiday season was a grand one! We had visitors in from out of state, had our fun & said our farewells so now it is back to the little world of MOMI for us!

Happy "Happily Ever After" Lori & Ben...

Ta ta for now!