manic Monday...

Just another!

I meant to post this blog about 11 hours ago. That would take me back to 10:30 this morning before my brain went on the blink & my children were contrary. <--does that word work there? haha...see I told you my brain is on the blink. Must have been those 60 pretty clippies I made at 3 in the morning last night. Have no fear...I can still match colors & do my basic math to make your sets oh so pretty & perfect. That's about all I can & have been doing lately. I have momi clothes flying out the front door on a daily basis. I am currently working on a 1-2 day turn around. 1-2 days!! Yes, you saw it firsthand. Clearly Mr. Momi may go searching elsewhere for a suitable mate if I keep up the workaholic. Back to those 60 clippies! You wiped me out completely! Ok....I lie, there were 5 left that were totally ugly & I would have never even used them as chip clips so I could not bear the thought of giving them away to anyone. But, I did start the month out strong with 100 clips so, 94 down was a pretty good run. I've been one busy chick...did I mention Mr. Momi loves hanging out by himself ALL THE TIME. (enter sarcasm here) I keep telling him that I'm going to be famous one day. He is way excited about that as he thinks he is then going to go golfing everyday...I told him forget it, he will be my trash/water boy.

Tomorrow is March 31st which is the last day to get your orders in so that you can snag yourself some lovely little clippies. They are made with loads of love, don't forget!

On a lighter note....to ease your mind & eyes after I have completely taken your brain from one topic to another...take a look at my absolutely LOVELY momi girl in her Hamptons Day dress.... Cecilia....She is a living doll. You know the best part about this one...it won her Daddy's seal of approval. It's always good when the husband adores the dress just as much as we do!


signing off in anticipation for a tranquil Tuesday!


Next top model....


Be sure to check out this sweet ensemble...the perfect set for egg hunts or any spring/summer event. So much personality in this set you really can't go wrong! It was hard for me to even put this one up for the art show because when I finally put it on my little model my heart broke out in song. I'm in LOVE!

So here she is in all her glory....my next top model. She's easily ammused and still a toothless wonder. I think she is drooling over her fashionable hat.
Speaking of which, I FINALLY found my favorite hat in the ENTIRE world. It has been lost in an unpacked box (there seem to be many of those around my house) since we moved in November. Here's the scoop on this little beauty....the fab hat comes from Portland Beanie Company who sells on etsy. You can find her work here..
I promise you will thank me later! I honestly think I could put my kids in a potato sack & with this hat on they would still look fabulous! That may be my next venture...must find potato sack! May I suggest you grab yourself one of these asap because come fall/winter she gets SO many orders that her shop closes down daily after just being open for 10 minutes! I had to stalk her etsy shop every morning for a week straight before I finally beat the other million shoppers with my order!
P.S. This is the 12-24 month newsgirl Beanie Vanilla...& oh so yummy!


Check out this cutie!

You've gotta love a
MOMI girl!
What a little doll she is...and how clever of her to tie that sash in her hair! Don't forget to snag your own Wildflower dress before they are gone!
On a side note...(I almost wrote knot...sleep deprivation..? ) don't forget tomorrow is the day! I love Saturday mornings & I hope to see you all in my etsy shop at 11am for my art show saturday piece! As for the OOAK piece...I am knot going to let you down :)
Now go on & enjoy your Friday night!


Head on over to ebay....

I know, I know, I was almost proud of myself earlier that I bearly list on ebay anymore but, once again duty calls. I don't know if many of you know this but, I am part of a super fab design group on ebay called "Wisterialane". (Honestly, I've never watched desperate housewives even once so it really has nothing to do with the TV show!) Might I say we have some amazingly talented designers..some of the best on ebay! We have launches every month with a different theme & this month we chose birds. You will have to purchase this set for yourself just to see that there are indeed birds on this lovely fabric! Also, we are having a great contest this month so if you are the first to bid on this set...or any WL bird sets...you will get your name entered into a drawing to win a prize. A little birdie told me it was a pretty good prize! I know a few of you already own the "For the birds...For the Trees" peasant dress & sash so I am willing to substitute out the peasant dress for any peasant dress of your choice if you would like to bid on this set!

For all of you Olivia the Pig fans, while you are over there, you may want to check out this great Momi boutique resell from an amazing lady who has been one of my best customers since the very very begining of Momi boutique. Believe me when I say I'm confident this dress has been kept in prestine condition. A very meticulous mother of 4. FOUR!! I don't even know how she does it! Cheers to you!

With all due respect...I decided to snap a few pics of the littlest one (mine) for all to see. I know you always get extra doses of Lilyahna so I figured why not show the babe for once...

P.S. This is also a sneak peek of my next collection to be released next week....Extra Sweet!
(Don't worry, Lucy is still right on schedule!)

Don't say I didn't warn you....

I've decided, after many requests for past art show Saturday pieces, that it's probably in your/my best interest if I give you a sneak peek of the upcoming piece! So here it is.....

That's a little more than a sneak peek but, it should definitely help you in deciding if you should search Momi boutique on etsy at approx. 11am EST this coming Saturday! Personally, I think you should! This is a great piece that will fit size 18mon-4T & will grow with her. Who doesn't love a piece that can be worn for more than 1 year!? As always, Art Show Saturday pieces come on a first come, first serve basis...they are all OOAK! Unfortunately, I can not reserve this item for any one customer, it's the thrill of the chase!

Now, on to other matters....remember those fab little clippies you receive FREE with each item purchased during the month of March? There are 6 days left! I really enjoy giving them so don't forget to get your orders in.

I know many have been anxiously awaiting the release of Lucy. Here's a little secret...if all goes well in the world she will be making her debut tonight. I heard she is a late nighter so, you may have to bring the computer to bed with you! If Lucy is the lady for you....I am only able to make 3 of the Euro dresses exactly as I will have pictured, however, if you openly accept slight changes...she has some fabulous friends! I debated releasing Lucy on ebay since I have been neglecting Mr. ebay to no end lately. (I'm pretty sure he's probably not too happy since Momi boutique has discovered the much more seller friendly etsy shops) But, once again, my new collection will be released in the comfort of my quaint little etsy shop that I so adore!

In the meantime...while I keep you waiting 12 more hours for Lucy...here is a site that I can't resist shareing with you..


If you scroll down just a little you will see the write up that my amazing customer has done for me! Definitely 20% off worthy & a HUGE thank you to Shanna, the owner.


Colors of Spring

Don't you just love Saturday mornings!

If I must say so myself....I have some mighty quick customers! Colors of Spring was the art show piece for this morning & it only lasted 10 minutes on etsy. I'm telling you, I am working with some quick ladies here! Be sure to search Momi boutique on etsy next Saturday morning to snag yourself a great OOAK momi design! Here is the link to the sold art piece for today, you should check it out just for a laugh...

Apparently I have an opera singer on my hands who can't stand the sound of her own voice. If you take notice there are only 4 pics today, yup, that's how bad it was...the photographer again.

Don't forget there are 11 days left to gather your free clippies by purchasing any momi boutique item! Don't miss out on my treat!

I also wanted to say thank you to all who are filling my inbox with friendly Momi boutique emails & blog links. You are all over the top amazing! Here are a few blog links that I found exceptionally profound! Thank you, thank you.

*Don't forget to message me with the item you would like to use 20% discount on so that I can set up your private listing!

Here is a sneak peek at my new collection "Lucy" that will be released this week! These spring/summer colors Pop & make for an eye catching Euro inspired dream. Stay tuned!


It's a party.....and your invited!

For today's eye candy treat I have this little lovely...

You can find it here...http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22526925

(don't worry I only had to take 33 pics of Lily this time to find 5 decent...I am firing myself...seeking good photographers...please inquire asap)

Here is the story behind this limited time beauty.....

My ebay design group, Wisterialane, is going to begin our trunk shows mid April so we were to use prints from the new spring "Darla" collection by Free Spirit. Typically I am not one to go matchy matchy with the designer fabric collections, however, for our trunk show I obeyed policy.

Do you know what really makes my heart giggle...when a new fabric collection is launched, I see designers eyes light up with glee to get their hands on all of the coordinating prints. Ebay & etsy are just exploding with designs in the new "coordinating" fabrics. I love it because I am not a victim. I can see it being helpful for someone like my mom who goes blank when she walks into a fabric shop & tries to coordinate fabrics (love you mom :) but, I don't like to coordinate fabrics that were already coordinated for me! Coming from someone who used to ask her sister every morning before school if her outfit matched, I should not be bashing the matching fabric collections, however, I have come along way since then! I like to live on the wild side, put a little more pizzaz into it & pick & choose my prints from different collections, different designers, different seasons to come up with the most amazing color combinations you have ever seen. This is what keeps me....& YOU interested...I know it is! And that is what will always set Momi boutique apart from the rest.

On that note, I hope you will all check out my new Miss Darla's Garden Party design even though it was against my own will....it turned out just DARLing!

I meant to blog yesterday but, didn't quite find the time between my customs & pulling my two babies off of my legs but, look what just rocked my world in my email inbox.

Miss Bella has a smile that could surely light up the world. I would say she looks mighty happy in her new Momi clothes & I can't wait to see more pics in her next set! Thank you Bella & Dodi for being a bright spot in my day!

P.S. I would LOVE to feature more Momi girls on my blog so please send those beautiful pictures my way! Rahzzell4808@hotmail.com


You didn't forget.....did you??

Some of you have been anxiously awaiting, some of you have probably forgot!
It's Saturday morning & that means only one important thing at Momi boutique
Art Show Saturday!
Here is the story behind this little sweetie...
Some of my most fav customers have been pleading/teasing me about making boy clothes. Boy clothes!! I never had a brother or any sons so it is completely beyond me what a momi boutique boy would want or wear! The only boy in my life is Mr. Momi who does not do fashion. He's a simple man, however, I think he would enjoy skulls if we ever had a son as an ode to his best friends' punk band. Anyhow, I am really trying hard here to practice my boy button up shirts so I decided to give this super cute/preppy girl dress a try. Cute, wearable, & unique as all saturday morning art show pieces always are!
Check out the link...doesn't Lily look just thrilled in the last pic? Do you know I took 20 pics of her & could bearly even find 5 that were decent. Don't be fooled, photographing a 2 year old is no easy task. Either the photographer or the model is about to lose her day job.
P.S. Boy shirts are still really not my thing & it would probably cost you your next born if you are interested in a custom. :)
Cheers for now & I hope you all have a safe, relaxing weekend!


Oh Mr. President....

So, I got to thinking last night during a midnight randevu with my sewing maching...you know who really needs this fab patriotic set? The president's daughter. That's right! I may know nothing about politics but, I can make you a show stopper like you've never seen Miss Sasha Obama. I think I'd just nearly have a heartattack if I saw her on the white house steps in a Momi design. I'm tempted just to sew one of these bad boys up & ship it right down to the capital building. I'm not sure if Michelle would enjoy the ruffles as much as we do, however, she may go for the more "J Crew" coordinating dress!

Speaking of children in the lime light....here's a fact for the day!

After leaving Hawaii, tear, we moved back to my home town, Wernersville, PA. Did you realize this is the same town that Jon & Kate plus 8 live in? Well, I guess now you do! But, it gets even better...my sister was great friends with Jon in high school, he would come over to our house, I was young at the time but, he would jump on my trampoline with me. (P.S. my purple trampoline will be going on ebay tomorrow, starting bid $2,000,000. jk I think it is actually long gone) Anyhow, to make a story short....my fabulous sister inquired with Jon in regards to who clothes their 8 kids. Well wouldn't you know Gymboree beat me to the punch line. Good thing for you & me because I am pretty sure that would be 2 full time jobs in itself! However, I do know that Lily & Leah have the same doctor as the Gosselins, so just incase, we will be sure to always wear our best momi boutique to the doctors so Kate can drool. :)

Now to get down to business...my real reason for blogging tonight...Here is the link to the PreOrder line pics & prices. This is much easier than sending out email after email. You can click the pics to see the prices. If you are interested please please preorder by Saturday night midnight. You can see that it is worth it to preorder for the discounted price. My special treat to you for being a dream to design for


Love yourself some Momi clothes!

What a sweet treat in the middle of the week!

I know you have anxiously been awaiting this post to find out how you can receive FREE shipping on your next order & save 20% on your favorite Momi item/set! It's quite simple! Just click the FOLLOW button on the right hand side of my blog under "Momi's friendly followers". Follow my blog publicly & receive FREE shipping on your next order. Please be sure to leave me a note at checkout that you have become a blog follower so that I can take care of the shipping for you! International customers will recieve 1/2 price shipping!

Now to that wonderful 20% discount on your favorite Momi item! This one takes a little more effort but, well worth it! Gossip in your own blog about your favorite Momi boutique item or simply why you love Momi boutique with a link to one of my 3 stores (http://www.momiboutique.com/, my etsy shop, my ebay store). Copy the link to your posting & paste it in the comments section of my blog or send it to Rahzzell4808@hotmail.com! If you don't have a blog, then send an email to 5 of your closest friends who you think would love to dress their little girl in Momi! Include a link to one of my shops & a link to my blog in your friendly email. (don't forget to include my address Rahzzell4808@hotmail.com when sending your email!)
(p.s. 20% discount does not apply to pre-orders, previously purchased items, or special custom requested items. Discount will be applied to your favorite website, etsy shop, or ebay fixed price listing. Discount can only be used for ONE item/set & is good through April 15th, 2009. That gives you only 1 month..don't miss out!)

Don't forget Pre-Orders for "Summer in the Hamptons" pieces must be in by Saturday March 14th! Pre-Orders ship FREE!! Pre-order prices are slightly discounted. There are also Exclusive pieces which are ONLY available as Pre-orders. Email me or comment my blog for line pics & prices!


Pre-order ships Free & Tiny Dancer release

Summer in the Hamptons 2009 PreOrder

For tonight's eye candy, here is a sneak peek of my next collection. Remember, all momi boutique items are made in limited quantities. If you are interested in preordering pieces to guarantee them for your sweet self please post a comment on my blog with your email & I will promptly send you the line pics & prices. All preorders for Summer in the Hamptons pieces will ship for FREE! Yes, I said it, FREE SHIPPING! Please email me by midnight Saturday March 14th with all pre-orders.

If you haven't already discovered, I have a fabulous new design being offered in my etsy shop!

Tiny dancer....a sweet collection for every little girl who loves to dance on her toes. Let her tell the world that this girl knows how to dance! This one is full of ruffles & girly details you just can't pass up. What a sweet recital or birthday present! For a limited time (until March 31st) I am also offering a custom peasant top in the tiny dancer print with pink sleeves. Please email me at Rahzell4808@hotmail.com to place your order.

Don't forget to stop back tomorrow to learn how you can recieve 20% off your favorite Momi boutique set!....Cheers!


I feel Spring in the air!


I can feel it coming!! Spring is in the air. I know it really is up there somewhere! A wopping 60 degrees here in PA...I'll take that anyday of the week, I just couldn't be happier. I hope you all did not forget that it is Art Show Saturday at Momi boutique. This morning I have two options. A OOAK top & pants set that coordinates perfectly with my very popular Spring duck set & a ONE custom Only Bunny apron knot dress!! So be sure to click on the links & grab these unique pieces of Art!

If you have already purchased the spring duck set & own a pair of these fab double ruffle pants, I am happy to substitute ANY pair of pants for you in my etsy shop & yes, that does include the New America's sweetheart double ruffle pants!


Now down to business.....My house is slowly exploding with fabric. I have been tempted to open my own fabric shop on etsy, however, I may just bore myself to sleep cutting yards & yards of fabric all day. I'm pretty sure I could not find any mental stimulation in that repeditive line of work. I always wondered what went through the ladies minds as they unraveled bolts & bolts of fabric, cut, unravel, cut, unravel. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the new prints I have just purchased this week. I actually have 33 new prints...33!! There will be some fabulous collections released soon including Extra Sweet, Spring cleaning, Tiny Dancer, & Georgia. Expect something great ladies, I promise to never disappoint!


Free Gift with EVERY purchase thru March!

It's March Madness at Momi boutique & I am giving away a free gift with EVERY item purchase! Oh how exciting!!
Here is the story behind these little tokens of love.....
My top secret...I am terribly afraid of.....the boogyman. When we moved into our new house in December the plan was that the biggest room in our house (the downstairs in-law suite that was added as an addition) was going to be the house of Momi..haha. I had it all planned out in my head where the machines would go, my fabric storage, cutting table, thread racks, samples were hung, & it had double doors that opened into our living room where the girls would play all day. The walls are a dreamy yellow that would just keep me cheerful & upbeat all day....so I hoped! There is a seperate entrance to the outside so that in the summer the breeze could just blow in the door. (That door, in all of it's no dead bolt glory, was the death of my dreams) Well, my plans crashed the week after we moved in. My husband works late hours at his job & me & my terrible fear of EVERYTHING kept me from my new house of MOMI. I tell ya, I am scared of everything. I hated being tucked back away from the rest of the house, it felt cold & lonely. I threatened to have my husband sleep on the couches downstairs at night so that I could stay up & sew. Eventually I just completely stopped designing...(WHAT!) Instead, I sat in the front living room everything night with the girls & started dabbling around making sweet little clippies. At first I started out making them for my little pudding Leah. She was not blessed with a full head of hair at birth & has only annoying bangs that always seem to get in the way. After a few nights of making these sweet clips I started to seriously become addicted. Thank goodness the etsy shop that I gathered my supplies from was on Christmas vacation! Well, a few days later there I sat with over 100 clips! I tossed around the idea of selling them in my etsy shop, however, I couldn't justify the time it would take to list them all.
What does this mean for you?
This means that with every item purchased during the month of March you will receive a free hair clippy!! Now these aren't just any hair clippies...they are all mostly OOAK & oh so sweet! I also found they can double as some great chip clips & paper clips!
So head on over to your favorite MOMI shop & gather yourself some fancy little clippies by purchasing momi boutique items!

(a limited supply is BACK IN STOCK!)