Colors of Spring

Don't you just love Saturday mornings!

If I must say so myself....I have some mighty quick customers! Colors of Spring was the art show piece for this morning & it only lasted 10 minutes on etsy. I'm telling you, I am working with some quick ladies here! Be sure to search Momi boutique on etsy next Saturday morning to snag yourself a great OOAK momi design! Here is the link to the sold art piece for today, you should check it out just for a laugh...

Apparently I have an opera singer on my hands who can't stand the sound of her own voice. If you take notice there are only 4 pics today, yup, that's how bad it was...the photographer again.

Don't forget there are 11 days left to gather your free clippies by purchasing any momi boutique item! Don't miss out on my treat!

I also wanted to say thank you to all who are filling my inbox with friendly Momi boutique emails & blog links. You are all over the top amazing! Here are a few blog links that I found exceptionally profound! Thank you, thank you.

*Don't forget to message me with the item you would like to use 20% discount on so that I can set up your private listing!

Here is a sneak peek at my new collection "Lucy" that will be released this week! These spring/summer colors Pop & make for an eye catching Euro inspired dream. Stay tuned!


dnoble74 said...

I think Bella will need this set!

Britney said...

Wow, I just stumbled across your Etsy shop and now your blog! What amazing stuff you have here!!! I want to place an order and hope to get the 20% off. I just posted a link in my blog and I'm sending you an email right now!
Thank you.

Shonda said...

I love all of her designs. We have bought so many and they always fit perfect and are beautiful. We check her website daily for new designs.