a Powerful Pucker

I was quite certain that the title of the song was cold NOVEMBER rain...apparently the clouds are getting a little ahead of themselves this year. Hey..sounds familiar. This past week I managed to purchase a few hundred yards of fabric...mostly in the most scrumptious fall colors you will ever dream so..although I am already deep into the holidays, I believe we are going to back track a bit here at MOMI & give you some more fall/winter/practical goodness. Did I just say "we"??...despite my hours of daydreaming about "if there really was a such thing as christmas elves I would get myself a few of them & put them to work"...there is really no "we". Although Lily has convinced herself that she is ready to help with her "I really wanna sew, I really really do wanna sew mommy. I gotta get my fabwics". She may be the next big thing! Watch out below for this one as well with her big pucker...her new signature pose. Oh miss Momi how you melt my heart.

Just to keep you in tune...please be sure to stop by
my etsy shop to check out your favorites. I am down to the last few for alot of my designs & I would hate for you to miss out!
Hope your all enjoying your weekend!


My Little Cupcake said...

She's precious! Your Lily and my Katie will probably team up someday! Katie loves to fabric shop with me, and she loves to watch me sew and knit too. I really enjoy looking at your shop. Your clothes are so inspiring and beautiful!

Melanie said...

awwww!! Baby Leah is so darn cute!! Wait....she's not so much a baby anymore. So sad, auntie is missing out :-( Oh and Lily, haha! Maybe she can teach me how to sew fabwics together :-D I love it! Can't wait for the holidays...