Don't say I didn't warn you....

I've decided, after many requests for past art show Saturday pieces, that it's probably in your/my best interest if I give you a sneak peek of the upcoming piece! So here it is.....

That's a little more than a sneak peek but, it should definitely help you in deciding if you should search Momi boutique on etsy at approx. 11am EST this coming Saturday! Personally, I think you should! This is a great piece that will fit size 18mon-4T & will grow with her. Who doesn't love a piece that can be worn for more than 1 year!? As always, Art Show Saturday pieces come on a first come, first serve basis...they are all OOAK! Unfortunately, I can not reserve this item for any one customer, it's the thrill of the chase!

Now, on to other matters....remember those fab little clippies you receive FREE with each item purchased during the month of March? There are 6 days left! I really enjoy giving them so don't forget to get your orders in.

I know many have been anxiously awaiting the release of Lucy. Here's a little secret...if all goes well in the world she will be making her debut tonight. I heard she is a late nighter so, you may have to bring the computer to bed with you! If Lucy is the lady for you....I am only able to make 3 of the Euro dresses exactly as I will have pictured, however, if you openly accept slight changes...she has some fabulous friends! I debated releasing Lucy on ebay since I have been neglecting Mr. ebay to no end lately. (I'm pretty sure he's probably not too happy since Momi boutique has discovered the much more seller friendly etsy shops) But, once again, my new collection will be released in the comfort of my quaint little etsy shop that I so adore!

In the meantime...while I keep you waiting 12 more hours for Lucy...here is a site that I can't resist shareing with you..


If you scroll down just a little you will see the write up that my amazing customer has done for me! Definitely 20% off worthy & a HUGE thank you to Shanna, the owner.

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Melanie said...

Ooooo that is so cute!!!