*New Mexico*

Sorry so late on the post! I suddenly went on a "spring cleaning" purge after I posted today's art show piece. When I get the urge I must go with it because Mr. Momi is pretty much in charge of all of the cooking/cleaning/everything besides Momi boutique that happens under our roof...when he is home that is (I really lucked out!) He will be much impressed with my change of pace today.
Anyhow, here's a funny/true story related to the art show piece of the day..

This past week while I was packaging some sets I wrote the abbreviation NM. I did a double take, in the back of my mind I thought..gee..I didn't even remember New Mexico was a state...maybe I was far removed from the mainland for too long..so then I got to thinking...What on this green earth am I going to feature for New Mexico's art show piece?! I pushed the thought to the back of my mind, ran out the door with a cold piece of pizza & a coke in one hand, 12 packages in the other (my neighbors must think I'm nuts)...speaking of nuts...this is strange..if you google "momi boutique" (sometimes I like to check up on myself) on page #4 at the very bottom Momi boutique was tagged for bipolar disorder because of my blog post titled "Manic Monday" haha I thought it was a song, I didn't mean we had a disorder!
I did a driveby at the postoffice & hit up my secret fabric shop (love it!). You must know something about my fabric shop which may give you a clue about Pink Momi. They have thousands of bolts of fabrics & then one table of remnants. Remnants are like a 1-2 yard cuts that are left over from a bolt (for those of you who have no clue about the fabric world). Anyhow, my fabric shop has the most Yummy designer remnants ever. I don't know where they get them because honestly, I never see the prints on bolts. I could never justify even looking at them because 1-2 yards is only enough for maybe 1 set. Well, I don't know what got into me but, some strong gravitational electro magnetic field pulled me to the table & the rest was history. At checkout the owner looked at me as if I had 3 heads when he saw the "los novios" fabric, then he went on to say that it was for "day of the dead". (A mexican holiday) I was going to save it for halloween-ish time but then after his comment I thought well no, I better go home & make this into a beauty now because that is just next week. Perfect timing!
APPARENTLY someone was sleeping during cultural history because Cinco de Mayo & Day of the Dead are NOT the same holiday. Anyhow, it was a pretty awesome piece..very unpredictable! I knew you were going to either Love it or hate it..not really any room for inbetween. However, you must admit, if the skulls/punk scene are going to be done..it couldn't really come any cuter!


The momi girls featured this blog post have the most awesome moms. The two little girls come from the owner of www.babywearsprada.com & the little beaut in the orchard has a very talented photographer mom who has gone WAY beyond the point of proving to me that she does not buy imposter perfume.

I hope everyone is having an energetic weekend!


Think Pink.....

I have a confession...Ok here it goes...
A long time ago in a far away land (did I tell you my best friend told me I should write a book haha) on with my story..in a far away land called Hawaii, Pearl City, to be exact...a girl started her own clothing line. (ok yes, that was me!) I felt unclever & uninspired when it came to giving a name to my custom line of clothing. I tossed around a few ideas but, nothing seemed to suit. I was unsuitable. I consoled in a dear friend who turned me on to the word "momi". Now let it be known that momi is not pronounced Mommy...if you are familiar with the Hawaiian islands than you may know that momi, pronounced moh-mee, is a Hawaiian word for pearl...yes the rare...beautiful...genuine round gemstone found in oysters. Now it's all starting to make sense, right? Back to my dear friend, on a drive home from the beach she says "I always really liked the word momi...it's little & cute! I can see it now, one day you can have Pink momi & Blue momi, & little Momi shoes" The fountains shot up around me, the heavens opened & alas I felt complete. I thought, hmm, sounds chic/modern/cute..kind of a little bit of everything all rolled into one...it definitely suited the unsuitable! One thing led to another & momi became MOMI boutique. Every now & then I start thinking longterm & wonder if momi boutique would really suit if seen in a brick & mortar boutique (a real store). Now, if I open my own Momi boutique on the streets of Waikiki like I dream...then it will definitely work, however, in the back of my mind I have always loved pink momi (get it? pink pearl?..I knew you were quick!)....I just really didn't know what to do with her......
Well, let it be known that I do now hold all rights to the user name pinkmomi on etsy & I have a few ideas of what I may do with her but, I would LOVE some imput from my most valued opinions....yours! You can email me at momi_boutique@hotmail.com or comment my blog!
Now don't forget to wear your Mother nature dresses tomorrow for Earth day!
The first 5 ladies to purchase Momi boutique's "Save the Rainforest" dress will be given the option to add bamboo large ruffle bottoms for just $7 & a custom Save the Rainforest peasant top for $18! These two special pieces will only be available to the first 5 buyers tomorrow on Earth Day! Be quick & don't miss out!

p.s. i know i said promos will no longer be on my blog but, I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment so I broke the rules


New Hampshire

Today's art show piece is a lovely ruffle bottom stripwork knot dress that coordinates with last weeks Miss Maine. Don't forget to read last weeks blog post to find out about my tour around the 50 states contest!
Thank you to all of my lovely customers who are filling my inbox with requests to be added to the mailing list. You are all truly my inspiration.

Let it be known that a few very dear customers have saved my creative soul & tied a knot at the end of my rope & today I will go down swinging. Thank you all for your encouraging words & for backing the fact that indeed there is a imposter perfume.
I hope you are all having as beautiful weather as we are having this weekend & until next time...cheers!


In need of one good knot....

And so it goes......I'm about to be at the end of my rope & I'm not really sure if there is a knot to hang on. (you'd think there would be with all the lovely knot dresses in my shop!)

Remember that girl in high school....you know the one, everytime you cut your hair she showed up the next day with the same do, she bought the same car you had, she wore the same dress to the prom, she copied your ideas for school projects, & asked to trade homework so she could copy, she held a polka dot sale just like you, & even started her own Saturday mornings!... if she could have..she probably would have stole your boyfriend too! She didn't rank up there on the favorite list & thankfully you were always one step ahead because she didn't have a mind of her own.
Personally, I didn't have an admirer like that in high school, but, Momi boutique does! Be on the lookout for the generic version of momi boutique being sold in an etsy shop near you! Momi boutique is truly flattered but, not impressed....as we all know the imposter perfumes only ever made it as far as Walmart.

My brain is always churning to come up with CREATIVE, never seen before, ideas. Lucky for me & you I have earned my degree in marketing so there will never be a dull moment. However, for the time being...Momi boutique will be laying low. New designs will be listed as always, however, sales & promotions will not be advertised in my blog or etsy shop until further notice. I will consolidate a direct VIP mailing list with all domestic & international customers. Please message me a momi_boutique@hotmail.com if you have never purchased a momi piece & would like to be added to my sale/promotion mailing list! Sorry for the inconvenience, it is all an inconveneince to me as well, & thank you for your understanding!
On a lighter note...turnaround times are still super fast & I have the most lovely Momi girls who looked very fashionable this Easter!
It was also brought to my attention that the lovely beach dunes ruffle bottoms made the front page on etsy! (....glimmer of hope)

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow morning for Art Show Saturday!

Thank you Lily....I really couldn't have said it better myself!


Soul Mates

The other day I pulled out this yummy Paris print & the other print that I hand picked at my fabric shop (sweet pea by windham) (top secret place, don't ask because I will not tell). They were on two completely opposite ends of the store...no where near each other. Now realize, I didn't go into the store with the intention of buying any pink Paris fabric or anything to coordinate with it. Typically I don't go into the store with the intention of buying what I usually come out with. I don't go out hunting my fabrics, usually they jump right off the shelf & into my arms begging to go home with me. (They know they will get the royal treatment) When I try to find something to coordinate, or at least look half ok, with a print, it never happens....the fabric ends up vegitating in my armoire for a few months. However, I am a firm believer that every fabric does indeed have a soul mate (no, not the fabrics that were MADE to coordinate with each other)..something completely different, completely opposite (because opposites do attract right?) When I found these two it was instant perfection, love, a dream come true. A perfect match. If fabrics do indeed have soul mates than call me the match maker! This lovely duo just happened to find their soul mates really fast....as for the rest of the fabric in my house, well...the waiting is the hardest part!


Art Show contest!

Hello Miss mellow dramatic..I have NO idea where she gets this from! However, her father may beg to differ. ...and before I could finish this post she was gone like the wind....Miss Maine that is.
Ok, everyone brace yourselves...Saturday mornings can get a little hectic in my house & my brain seems to go on the blink when it comes to creativity in the outfit naming department.

I have devised a plan...a CONTEST....a very unique & clever Contest! (just like every art show piece)

Each Saturday morning art show piece will be named after a state. Yes, one of the 50 original states. Every state from A-Z...z? ok from A-W...from coast to coast..north to south.... you must be in the for LONG haul since there are 50.

***Collect as many states as you can (yes, like those silly magnets you get on vacation & put on your map so you remember when you are 210 which states you've traveled to)
I will keep very close track of the state winners in my records & on March 20, 2010 (told you you better be in for the long haul!) the winner will be announced & will receive a $200 gift certificate to Momi boutique....$200? 200!! Have I completely lost my mind?...No, that's just how much I like when you come around!
So don't forget to follow Momi boutique every Saturday morning at 11:00 as we take our tour around the USA! ***

*each state counts as 1 point regardless of how many electoral votes that states has :)

Honestly, look at that face! I instantly fell in love with this little cutie....from the short bob right down to those awesome cowboy boots she is rocking. She looks so tomboy/chic! Did I mention I LOVE her hair..I think it is bringing back childhood memories. My parents were convinced I was a boy (before I was born obviously) since they already had 2 girls...I was always the one with the short hair do. If I can rummage up a pic I will post!

My husband loved this little beauty. He thought she looked like an older version of Lily. I would have to agree! Did I mention Shannon pours her heart & soul into her portraits & it definitely shines through! She puts me to shame & I am ok with that!


Save the Rainforest....

It really doesn't get any better than this! Despite the fact that both of my children woke up with leaky diapers....this Friday is better than Good...it quite possibly could be the Best! Remember a few post back when I said that either the photographer or the model has got to go & I was halfway serious...halfway nervous!? Looks like they both lost their day jobs.
After hand picking fabrics, coordinating, designing, cutting, sewing, writing descriptions, blogging, posting listings, customer serivce, ironing, packaging, & shipping...did I miss anything(?)..there becomes very little time for chasing a 2 year old for pics. I knew something had to give or SOMEONE was bound to lose their mind.
One of my most fabulous customers, that I could never thank enough, stole me from my comfort zone & hooked me up with the super amazingly talented Shannon Lott of Shannon Lott Photography.
If you are an avid Momi lover, you are more than aware that I come up with new items before you can even click "buy" on the last design. I could never be more thrilled or thankful to have such a fabulous lady to lighten my load. She truly is my Saving Grace.
All models are the found talent of Shannon Lott & if you are ever in the Chino Hills California area you most definitily need to look her up! I am tempted to get on the next flight!
As a celebration of Earth Day I have created another fabulous Mother Nature dress that you can find here....



Did I ever mention I have the most BEAUTIFUL customers....
Miss Sophie has been a fabulous Momi girl almost since the very begining of Momi boutique. I love when her mom comes around...she has fabulous taste & always know a good dress when she sees one!

So yesterday I had someone question my authority...ok, yes, it was Mr. Momi himself. He comes home from work all nonchalant as usual & then as I was about to hop in the shower he stops me in my tracks & says "why genuine"? .....ummm....Random! First of all I had no CLUE what he was talking about. Then he pulled out my business card & said one of his customers asked why I chose the word genuine...they thought it should be rare.beautiful.unique. (he likes to brag on my designs & the pics of Lily to all of his customers).

WELL lets see here! Unique...great describing word but, very unoriginal..very UN-unique of me if I used that word....I strive to make Momi boutique distictly different from the rest of the unique boutique world!..However, .....unique designs for anywhere her little feet take her is a grand slogan!

So, I said to him....genuine....because this is the real deal! Pure, 100% grade A quality!

and if that's not enough to convince you why I chose Genuine, here is the dictionary definition...

1 a: actually having the reputed or apparent qualities or character

b: actually produced by or proceeding from the alleged source or author

c: sincerely and honestly felt or experienced

d: actual , true

2: free from hypocrisy or pretense : sincere

Now just because Mr. Momi's alma mater won the NCAA championship last night....my authority over momi boutique still shines brightly!


Equally as entertaining...


It seems like the earlier I start my days...the more entertaing they become. At 5 this morning everything was running right on schedule. (I know who wakes up at 5 on a Saturday!) 9:00 my best friend calls me.."Let's take Lily to an egg hunt, I saw a sign for it the other day"...of course I declined...come on, I never leave the house! But, I reluctantly told her to please take my deprived child who is wallowing in her own boredom. Then I kept sewing away & thought to myself..maybe this "work at home mom" thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. Isn't the point of working at home so I don't miss out on my kids lives...maybe. So, I turned the machine off...gasp....bundled the baby(bundled! can I tell everyone how much I LOVE Pennsylvania weather) & away we all went...setting out for what we thought was going to be Lily's first official easter egg hunt! (P.S. Lily was decked out in Momi...yes, I had a slight glimmer of hope that we might see Kate & her 8) 11:00 rolled around & there was no Art Show....& no egg hunt. We pulled up to the park at 10:49 & all of the kids were walking away with baskets filled with eggs...HELLO Mr. egg hunt official..clearly you are not aware that I have a 2 year old in the car who has her high hopes of running like a mad woman to snatch herself up a whole basket full of beauties. (thank god she is 2 & really has no clue what an easter egg hunt is) I had a plan, usually I do, I raced home & broke out those the plastic eggs..filled them with every remaining piece of modeling candy in the cabinet & we had ourselves one of the happiest little egg hunts in the comfort of our own front yard. No elbow shoving & no skinned knees = success.

So that's my story of why I was running late on the Saturday morning art show? Next time I may not have as good of an excuse.


Typical situation.....

Another holiday is almost upon us...yes, that's right. Easter is 10 (TEN) days away. If you haven't yet ordered your Easter desire may I suggest you DO IT NOW! Surely I would hate for your little one to not be sporting her momi wear at the community egg hunt or her day at church. Anything ordered after April 4th...I can not guarantee. I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience but, I have not slept in 20 days.

haha true story...Today I shipped out 14 outfits & with one shipping notification a customer replied...."Wow! Thanks...but do you sleep?"

Clearly that is the same question I have been asking myself. Today I did come upon new discovery...my sewing machine sews 90 mph faster at 6:30 a.m than it does at 3a.m so I think I am in dire need of revamping my work schedule. On a lighter note, I have an awesome surprise! I have a saving grace that will be lightening my load...no don't worry, no one else will be constructing your momi clothes or replying to your messages...I am too much of a control freak to let anyone step on my toes like that! Just wait & you shall see some of the best.....

Until then....here's a peek again at that Extra Sweet collection that will be revealed next week!