MOMI's Melting Pot Monday

Majesty of the Sea....the majestic mermaid.
This is a first ever FACEOOK auction!

*RULES* (who likes rules!)
-you are welcome to bid as many times as you desire
-bidding ends at 8:30pm EST 6/29/10 
- please bid in .25 increments or higher
-you must bid higher than the person who bid before u for your bid to count!
 Highest bidder WINS & will be invoiced for that amount...GOOD LUCK!

Be sture to visit me at www.facebook.com/momiboutique to place your bid!

An eclectic little mix that will rock their socks off.  This OOAK piece is appropriate for any climate, any season, & any time of the year! Can be worn on it's own or layered with an array of colors. This dress has straps that criss cross through a shirred back for the perfect "grow with her" fit! 

Measurements: 18" under arm to hem, 17-26" chest
Best to fit size 2T as dress, 3T/4T/5T as a long top

MOMI boutique's definition of .......OOAK (one of a kind):
Will NEVER be recreated/duplicated/your daughter will be the only one in the world to own this fab little piece by: Momi boutique!

place your bids here... www.facebook.com/momiboutique


The Dark side of the Moon

It's been over a month since I've blogged....I've held out on you.  I've been told to watch my P's, Q's, &every comma in between...and that's not really easy for me so I figured silence is golden. I'm a good rambler & I can go off in every direction..I'm sure you can tell that just by looking at the clothes I design!  My personal life has been nothing short of a nightmare....
My life is running pretty much parrallel to that of Sandra Bullock's.  Tis true that I woke up exactly a month ago, to this day, to find out that the man I married, who I thought to be a four star general turned out to actually be a Russian spy. (not literally)  Little did I know that I've been sleeping with the enemy. (Actually, my gut knew..a woman's intuition never fails)  I'm sure you are following what I'm trying to say.  I have never felt such utter humiliation or lifeless in all of my life.  I've spent my days walking through a tunnel with absolutely no way of knowing if there is a light at the end, a sign that says "do not pass go, do not collect $200", or if I'm going to take a slight detour of my own & run for the hills.  It's dishearting, to say the least, finding out that when you gave it your all, your best was never good enough. That's the stage I'm in at this moment & my emotions are like an automobile engine idling on high. Unlike Miss Bullock, I took the road less traveled & decided to work through the tough times....after I heard alot of apologies & crying eyes, of course. 
So, like a smart woman, since I had to make him quit his job, obviously, (45 minutes away & 13 hour days amongst the scandal itself, not in my lifetime!) I put him to work! Mr. MOMI has truly become Mr. MOMi.  He might quite possibly be the best employee I could have asked for.  I don't think I've changed a diaper in a week & I feel fabulous :)

So that spur of the moment, random beach vacation that I took 4 weeks ago with no modeling involved was a much needed getaway since my sanity was at stake!
p.s. If I close shop & start working for the FBI don't be surprised....I can catch a liar like no other! However, an NYPD interigation officer if not my cup of tea...I played that role for a week & it is truly draining.
Cheers!... & if you ever find yourself walking in my shoes..I have the perfect book to recommend, that is, until I write one of my own ;)


Match me MOMI

10 things that make MOMI boutique's 1st ever "mom" dress so appealing!
*machine washable & does not shrink

*does not wrinkle which makes for a perfect pack me in the suitcase & take me away dress

*the first white dress you will own that you can not see through when it gets wet!

*it will fit you even if you do get pregnant again..it can grow with you in ANY direction :) p.s. "feeding" your baby just got easier in this dress!
* flatters every bust size..jackpot!

*you will never look more stylish matching your little one

* house/errand dress by day, casual dining/party dress by night*

*makes for amazing portrait opportunities & easy to match the men

*the perfect palette for every season

* I promise you will want to sleep in this one! *
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