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20 days till Christmas

I must confess, I do believe I have a serious Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  When there are orders to complete...you can just cross sleep & social interactions completely off my list.   I'm not sure if I am trying to go down in history with the quickest turn around time of all time, or I just have a real problem. haha   If Christmas elves truly did exist...I would be seeking out the most highly skilled elves to take over production because this lady has literally gotten 3 hours of sleep every night for the past week!  On the flip side...this is just fabulous for all you Momi lovers...you need your dress tomorrow..?? Let me just fax that right over to you! :)
Despite the workaholic mode, we were able to get out last weekend for some hands down Gosselin good times full of "crooked house" play, four wheeling, & the farmer in the dell.  It was unseasonably warm Wernersville weather.  P.S. it is snowing outside my window now.  

Elaborating on that topic...I've still found a few monents this week to obsess over "what on earth am I going to wear to NYC?".  I found comfort in the thought that...I design children's clothing, not woman's clothing, so really...I could show up in a potato sak & they couldn't hold it against me...possibly?? Mr. Momi enlightened me & said that it doesn't matter what I wear because nobody ever hears about children's clothing designers and nobody even knows the owner of gymboree...thank you for your support Mr. Momi..you are officially cut off my life line :) 
Here's the way the story goes....Mr. Momi wants me to make it big because he wants to go golfing everyday, Jon thinks I'm going to make it big & we are going to party like rock stars every night, & Lily is hoping her Momi modeling contract becomes null & void...personally, I would just like to find a few more hours of sleep! 
Cheers until next time!


Happy Thanksgiving

I have them here for all the world to see...the quickest Momi boutique shoppers of all time!
Congrats ladies & thank you for your $50+ purchases! Snuggle pants are on their way!

All other sales & offers are still in full effect through Friday November 27th!


Thank YOU again...and again!

My Thanksgiving would not be complete without sending a larger than life heartfilled Thanks to the people who keep my world turning...yes, that's you...each & every one of you who have shown your support, encouragement, & loyalty to MOMI boutique.  Whether you've been a MOMI lover from day one, a recently turned MOMI girl, or just an admirer from afar...I could never do enough to Thank you. 

Truth be told...Black Friday gives me anxiety.  I honestly remember going black friday shopping like 1 time when I was around 7 or so.  We woke up around 4am & stood in line at a KMart for what seemed like hours to get a free tin of cookies...ugh!  Scarred for life!  Don't get me wrong...I can find lots of entertainment on Thanksgiving oogling over all of the flashy flyers & their doorbuster deals but, honestly, between the nightmare of parking & actually deciding which stores to go to so I can get those $2.00 socks at 50% off..thanks but, no thanks! Black Friday is just really not my thing.  I think you would have to dump a bucket of baileys in my coffee to drag me out the door!

So whether it is, or isn't YOUR thing....I decided I really can't go wrong by starting MOMI boutique's Black Friday sales just a day early!  At MOMI you will find some FANTASTIC deals that may NEVER happen again!

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*these offers can not be combined with any other MOMI offer and do not apply to previous purchases.  All refunds will be sent through paypal after purchase & payment are complete. If you are purchasing from more than one of my online locations please wait for a revised invoice!
Thank you again...and again!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Going BIG or going home!

True Story:
My day started out fairly normal...for the most part. I took the 2 hour commute to what has become one of my most loved fabric suppliers in PA.  Out in the middle of absolutely Nowhere, pennsylvania popped up a fabric store & to my twinkling eye surprise I found the most awesome striped knits that have become Momi boutique's "Peppermint sticks" & "Spearmint sticks".  Running low on both, I figured I'd stock up.  Word to the wise...spearmint stick fabric is completely gone so..I have only a few yards on a bolt.  If you love them..don't leave them go!
Did I ever mention that the peppermint sticks are going to double as amazing valentine pants & then fourth of july capris.  Not to mention the spearmint sticks are completely St. Patrick's day appropriate!
Today I managed to find polka dot knits (fushia/white & white with aqua)...so very dreamy!  On my way home I cross over railroad tracks with no crossing guards out in the middle of the woods...nothing in sight as far as the eye could see...and for a moment (even though I knew exactly where I was) I felt lost.  I haven't been sure if I'm going left or right lately.


I get home only to realize I am locked out of the house...I run..drive,really...up to my parents, have a quick chat about the Thanksgiving day activities then head home to finish up some orders.  Here's where my day took a big loopdee loop spin.  I go to leave, pick up my phone laying upside down on my driver's seat...missed call...Jon....yes...Gosselin.  I called him back as i'm racing back to my house not thinking anything of it..thought maybe he forgot something at our house. Although, I did know that he was going to have dinner with his design guy the night before. Then I hear him say the words that made me almost faint to the floor..."hey Rach.. I talked to my design guy he wants to meet with you in new york city so I'll just drive you up here & then I'll get you a car back" (i've known him since i was 12...no, he's not trying to swindle me haha.)  My first words were...."WHAT!? when does he want to meet me?"....apparently the sooner, the better. I think somewhere during that conversation my body shot completely through the ceiling or I crumbled to the floor..I think both.  Although, I do remember almost bursting up in tears...I think tears of joy...or maybe it was tears of relief.  I think that was after the part that I told him I was scared & I know people dig my clothes & all that but, what am I going to say to these people!!??   I don't even know if I know what I'm talking about or if I know what I'm doing....I just do it! Besides the fact that the entire time I'm thinking to myself...what am I going to wear!? Surely I have no clothes to wear...I don't even leave the house!..so if anyone wants to let me borrow a really fabulous outfit..please send size 2 or 4...haha just kidding! So then of course he continues to scare the wits out of me & tells me i'll meet with this guy & his people in this huge building in NYC & he knows the president of osh kosh b gosh & all of the designers are up there and I shouldn't worry because he will trust Jon's opinion of me.  Basically what will happen if I don't completely blow this huge opportunity is...Mr. New york haha will pick up my line...it will still be momi..unless I decide otherwise.  So the part that puts the biggest smile on my face is that maybe sometime...sooner than later...every little girl's heart can belong to MOMI :)

So, I guess around christmas I will get to take my big trip to the city!  I absolutely will not blog about it again until after it's all over because my blood has been pulsating through my body all day & my hands have been shaking...I could bearly tie the ribbons around your orders!  I don't think I have ever felt completely scared to death & so much excitement about the exact same thing in my entire life.
Surely, a phone call that I will never forget!
Cheers :)


Building a mystery....

I do recall saying a few hundred blog posts ago that Star magazine needs to hire me on as a writer because come November...surely I'll have a story.  Well, I do & they didn't hire me so my lips are as tight as a turkey..gobble, gobble.  Although, I guess it didn't help that I never applied for the job!  Besides, who needs Star magazine when you have the blog of Momi boutique! haha
 My sister & jon have been friends for 15 years & that's as far as I will go. But...she is a "pretty" mystery.  Last night they were both emailing me pics from their phones, trying to humor me because they know that I've been sitting here googling Gosselin about every 10 minutes for the past 4 days.  Apparently there are no paparazzi in Hawaii...which I do believe is true. You wouldn't think that for all the famous people who vacation there but, really, a paparazzi person could not make a living on a remote island in the middle of the ocean. 
P.S. Goodbye matching gymboree...hello Momi boutique! He now follows momi boutique on twitter!



Beach Holiday....

Having a blast at the in-laws house in Florida & it's back to reality in Wernersville tomorrow night.

While somewhere on a far away island my sister is hanging out with her friend Jon G & it's only a matter of time until Momi boutique becomes famous.  Cheers until then!


Happy Birthday Lilyahna Jolynn!

I have SO much to say I don't even know where to begin! Today is Lil's 3rd birthday so a much needed HUGE Happy Birthday to the swine flu survivor....or so we thought! The doctor had me convinced Sunday that after talking to an infectious disease doctor down at CHOP that even after 2 negative swine flu tests, she mostly likely DID have the swine flu. Well, after her repeat blood work & follow up appointment today..we're not really so sure what is going on as her inflammation is still elevated. This whole experience has been nothing short of a complete nightmare from the moment she turned grey & to ice in the doctor's office Friday night, to the 106 temp while being admitted. It is quite tramatic having a sick child, especially when your husband's tear ducts flow just as fast as hers! Big ol' softy! I, for one, know that I am absolutely NOT cut out to be the parent of a terminally ill child...no, absolutely would have to call in back up support. And thank the sparkling stars in the sky that my mom is a nurse!

Speaking of sparkling..that leads me to my next thought! The entire time we were holed up in the Reading hospital Lily kept begging to go home to her birthday party (we had one planned for Sunday). Well, when we arrived home on Sunday we made it happen! As I have already made completely clear...I am NO party planner! Lily's theme turned from Wow Wow Wubzy into..."anything Lily loves". We had wubzy, backyardigans, my little pony..and of course little silver circle confetti. Monday morning I frantically picked up all of the confetti that I was finding all over the floor, all the while thinking.."I sure hope leah doesn't swallow any of these or we may just be right back in the hotel for lead poisoning"...Sure enough, I changed the diaper & there staring me in the face was a silver sparkling confetti!
Needless to say she survived & I'll be happy to tell her someday that she poops sparkles. She'll just love that since she is the girly girl of the group!
I feel like I have been a whirlwind & am crossing my fingers tight that daycare will happen the next two days because Friday we are supposed to take flight to Florida for a mini vaca & let it be known that I have absolutely no new designs to be modeled...huge disappoint to me, however, maybe it is all for the better! I may just take those 4 days of rest & relaxation & run with them!
Thank you all for your positive vibes & well wishes over the past few days!


Art show Saturday canceled November 7 th

I never thought I would ever have to cancel an art show and I never saw this one coming but, unfortunately lily went for a doctors Appointment this evening and here we sit admitted to the Reading hotel (hospital). Let's hope it's a quick stay because some little girl had a birthday party planned for Sunday. Cross your fingers and so sorry for no art show tomorrow. I hope you'll forgive us!


What girl doesn't LOVE a surprise!?

Who is loving my new Christmas music!? I know I sure am! I just hop right on my blog to listen to the lovely tunes :)

The horrible part is....the McPherson girls are still costumeless for halloween. Momi boutique better take a few steps backwards & concentrate on the holiday at hand!

Now down to business...the winner of the Facebook fan page dress giveaway is...
and the runner up is ASHLI!
Please remember to email me at momi_boutique@hotmail.com to claim your prize!!
I hope everyone remembers lovely Layla Grace from a bunch of blog posts ago because now is your chance to really help a girl out!
Search "FORLAYLA" on ebay & you will find auctions that are dedicated strictly to Layla! All winnings from these listings will be donated right to layla's funds to help her in her fight against cancer! ...and boy is she a fighter!! :)
I finally found some time to list & here are the links to my listings...
Please bid high for Layla!!
Don't miss out because with the first listing you will get SIX surprise peasant dresses & with each dress a free hair goodie! With the second listing (wildberry poinsettia knot dress) you will also receive a hair goodie!!
Nikki from http://lilliannamarie.etsy.com/ has a heart so big it could crush this town & has offered to send me free hair goodies to include with the dresses!!!
Life should always be full of such pleasant surprises!


Customer love to melt the heart

I'll be the first to admit...we've been struggling at the house of Momi this week...or maybe it was really just Mr. Momi that got the brunt of it all. Well, even though he got the brunt..I was surely the runt of the litter...oink oink. When my doctor told me thursday that I have the swine flu I must have looked like a deer in headlights because that is surely what I felt like. It was the first time I was at my hometown family doctor in probably 7 years & for the first time I didn't feel nervous to be there. I thought oh a little bronchitis..give me some antibiotics..send me home..nope, rachel, you are the lucky winner of the swine flu!
Yes, I was pretty certain that I was facing the death penalty. My doctor could have at least reassured me that I was indeed NOT going to crumble to the ground. Since my doctor didn't take the time to reassure me, I will be the first to reassure you that having the swine flu is really NOTHING to get worked up about if you are a semi-healthy being (I'll say semi because I'm pretty sure my diet consists soley of coca cola & cheese nips)

Quite frankly...I think I would like a dose of the swine flu about twice a year for the next 18 years if it always involved breakfast, lunch, & dinner in bed, freshly baked brownies, rented chick flicks, all of the laundry done, not having to change a diaper for 3 days...yes Mr. Momi you really outdid yourself didn't you. (I think he thought I was a goner haha)
Unfortunately for me, I believe the pig has left the building.
But on the bright side..I'm back & I'm ready to go! The steam has been blowing out of my sewing machines all morning & any orders that have not been shipped, will be shipped out this week. I do have a few more christmas things in the works but, it may be a week or two before we see those. Please do get your christmas orders in as soon as you possibly can because I will be going on a mini vacation next month so rush orders for the holiday season will not be accomodated. Thank you to all of the Momi Moms who sent me wonderful pics this week! Also please be sure to checkout this blog http://www.envidastudioblog.com/ to see more pics of some momi girls in their chocolate mahogany wear! Scroll down to the "Classic Christmas {Sophia & Maya}" post. (amazing photographer & if you live in Michigan I strongly suggest!)

Until next time...cheers :)


a Powerful Pucker

I was quite certain that the title of the song was cold NOVEMBER rain...apparently the clouds are getting a little ahead of themselves this year. Hey..sounds familiar. This past week I managed to purchase a few hundred yards of fabric...mostly in the most scrumptious fall colors you will ever dream so..although I am already deep into the holidays, I believe we are going to back track a bit here at MOMI & give you some more fall/winter/practical goodness. Did I just say "we"??...despite my hours of daydreaming about "if there really was a such thing as christmas elves I would get myself a few of them & put them to work"...there is really no "we". Although Lily has convinced herself that she is ready to help with her "I really wanna sew, I really really do wanna sew mommy. I gotta get my fabwics". She may be the next big thing! Watch out below for this one as well with her big pucker...her new signature pose. Oh miss Momi how you melt my heart.

Just to keep you in tune...please be sure to stop by
my etsy shop to check out your favorites. I am down to the last few for alot of my designs & I would hate for you to miss out!
Hope your all enjoying your weekend!



Did I get your attention?! Ok, good :)
Now go on & get yourself over to my facebook fan page and see how you can be entered to win a SURPRISE Momi dress or a Gift certificate! (your choice!)

Can't wait to see you there!


Fall Festivals & Free clothes!

Purchase $300 worth of Momi boutique &/or Pink momi from October 1st-15th & receive a FREE Jubilee dress or gingerbread surprise ruffle bottoms!

(*does not apply to previous purchases )

I had a near & dear customer comment to me in a message (around the time of my last pink momi dress event) saying enthusiastically..."I sure hope you kept some of the dresses for your girls!"....I pondered her statement & the next day I had an epiphany (haha!..some of you are probably laughing right now & yes, for the record..I did go celebrity stalking today after my post office run FOR the first time in approx 2 months. For the record...I saw NO sign on the gate)

Back to my story..truth be told...I never had let my girls keep any of the clothes I make..(gasp!) Why not you ask? I had the logic all worked out in my head..when I first started Momi boutique we lived on a tropical island with no air conditioning so, on a typical day Lily would refuse to wear anything but a diaper around the house. Other than hanging around the house we really didn't get out much because, yes, I was the mom who was scared of my baby crying in the store. Did I ever mention that Lily had colic for 5 months? Oh yes, and of course Leah had to follow her lead & have colic for 7 months..so if you happen to have a colicy baby..I will be happy to console you! I think it's needless to say why my children now go to daycare a few days a week...my patience has worn down to negative 15. Little did I know that Lily's "diaper only" days would carry over into her toddler years. I am afraid she may run off to join a nudist colony someday. The joke is..where are your clothes Lily?..Oh! Mommy sold them all! Funny but, not the case, I have a closet with over 155 Momi boutique designs that were worn for modeling only. Oh yes, it is true! Some day I will have to have a big sample sale...don't worry, you will be the first to know!!
Anyhow, to make a LONG story short...I finally have started making Momi clothes for my own girls to keep :) The staple dress that I keep going back to is their Mother Nature knot dresses & now we have paired it with the chocolate punch dots..a fabulous combo! It is so amazing to see all of the people who turn their heads, point, or just come right up to us & compliment the designs. If you have the same thing happen when your daughter steps out in her momi clothes please email me at momi_boutique@hotmail.com & find out details on how you can earn FREE clothes!


Christmas 2009

When what to my wondering eyes did appear....
It's Holiday time at Momi boutique .....so I hear...

Rush over to my facebook fan page (on the right side of my blog) & become a fan to receive FREE shipping October 1st - 3rd!

The start of the MOMI christmas designs till appear in the shop tomorrow! Be sure to check them out here...http://momiboutique.etsy.com



I think it's safe to say that the most beautiful thing about Momi boutique are all of the Momi girls....From the heartbreakers....
right down to the innocent & sweet...

Don't forget that the Pink Paparazzi preorder + free shipping only lasts through today. Tomorrow all prices will be changed to retail price.
If you are looking for a dress in earthy tones, appropriate for every fall event, you may want to search "save a tree" in my etsy shop.. http://momiboutique.etsy.com/ ..my daughters wore theses dresses to an event last evening & the ooo's & ahh's were pouring in..it even won the Dad seal of approval! Definitley a personal favorite!


A perfect Present...

Go Pink! Why?...because you can't put Christmas dresses under the Christmas tree & of course there must be some boxes with boutique! Don't miss your chance to shop early for Christmas presents this year. At momi boutique, through September 26th, you will find all Pink Paparazzi preorder items at lovely low prices. Wrap them up especially sweet for friends, neighbors, cousins, nieces...those special little people in your life!

I must say WOW!! I am blown away by the incredible hair goodies that Nikki has fashioned & made to match Momi boutique! If you make your way over to http://lilliannamarie.etsy.com/ you may just find a hair piece that matches a MOMI dress you have! It is surely worth a trip to look at the 19 Made 2 Match momi listings!!

Now I must do a quick poll/questionaire...are there any lovely ladies out there that are still searching for halloween themed designs..pants, knot dresses, peasant dresses, skirts, triple ruffled upside down platypuses..? (not really sure where that came from, having my children in daycare is dangerous) ..Comment me below!!
P.S. I do have 95% of my christmas collections photographed & ready to go..I'm just holding out on you so that you can enjoy the pumpkin patches & falling leaves for a moment. I will give you a few sneak peeks soon!
Oh yes, don't miss out on the upcoming art show piece on saturday...think brown lydia fabric (the sold out fabric), knot dress, strip work, apron front..love it!


pink PaPaRazZi

Pink PaPaRazZi
Fall/Winter 2009 mini 3 piece collection....Coming Soon to Momi boutique!
Preorders for Pink Paparazzi will begin Tuesday September 22-26. All preorders will ship October 2nd. Special requests are welcome during preorder dates only.


NEW items on SALE!!

If you pop on over to http://momiboutique.etsy.com/

you will see that all Chocolate Mahogany items & the NEW fall/winter Mother nature save the trees are on SALE & the best part is...if you purchase any of these pieces you will receive 20% off any item of your choice. This sale will run through Monday only! (discount will be refunded to you after payment is received or message me for a private listing)

Don't miss out..all items are limited quantities!!