a coffee pot & an iphone

Isn't my new model wicked cute? I made her myself...& the dress of course!

Who knew that the missing puzzle piece in my life was the all essential coffee pot. On a typical day Mr. Momi will stroll into my sweltering shop to iron his shirt for work & ask...did you even go to sleep? (not sweltering anymore..our ac is finally fixed & suddenly fall has set in) I have many many customers as well who question my sleep..or lack thereof. To anwser the pressing question...not much! I do put my heart, soul, & every waking moment into momi boutique so to make my life easier & make better use of my time I have indulged in some "things" to fuel my fire. Coffee pot...now replaces my 5 hour energy drinks...
iphone....not sure how I lived without this before. A terrific invention to say the least! I will know your every questions/concern/& comment anywhere, anytime of the day. I don't even have to get up from my sewing machine to check my mail..now that has be hands down the most lovely thing of all!
And to top the charts I decided it was time to crank it up a notch. I realized that even after taking the girls to daycare I do not get any more accomplished than I do with them home. My machines do not have a "the girls are at daycare" button to make them go any faster....until now! I dragged my dad with me this past wednesday to Philly (yes, I am a chicken to go driving into the city myself) & splurged on an industrial sewing machine. Why I didn't have one of these babies sooner is a question that is beyond me! Basically I am a control freak with Momi & can not bring myself to allow anyone else to sew your orders..which is actually a good thing. But, at 2000 stitches a minute...this machine is faster than a cheetah & scares me. Honestly, the machine is a power house & gives me anxiety just being within 5 yards of it. One day it & me will see eye to eye...

New designs coming to Momi boutique soon... :)


* * *LAST DAY* * *

Today marks the last day for the Pink Momi dress event. I have added a special "YOU CHOOOSE" listing for just $20! Stop by to check it out!
Hope your week is going well!


Get yours now...up to size 8!

MOMI boutique News FLASH:

Larger sizes available 1 week only!
Have a friend, neighbor, or daughter of your own who swoons for MOMI but does not fit the standard sizes available? Fret not, for this is your week!

Saturday August 23rd - August 29th Momi boutique is offering all of my designs up to a girl's size 8!! There will be NO additional charges applied to your order so feel free to just order from my shop & message me at your convenience with requested measurements!
(pink momi items are not included, please be sure that the listing states that it is available up to a size 6T & not a ready to ship item)

Thank you to all who have so far made my dress event a success :)

Honestly, I do believe that after sitting at my computer for 10 hours on Thursday (I know some of you were right there with me!)...there must be a better method to the madness! brainstorming...brainstorming

Hey Sugar! I have added one more dress to Pink Momi yesterday afternoon.... http://pinkmomi.etsy.com

I am offering this as a custom a handful of times. Be sure to drop by & get yours as once it's gone...it's gone! (This pink momi dress is available up to a size 8)

Have a fab weekend!


Shop Pink Momi Thursday August 20th!

Shop Pink Momi tomorrow morning for 19+ new designs! Most are OOAK or Two of a Kind which means..

....you shouldn't miss out! New fabric combinations, lots of colors that POP, & "grow with me" designs. I only hope to see you all there!
Anyhow, so I was really starting to question whether or not I like my new "high key" style pics & lately I've thought..not so much....

I finally decided to give it a go at momiboutique.com & uploaded a bunch of my newer designs. I really have to say that I think the new "high key" pics look really Bad A**! (yes, I just swore, cover your ears, hide the children) ..but, you must admit it is true. Swing by & have a look for yourself... http://www.momiboutique.com/

You can find my fall designs so far listed under the "other" tab. Honestly, what was I thinking when i decided one of my sections would be "other" ?! Someday I will find "Other" things to put in there but, until then..it will be the location of my newest "in season" designs.
Hope to see you all tomorrow & thank you for reading my blog :)


Pink Momi Dress Event *Thursday, August 20th*

Shop Pink Momi Thursday August 20th for some amazing new stunners!
Be part of Pink Momi's 1st ever Dress Event & take advantage of these great offers August 20 - August 25th:
*$1.00 shipping on your entire order!!
* PINK Flower hair clip with the purchase of 3 items
*Purchase 5 or more items & receive a 3/4 sleeve PINK peasant top
*Any 10 or more items & receive a $25 Momi boutique gift certificate
(Free items will also be honored on Momi boutique purchases on the specified dates only)
See you all Thursday at
Cheers & keep cool until then!


* * * EXUBERANT * * *

Quite frankly, there is no good word to describe 2 day other than exuberant!

1. extreme in degree, size, or extent

2. joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic
(my blog can also be quite educating!)

The heat of summer has finally kicked in with some extreme degrees in the 90's which allows for some fabulous good old fashioned fun at the local ice cream spot. Funny how the heat never seemed to bother me in Hawaii, now I feel like I'm in a sauna...I guess that may not be such a bad thing! Lily & Leah are beyond enthusiastic & joyously unrestrained every time we make our way to the ice cream spot. Did I mention my children DO NOT get out much!

I must mention also that I have been receiving hands down some of the cutest little girls in my inbox. Thank you all & thank you always...it's moments like these that keep Momi boutique in full swing!
Remeber back in the day (or maybe it was just a month or two ago!) when I had the OOAK watermelon wagon giveaway?....well, here was the end result...

What a great little watermelon picker this one is!

Be sure to swing by tomorrow at 11 for an exciting new Art Show saturday piece. It's a simplistic design but, just plain pretty & definitely lots of bang for your buck!
Thank you always to all those loyal Momi lovers out there....you are a light in my life :)
See ya tomorrow!


New designs & special savings for "Followers"

Good morning world! I am feeling anxious today so this is going to be a quick one! I have a very important wedding to be at today at noon & still no shoes to complete the look! Gasp! You'd think with the girls in daycare now 2 days a week I would have taken the time but...not the case. Instead I have pulled together 15 new Pink Momi designs! A big hooray to that! I will keep you posted on the date of my big release...P.S....most all of them are OOAK's or Two OAK so you won't want to miss out!
If you'll hop yourself over to http://momiboutique.etsy.com/ you will find yourself some lovely new designs that were photographed by the talented Shannon Lott....and a few new designs photographed by myself. For all of you faithful blog followers here are some offers you may not be able to refuse...
Offers good ONLY August 8th - August 10th (no exceptions)
*Free shipping + 15% off when you purchase 2 or more pieces from the Epic holiday collection (day dress, peasant dress, ruffle pants, sash, yoyo clip)
*Free shipping + 15% off when you purchase the Raspberry mocha top & thanks a latte ruffle bottoms
(please note the 15% will be taken off the featured items only...Free shipping will be on your ENTIRE purchase...All refunds will be given after purchase & payment are complete!)
Have yourself a fabulous weekend & don't forget to tell your friends about my weekend offers!


Portraits & Petal Pushers..& an Offer!

Well...it's about that time again when I feel the need to break out a Christmas portrait design. Last year I didn't get a chance to swing one with the big move but, don't worry..this year I've conquered super early & it's better than ever! Today I feel accomplished & the best part about this dress is that it is completely customizable. The ruffle, sash, & flower clip colors can be changed to match any mood, occassion, personality, or bridal party. Here's a peek & you can find it in my etsy shop... http://momiboutique.etsy.com

Do you know someone who is planning a wedding & looking for a Elegant/classy/modern/twirly dress for their little petal pusher? For each bride that you refer & purchases this dress you will receive 40% off + free shipping on any one item from Momi boutique!

Keep your eyes open for new Fall/Winter 09' designs appearing this week at Momi boutique!

~*~Hope your all having a great start to your week ~*~