manic Monday...

Just another!

I meant to post this blog about 11 hours ago. That would take me back to 10:30 this morning before my brain went on the blink & my children were contrary. <--does that word work there? haha...see I told you my brain is on the blink. Must have been those 60 pretty clippies I made at 3 in the morning last night. Have no fear...I can still match colors & do my basic math to make your sets oh so pretty & perfect. That's about all I can & have been doing lately. I have momi clothes flying out the front door on a daily basis. I am currently working on a 1-2 day turn around. 1-2 days!! Yes, you saw it firsthand. Clearly Mr. Momi may go searching elsewhere for a suitable mate if I keep up the workaholic. Back to those 60 clippies! You wiped me out completely! Ok....I lie, there were 5 left that were totally ugly & I would have never even used them as chip clips so I could not bear the thought of giving them away to anyone. But, I did start the month out strong with 100 clips so, 94 down was a pretty good run. I've been one busy chick...did I mention Mr. Momi loves hanging out by himself ALL THE TIME. (enter sarcasm here) I keep telling him that I'm going to be famous one day. He is way excited about that as he thinks he is then going to go golfing everyday...I told him forget it, he will be my trash/water boy.

Tomorrow is March 31st which is the last day to get your orders in so that you can snag yourself some lovely little clippies. They are made with loads of love, don't forget!

On a lighter note....to ease your mind & eyes after I have completely taken your brain from one topic to another...take a look at my absolutely LOVELY momi girl in her Hamptons Day dress.... Cecilia....She is a living doll. You know the best part about this one...it won her Daddy's seal of approval. It's always good when the husband adores the dress just as much as we do!


signing off in anticipation for a tranquil Tuesday!

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Kaitlin said...

Aw, Cecilia looks so sweet in her Momi dress =)

And why yes, I think your use of the word 'contrary' is fine...if not at least you are in good company ;) I use it in the same context to describe my daughter/husband/dogs quite frequently, lol!