**Happy NEW YEAR**

Well hello 2011, it's so nice to finally see you, I've been anxiously awaiting your arrival all year!  I hope everyone has had a very enjoyable & safe holiday season & here's three cheers to all of your new year's resolutions, which have hopefully not been broken quite yet!  (afterall..we are only 1 day out from the fresh start of the new year!)  I'm still undecided on what my resolutions are/should be. I will figure that out in good time. Whatever is to be in 2011 I am ready to take it head on because 2010 sure did hit me with it's best shot...and although my stability may be debatable, I did make it out in one piece!  We have had an extremely eventful holiday season that included my best friend's wedding. The 4 layer cake that we helped her make turned out to be a real face smashing success!
However, it's appearance was amazing to start! (I didn't help with the cake, I'm capable of burning a poptart & my decorating skills are for dresses only. I did save her sanity a few times though & Mr. MOMI rolled the fondant &put about 2million little edible pearls on the bottom tier)

I may be bias but, the flower girls were just about as cute as could be.

  The pastor commented that they were the best flowergirls he has ever seen.  They may begin their career in 2011 as "rental flowergirls" equipped with custom dresses to coordinate with your wedding party.

I'm fairly certain that may be illegal but, it may be necessary if Mr. MOMI doesn't put down the guitar I gave him for Christmas & get back in the sweltering shop to help me work. It's so bad he even takes the thing to bed!  I don't know if he is trying to run away to Nashville to become the next Johnny Cash or the next Taylor Swift out of Berks county. Whatever it is..I will support that art because I'm just about ready to retire & live like a rockstar..see, here is a blurry/discolored picture to prove it! (don't ask who spilled something on my dress, I'm sure it couldn't have been me)

All in all the holiday season was a grand one! We had visitors in from out of state, had our fun & said our farewells so now it is back to the little world of MOMI for us!

Happy "Happily Ever After" Lori & Ben...

Ta ta for now!


Hallie Marie said...

oh my gosh, you look beautiful in the family pic! i have thought about renting my 3 little ones out as well since my family owns a wedding venue, it is fitting!

Lori said...

I love you! This was one for the record books.