She got out of town...

Today I am bursting at the seams with excitement!!

I'm sure most of you had read on the Facebook Fan page about the mishap that we've had to endure this summer. It was about mid May & I started feeling very ill, I was going to bed early, waking up late, & could have slept all day if someone would have let me! Dave spent hours on the computer searching for parasites, he was convinced I had one, my sister tried to pin me with a heart condition, my best friend who is a nurse believed I had endometriosis, & I, once again, was certain that there was some type of cancer invading my body. My mother in law & mom questioned pregnancy a multitude of times but...no way, no how, not me!! I was defying the odds of the unplanned pregnancy, I had myself fully convinced that it was virtually impossible because in my past experiences, I was the Gucci, the Prada of pregnancy. Gain a couple pounds, work 16 hour days up until the day you give birth, breeze through with no symptoms, & come out skinnier on the other side. At times I had even thought about offering myself up as a surrogate mother because to me, it was that easy. To our surprise, for the 3rd time, yes the queen of the unplanned pregnancy speaking here, we were going to add a little more joy, a little more laughter, & a little more crying to our already hectic lives. I was on a daily search for a 5 bedroom house, we thought about larger vehicles, & our baby names were just about set in stone. Everyone joked that it had to be twins because I was just "TOO pregnant" this time....
and that is when we got another surprise! Low & behold, the good lord thought my stomach was noah's ark & he was bringing these babies in 2 by 2.  Twins it was & for 15 glorious minutes thoughts & images flashed through my mind as tears just streamed down my face. Some delightful, others quite frightening. Then I was blindsided and hit with the news that became the epicenter of my entire summer...they were 9.5 weeks and had no heartbeats..what did I want to do?  What I really wanted to do go grab Mr. Momi in the waiting room, run to the car, and let myself become an emotional wreck..and that was pretty much exactly what I did. Over the next 3 weeks we bounced back & forth between 3 different doctors & became more than emotionally taxed. Mr. Momi was convinced after the first doctor, it took me 2 more opinions & I still was uneasy about the situation because there wasn't even a hint of a sign that these babies weren't ok, except for what the doctors couldn't find on the radar. In my head I always worry that someone is going to steal our children out of their beds in the middle of the night, Dave is going to crash on the way to the grocery store & never return, I am going to get cancer & die at a young age, or one of the girls will end up on the face of a milk carton after their senior trip to Aruba. In my mind everything horrific in the world is going to happen to my family so, I don't know why I was so headstrung that there was no way, no how, that this could happen! 
I told Mr. Momi on the way to the 2nd opinion ultrasound that if "these babies" didn't have heartbeats, we are going to Hawaii. Well, techinically I said we are going to Hawaii in September, North Carolina in October, Floriday in November, & Vegas in December. :) It wasn't a celebration trip, more of a calm after the storm & something to look forward to if all hope should die. 

Tonight we make our departure for paradise! It is a trip that I told Mr. Momi back in February that there was "no way, no how" we were going to be able to go...for a friend's wedding.  We are beyond thrilled to be getting away, childless, for our friend's wedding, for our anniversary, & to be taking it back to where our life together started, the girls were born, & the sun was always shining!  Hawaii to me is sacred ground & I really can't recall a bad memory from the years I lived there! My entire life fell into place while I lived there. I met Mr. MOMI, the girls were born, Momi boutique was started, & I got married.  Everything's perfect in paradise, right?!  Aside from coming home to the girls..it is going to be even MORE hard to leave Hawaii this time. The girls are aware that we are leaving tonight & this will be the first time we've ever left them for more than 24 hours...guilty mommy syndrome has set in!

We will be out of town until September 9th so all "MOMI event days" have been canceled through September 8th! There will be a new Friday Flirt skirt posted, mid day, on September 9th! I will be releasing new Halloween designs the second week of September! Please be aware that I will have limited internet access & the BEST way to reach me will be to email momi_boutique@hotmail.com.  My etsy shop is on vacation mode, however, orders can be placed through http://www.momiboutique.com/. Please just be aware that no orders will be processed, made, or shipped until after September 9th on a "first in" basis. If you are in need of an item for september delivery please be sure to place your order as soon as possible to ensure that yours is one of the first completed upon my return!

Have a great week! Aloha!


Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation Rachel <3 robin!

Crafty Country Cabin said...

I hope you have a much deserved, relaxing and wonderful vacation!!!

Cyndi Alsobrooks said...

I've been praying for your trip and know it will be everything you need. I love Hawaii but I've never had the pleasure to live there.
I can honestly say, I'm looking forward to your vacation b/c every time I think Momi, I hear cha ching. A little break for my paypal account is in order. <3
You are the best and I hope you know your "fans" support you.