I feel Spring in the air!


I can feel it coming!! Spring is in the air. I know it really is up there somewhere! A wopping 60 degrees here in PA...I'll take that anyday of the week, I just couldn't be happier. I hope you all did not forget that it is Art Show Saturday at Momi boutique. This morning I have two options. A OOAK top & pants set that coordinates perfectly with my very popular Spring duck set & a ONE custom Only Bunny apron knot dress!! So be sure to click on the links & grab these unique pieces of Art!

If you have already purchased the spring duck set & own a pair of these fab double ruffle pants, I am happy to substitute ANY pair of pants for you in my etsy shop & yes, that does include the New America's sweetheart double ruffle pants!


Now down to business.....My house is slowly exploding with fabric. I have been tempted to open my own fabric shop on etsy, however, I may just bore myself to sleep cutting yards & yards of fabric all day. I'm pretty sure I could not find any mental stimulation in that repeditive line of work. I always wondered what went through the ladies minds as they unraveled bolts & bolts of fabric, cut, unravel, cut, unravel. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the new prints I have just purchased this week. I actually have 33 new prints...33!! There will be some fabulous collections released soon including Extra Sweet, Spring cleaning, Tiny Dancer, & Georgia. Expect something great ladies, I promise to never disappoint!

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