Shop Pink Momi Thursday August 20th!

Shop Pink Momi tomorrow morning for 19+ new designs! Most are OOAK or Two of a Kind which means..

....you shouldn't miss out! New fabric combinations, lots of colors that POP, & "grow with me" designs. I only hope to see you all there!
Anyhow, so I was really starting to question whether or not I like my new "high key" style pics & lately I've thought..not so much....

I finally decided to give it a go at momiboutique.com & uploaded a bunch of my newer designs. I really have to say that I think the new "high key" pics look really Bad A**! (yes, I just swore, cover your ears, hide the children) ..but, you must admit it is true. Swing by & have a look for yourself... http://www.momiboutique.com/

You can find my fall designs so far listed under the "other" tab. Honestly, what was I thinking when i decided one of my sections would be "other" ?! Someday I will find "Other" things to put in there but, until then..it will be the location of my newest "in season" designs.
Hope to see you all tomorrow & thank you for reading my blog :)

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