I won't bore you with a long story of how this dress came to be...in fact I don't even have one. Just a cute dress for one cute girl! A OOAK spawn off of my "When pigs fly" dress that still has alot of interest & is out of stock on my website...www.momiboutique.com.

Speaking of out of stock..here is another out of stock design...little Belen recieved the last "for the birds, for the trees" & she is stunning! Her daddy took these awesome pics & I must mention I am super jealous....I have been trying to get Mr. Momi to sharpen up his photography skills but, he is showing no interest in that department!

Thank you to all of the beautiful Momi girls who have graced my inbox this week! If you are new to momi boutique, you can find all of these designs in my etsy shop.

Confessions of a workaholic/work at home mom:
I confess, I have taken my children & visited a few local daycares. (GASP) Can a lady get a little relief!! Here's how the story goes....

It was a tranquil tuesday afternoon (mr. momi's day off from work). Mr. Momi is standing on the stairs, I am on the landing at the top of the stairs holding leah (who is not so much a baby anymore, she took 18 steps the other day! hide the cookies, cutting tools, & thread..the child is on the move).. and one child clinging to my leg. We are getting ready to go to a local mexican restaurant we have been meaning to try..(I know, it wasn't until we ordered our food that we looked at each other & thought...are we absolutely nuts to be at this restaurant right now?)

Back to the stairs..he looks up, under my armpit, laughs, & says.."go take a shower". Go take a shower?! THANK YOU, AMEN! I put the kids down & bounded into the shower. If a lady can't even remember, or take the time, to shave her armpits...Huston..we have a problem. (please tell me I'm not alone here!)

I am in need of a college 101 course on how to achieve balance in my life. Caution: There is a fine line between work, leisure time, me time, him time, we time, them time....when your work & children are both staring at you 24 hours a day. So I figured..if I can get the babes in daycare 2 days a week, I may feel accomplished at least by the end of 2 days & it would be great for them to have social interaction. Well, that all flopped. I am NOT a picky mom...my children eat hotdogs, not tofu, they are often times left to watch noggin for 10 hours straight, they don't have a bedtime, & they are lucky sometimes if their socks match, however, after seeing a daycare setting...thanks but, no thanks!

So I've made a vow: I will continue to shoosh them off of my presser foot & wrangle them off of my ironing board legs, but, I will cherish this time that they are so little & be thankful that they are safe & sound at home....at least until I can convince Mr. Momi to let a nanny move into our inlaw suite....on the plus side..his wife may have 2 minutes to take for herself.

Yesterday, to my surprise, Lily openly offered herself up for modeling. Strange & unusual since I am usually chasing her around the house & wrestling her like an alligator to put a dress on. After a few dresses down it started to rain...now if you are in need of some great animated shots of an uncooperative 2 year old, take them outside to play in the rain. This was a first for Lily. My camera & I will be anxiously awaiting the next downpour!

I hope you all enjoy your beautiful weekend!


Shannon Lott said...

You are so funny! Love your stories:)

Jen U said...

LOL I know about the wrangling kids for photos deal LOL Mia cooperates a little more for me now but Patrick can still be a handful. Love all of the photos! I am a little curious cuz I don't know if you've ever shown it here on your blog before or not but you must have a really large workspace or storage space for all of your fabrics right? I was just browsing around your etsy shop again and thinking about all the fabric you must have. If you ever get a chance, I would love to see your workspace! :) Have a great day!