The best is yet to come....

Forgive me friends for I have failed you.  Not only have I just looked back and realized I have blogged once, just ONCE, since the new year but,  my humor for the moment has gone completely out the window, there is good reason!  When this cats away, she does not play....I have been hard at work, oh SO VERY hard at work.  Endless days in & days out of nothing but continuous sewing & sewing some more, to come up with some of the most fabulous pieces that will grace the pages of MOMI boutique this spring & summer.   Yes, you did hear that right..the most fabulous! :)

I am in a constant struggle to convince Mr. Momi that we NEED to go down to the beach house today, tomorrow, next week..but, he is not convinced. So sadly, I will be stocking up on anything & everything that makes your children stay awake for 10 days straight, in order to get Lily & Leah under complete cooperation for some indoor modeling.  However, if Mr. Momi finds it in his heart to change his mind & spontaneously take me on a beach vacation for my birthday next week...I will not have to follow through with my new years resolution of slathering stress relief lotion all over my body twice a day.  :)

Elaborating on that topic...stress relief lotion...let me paint the picture here for you: 
During my holiday shopping I bought this stress relief lotion intending to give it to my mom..then it popped in my mind that I'm sure she will not enjoy the eucalyptus/spearmint smell so I thought..ah ha..I'll give it to my sister..well, when the moment came I decided that maybe I secretly did indeed buy it for myself so I wrapped that little canister up with a bow on top and put it right under the tree just for me!

We were having a very quiet New Years eve at home with my sister when of course the topic of resolutions came up & nothing really popped in my mind as to what I need to do or give up..ok, except maybe stop buying unforseen amounts of fabric..but, I joked and said...."I think I need to start slathering stress relief lotion all over my body twice a day"....and then the moment of truth....a little voice came from the living room floor..a little girl who was so mentally indulged in her coloring books....said with the most bulsterous voice..."yeah, THAT'S FOR SURE!"....and that my friends, is how my new year started, rolling off my seat laughing.  Children are not afraid to tell you EXACTLY how it is...always go to them for the most honest opinions.  It is now my resolution to document everything my daughter says & someday I may write a book :)


Lori said...

I must say, you do need a break my love, but these pictures of the new spring/summer line are awesomely vivid! Keep up the wonderful work!

Unknown said...

Beautiful!!!!! I sooo want the yellow and white stripped ruffles!!!!!