Next top model....


Be sure to check out this sweet ensemble...the perfect set for egg hunts or any spring/summer event. So much personality in this set you really can't go wrong! It was hard for me to even put this one up for the art show because when I finally put it on my little model my heart broke out in song. I'm in LOVE!

So here she is in all her glory....my next top model. She's easily ammused and still a toothless wonder. I think she is drooling over her fashionable hat.
Speaking of which, I FINALLY found my favorite hat in the ENTIRE world. It has been lost in an unpacked box (there seem to be many of those around my house) since we moved in November. Here's the scoop on this little beauty....the fab hat comes from Portland Beanie Company who sells on etsy. You can find her work here..
I promise you will thank me later! I honestly think I could put my kids in a potato sack & with this hat on they would still look fabulous! That may be my next venture...must find potato sack! May I suggest you grab yourself one of these asap because come fall/winter she gets SO many orders that her shop closes down daily after just being open for 10 minutes! I had to stalk her etsy shop every morning for a week straight before I finally beat the other million shoppers with my order!
P.S. This is the 12-24 month newsgirl Beanie Vanilla...& oh so yummy!

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