We're with the Band.....

Well, my ears have survived the night & we are safely tucked back in Wernersville. I must say of the 3 locations I saw ASG play (Haliewa, HI, Margate, NJ, & Avalon, NJ) this show was by far my favorite. If you would like to check out Mr. Momi's best friends band..here is their link... http://www.asgnation.com/
Don't be scared....Lily likes to rock out to ASG! You can click on "tour dates" at the top of the web page to see if they are coming to a town near you...they do tour across the nation. However, I will warn you...bring your ear plugs for sure & you may lose power in your town that night.
I will be listing a few new goodies in my Pink Momi shop tonight & also in Momi boutique on etsy! Be sure to stop by for the latest & greatest!


Art Show Saturday moved to Sunday!

Let it be know that Jon Gosselin is not the only one in Wernersville, PA who is "excited" this week...I also have many reasons to be!

First I must tell you that although I never wanted to/or thought I would have to do this...Art Show Saturday must be moved to Sunday June 29th at 11:00. The reason being is that Mr. Momi & I are taking a spontaneous overnight trip to the beach to see his friend's punk rock band. Now typically I'm not so much a punk rock kind of girl, however, these are his best friends so although my ears may not function afterwards...I will take full advantage of this awesome overnight getaway without the girls..which never happens.

Speaking of "without" the girls....I also must tell you that I have found my Mary Poppins! I haven't searched long & hard but, I did decide to search again. Mr. Momi & I went to check out a daycare this week (since I am at the breaking edge of loosing my patience running a 24 hour a day at home business with a 1 year old & a 2 year old & a husband who's gone almost 14 hours a day..it's been long overdue)...ANYHOW, she was perfect from the begining & the girls loved it so 2 days a week I get to take a shower, go to the bathroom, eat, & work in complete silence. The radio is the only thing to keep me company & so far, so good!

Now for the grandest news of all....I am making progress & moving in the exact direction that I want to be going. I am thrilled to inform you that Momi boutique will be offered in a children's boutique in Santa Ynez, California. A dear friend/customer of mine & her husband own a shoe store & she is now opening a children's boutique as well. The shop will be opening this summer so if you are planning a trip to California or you live in California send me an email at momi_boutique@hotmail.com if you would like more information in regards to the location! There will be unique pieces offered that are only available in her boutique & she is just a joy to converse with!

Have no fear, I am always still here for you & I have a few AWESOME new designs that will be released soon!
That's all for now...back to the cutting board!


* * * We Have a WINNER! * * *

Please excuse me for being extremely late on this post. I was watching my Rocky clip ALL day!..not really, I went to my cousin's bridal shower. So I got to wondering...are Mr. & Mrs. Momi (for the record..our last name is really NOT Momi) ever going to have a "real" wedding? Am I going to be sitting on my rocker hanging out with Al Heimer when I'm 90 yrs old...wondering were my white wedding ever went?

Anyhow, the winner of the Watermelon Wagon giveaway is Pink Sarah! Please message me at momi_boutique@hotmail.com with your measurement specifications! HUGE thank you also to Mindy J & Nancy for also participating...please email me at momi_boutique@hotmail.com to claim your prize as well. Since I only had 3 troopers that put forth an honest effort..everyone gets a prize!

Georgia....oh Georgia...here she was this morning..for those of you who missed her. She was swooped up pretty quick < 2 minutes..that's pretty quick!



"Blue jean Baby....LA lady"

If you would have seen my face yesterday..you would have thought for sure I was in paradise. My smile grinned from ear to ear...I found the most fabulous place of all for picture taking opportunities & it is just a 5 minute drive away! Expect to see alot of this blue barn....

and this vintage oversized door....

lovely, lovely, lovely...until of course winter strikes. May I add that I am pretty sure Pennsylvania does not have a summer. June should be warm..generally speaking (kate gosselin)...however, last night I had to turn the heat on in my car....so much for that global warming!

Now don't forget that tomorrow night (midnight) all comments must be in for the Giveaway! If you are a participant I will also send you in the direction of 2 other Momi boutique giveaways on the web....not hosted by me...if you don't participate..forget it! :)

Yay, may I suggest you go make some new friends quick!


* Watermelon Wagon Giveaway *

Watermelon wagon Giveaway

It's time for another giveaway at Momi boutique & this time you don't want to miss out!

Prize: Watermelon wagon ruffle bottom capris

OOAK Surprise watermelon wagon swing top

How to win:

1. Tell your friends/relatives/neighbors about Momi boutique & Pink momi.
2. After they have discovered the many designs of Momi boutique they must come to this blog post ("Watermelon Wagon Giveaway") & comment on this post stating :
*their favorite design, their own name & who sent them (that's your name..please have them include yourlast name or last name initial!)
Comments must be made on this blog & CAN NOT be sent through email.
You will recieve 1 point for each comment that you referred.
The highest point holder wins!
All comments MUST be made by midnight Friday June 19th.
The winner will be announced on Saturday June 20th.
*This contest is open to anyone who would like to participate.
Good luck to all and have a fabulous week!


For the love of Layla

1:41 a.m..... that's what my clock says..not so bad, except I had planned on waking up at 5 to finish some pink momi OOAK's to have Lily model tomorrow. But....suddenly something came up...suddenly all of that didn't mean so much to me anymore. Don't get me wrong, pink momi still holds a special place in my heart but, so does this little girl...
I'm sure most of you remember these little cuties from a few blog posts back...they are the sweet daughter's of Shanna, who is the powerhouse behind http://www.babywearsprada.com/
She wrote an unbelievable review on momi boutique a few months back & invited the world to discover my designs.....Now I am asking all of you to send your thoughts & prayers her way as you discover her world & what is rocking it at this very moment.
Please visit her daughter's care page here if you would like to find out more, send prayers, or keep up to date on Layla's fight with cancer...
You can also follow Layla on twitter...
Thank you for sending your support & please know that this little Momi girl is on the very top of my priority list.


New items @ Pink momi

Leah's 1st Luau turned out to be a sweet success! When I write my book someday I will be sure to include a chapter titled.."How to plan baby's 1st birthday in 20 hours or less"

Be sure to swing by Pink momi today for some fabulous new designs appropriate for summer & fall! Be quick because the "Sam" tunic has already sold out. All pink momi pieces are always very very rare.
I have also reduced the prices on some pink momi items & am offering FREE SHIPPING on the items marked.
Hope to see you all there!




For those of you who missed me this morning...this was Miss Colorado who made her smashing debut & was gone in a heartbeat! I do have a small bit of the awesome panel fabric used for the apron so be expecting some lovely goodness in my pink momi shop over the next few weeks.
Thank you to all of you who let me know that I am not alone in the poop department & the pink duct tape idea is just genius...it's either that or patenting my own line of baby chasity belts...now that could be a hot selling item. I can see them now replacing the tutu's & pettiskirts..making their appearance in 1st birthday photos all over the globe..personally engraved & paired with a big ol' pair of victoria's secret angel wings....don't steal my idea!
Tomorrow is Leah's 1st birthday..she was born 06/07/08. Anyhow, we are having Leah's 1st Luau tomorrow..let us pretend for 4 hours that we are back in paradise..of course you are all invited :) I am obviously the conductor at procrastination station because I have yet to buy her a present, decorations, or food for her party...I'm sure it will turn out splendid!
So my important question to you at this point is...what may I serve you next? I feel like I have maxed you all out with the spring/summer attire & would like your input on what you would like to see next..
A. More summer!
B. Only Pink Momi items all summer!
C. summer mixed with hues of fall
D. Nothing, I am going on vacation & u should too
E. whatever your heart desires Rachel
F. Start me on Fall!
G. All of the above
Please comment me or send your wish to momi_boutique@hotmail.com!
Thank you in advance for your input!


Get a load of this.....

I'm sure I left you all wondering..now did this girl really run out of things to say?? No, not a chance!...lack of time is more of the story!

I've always been good at the Saturday posts & I left you hanging this week..here it is Thursday already so I owe you a cliff notes version of this past Saturday's art show piece

This piece was Miss Pennsylvania..the story of how it came about goes something like this...we were in the car & I believe Mr. Momi was going on about how much he LOVES living in Pennsylvania (insert sarcasm here)...I told him come on! (now realize...I was also secretly trying to convince myself that we made the right decision by moving to this not so exciting state) we are the state of independence..(we have the liberty bell), we have our own language..Pennsylvania dutch & our own dance..the Pennsylvania polka....no he was still not convinced (neither was I). So...4th of July theme & polka dots definitely = Pennsylvania. The End.
I will warn you now you DO NOT want to miss this Saturday's art show piece..especially if you own either one of these pieces...think coordinating, layers, loving it, yum! If you don't own either of these...than you surely won't want to miss out either!


Now on to the real story..not so much Momi related but definitely blogable.

Typically I have been waking up super early instead of staying up late..but, tell me if this makes any sense at all..since Leah has officially started sleeping solid through the night (which was only about 2 weeks ago) I have been more tired than ever & am lucky if I can drag my lazy body out of bed by 8. I'm telling you I am a freak of nature & work wonders on less sleep..extra sleep=extra tired.

So Tuesday started off great & I was fortunate to make the commute all the way across the hall to the sweltering shop at 7:30...2 hours after the 1st alarm sirened. I frolicked about cutting orders, listening to some upbeat tunes, when what did my tiny ears hear?? a giggle, a giggle that went on for about 5 minutes..the most joyful/gleeful giggle I ever heard coming from Leah's bedroom. My first thought was well, someone woke up on the right side of the crib this morning, how cute! 2nd thought-honestly, you need to go back to sleep for another hour because there is production going on over here & I am not ready to let you slow my flow. Sure enough, the giggling stopped..sigh of releif..I was off the hook in the "mothering" department. Typically she wakes up for a few minutes around that time & then ends up going back to sleep right away. Cutting, cutting...11:30 rolls around & in trots Miss Lil..we head downstairs for some brunch (now if we were on twitter I may even have to tell you what we ate..twitter is way too tedeious for me but, for those of you who care..follow me on twitter!....http://twitter.com/momiboutique) Mid stride I decided...I am not feeding them in shifts..this is not a high school cafeteria. So, I run upstairs & bust into Leah's room. I should have saved my sanity for 30 more minutes & listened to the rule to never wake a sleeping baby. Suddenly, my day turned really shitty..LITERALLY. Honestly, if I would have stepped back from the scene for 2 seconds when I saw the site I saw, the thought may have crossed my mind that my child did not fall back asleep..she poisoned herself with her own poop! There lay my giggling baby sound asleep in a pile of poop...it was EVERYWHERE. I snatched that little shit right out of her crib & tossed her in the tub..all the while she is screaming..I would scream too if someone stole me out of my sleep & dunked me in water. My brain churned 300 mph past Leah's screams thought #1...you have to absolutely be sh*tting me! #2...WHO signed me up for this gig!? I'm not sure I am cut out for this "parenting" thing #3...THANK goodness I am not a nurses aide because there is NO way I could do this for a living #4...If ANYONE in my house ever thinks we are going to get a 4 legged/walking friend..FORGET IT!! No, no, & no again! I can not increase my chances of this happening on a more frequent basis.

So, moral of the story...for those of you single gals, fellas, or DINKs that are jealous of all of the happy families with their "beautiful" children & it appears to be all peaches & jam....don't buy into it because it's a crock (or in this case a Crib) of sh*t!

...that's my story & I'm sticking to it :)

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