Thank you & Thank you again!

a huge THANK YOU to all who have referred friends, placed holiday orders, & uploaded gorgeous pics of their MOMI girls!! My huge thank you is not even enough, as I could never express how grateful I am to have some of the most gorgeous children out there sporting my designs & the most awesome MOMI shoppers a girl could ask for! Now if I could just ship in some elves from the North Pole to help me sew up all of these dresses, I might be in good shape! Unfortunately, Mr. Momi has still not mastered the craft. I think I will spare him that domestic skill. I do believe that cooking, cleaning, raising the children, & doing the laundry on top of packaging & ironing is just about as far as he is going to let me take it.  No New Holland Toyota you can not have him back no matter how many times you call & ask & no matter how many different manager positions you offer him! :) MOMI boutique REALLY needs him. We always have a good chuckle because I honestly do not think that I had received so many compliments on how nicely my items were packaged, until he started packaging them.  Now at least once a week someone comments on it & I am always sure to let him know. He just smiles. I guess this is my first baby step in letting go and realizing that I may not be the best person for every single little thing that goes into making MOMI boutique keep spinning.  

I will be closed through tomorrow, which disappointingly means no sister set sunday but, I will be diligently working on all recent orders & hopefully have them out by the end of the week!

If you would like to be WOWed pop on over to my facebook fan page, click the "like" button & prepare to be dazzled by all of the MOMI girls in their MOMI gear. I couldn't even pick a few pictures to post on my blog because they are all just so precious!

*Thank you & thank you again to all of my loyal MOMI fans!*

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