Get a load of this.....

I'm sure I left you all wondering..now did this girl really run out of things to say?? No, not a chance!...lack of time is more of the story!

I've always been good at the Saturday posts & I left you hanging this week..here it is Thursday already so I owe you a cliff notes version of this past Saturday's art show piece

This piece was Miss Pennsylvania..the story of how it came about goes something like this...we were in the car & I believe Mr. Momi was going on about how much he LOVES living in Pennsylvania (insert sarcasm here)...I told him come on! (now realize...I was also secretly trying to convince myself that we made the right decision by moving to this not so exciting state) we are the state of independence..(we have the liberty bell), we have our own language..Pennsylvania dutch & our own dance..the Pennsylvania polka....no he was still not convinced (neither was I). So...4th of July theme & polka dots definitely = Pennsylvania. The End.
I will warn you now you DO NOT want to miss this Saturday's art show piece..especially if you own either one of these pieces...think coordinating, layers, loving it, yum! If you don't own either of these...than you surely won't want to miss out either!


Now on to the real story..not so much Momi related but definitely blogable.

Typically I have been waking up super early instead of staying up late..but, tell me if this makes any sense at all..since Leah has officially started sleeping solid through the night (which was only about 2 weeks ago) I have been more tired than ever & am lucky if I can drag my lazy body out of bed by 8. I'm telling you I am a freak of nature & work wonders on less sleep..extra sleep=extra tired.

So Tuesday started off great & I was fortunate to make the commute all the way across the hall to the sweltering shop at 7:30...2 hours after the 1st alarm sirened. I frolicked about cutting orders, listening to some upbeat tunes, when what did my tiny ears hear?? a giggle, a giggle that went on for about 5 minutes..the most joyful/gleeful giggle I ever heard coming from Leah's bedroom. My first thought was well, someone woke up on the right side of the crib this morning, how cute! 2nd thought-honestly, you need to go back to sleep for another hour because there is production going on over here & I am not ready to let you slow my flow. Sure enough, the giggling stopped..sigh of releif..I was off the hook in the "mothering" department. Typically she wakes up for a few minutes around that time & then ends up going back to sleep right away. Cutting, cutting...11:30 rolls around & in trots Miss Lil..we head downstairs for some brunch (now if we were on twitter I may even have to tell you what we ate..twitter is way too tedeious for me but, for those of you who care..follow me on twitter!....http://twitter.com/momiboutique) Mid stride I decided...I am not feeding them in shifts..this is not a high school cafeteria. So, I run upstairs & bust into Leah's room. I should have saved my sanity for 30 more minutes & listened to the rule to never wake a sleeping baby. Suddenly, my day turned really shitty..LITERALLY. Honestly, if I would have stepped back from the scene for 2 seconds when I saw the site I saw, the thought may have crossed my mind that my child did not fall back asleep..she poisoned herself with her own poop! There lay my giggling baby sound asleep in a pile of poop...it was EVERYWHERE. I snatched that little shit right out of her crib & tossed her in the tub..all the while she is screaming..I would scream too if someone stole me out of my sleep & dunked me in water. My brain churned 300 mph past Leah's screams thought #1...you have to absolutely be sh*tting me! #2...WHO signed me up for this gig!? I'm not sure I am cut out for this "parenting" thing #3...THANK goodness I am not a nurses aide because there is NO way I could do this for a living #4...If ANYONE in my house ever thinks we are going to get a 4 legged/walking friend..FORGET IT!! No, no, & no again! I can not increase my chances of this happening on a more frequent basis.

So, moral of the story...for those of you single gals, fellas, or DINKs that are jealous of all of the happy families with their "beautiful" children & it appears to be all peaches & jam....don't buy into it because it's a crock (or in this case a Crib) of sh*t!

...that's my story & I'm sticking to it :)

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Shannon Lott said...

OMG - you are SO DANG FUNNY. Your stories always have me rolling but this takes the cake. Really. I was wondering how many times you were going to write the word "shit"! Just awesome. Awesome. Awesome. The joys of being a Mom. Joys meaning if you're into gagging.

Britney said...

Your a hoot. Us Mom's all have stories like that don't we. UGH, poop in the crib is the WORST!!! Poop other than in the diaper is always bad.

I'm off to join your fb group! :)

pinksarahh said...

Oh my! That was hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh this morning. We went thru that phase and some pink duct tape was used...on the diaper.