You didn't forget.....did you??

Some of you have been anxiously awaiting, some of you have probably forgot!
It's Saturday morning & that means only one important thing at Momi boutique
Art Show Saturday!
Here is the story behind this little sweetie...
Some of my most fav customers have been pleading/teasing me about making boy clothes. Boy clothes!! I never had a brother or any sons so it is completely beyond me what a momi boutique boy would want or wear! The only boy in my life is Mr. Momi who does not do fashion. He's a simple man, however, I think he would enjoy skulls if we ever had a son as an ode to his best friends' punk band. Anyhow, I am really trying hard here to practice my boy button up shirts so I decided to give this super cute/preppy girl dress a try. Cute, wearable, & unique as all saturday morning art show pieces always are!
Check out the link...doesn't Lily look just thrilled in the last pic? Do you know I took 20 pics of her & could bearly even find 5 that were decent. Don't be fooled, photographing a 2 year old is no easy task. Either the photographer or the model is about to lose her day job.
P.S. Boy shirts are still really not my thing & it would probably cost you your next born if you are interested in a custom. :)
Cheers for now & I hope you all have a safe, relaxing weekend!

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