Free Gift with EVERY purchase thru March!

It's March Madness at Momi boutique & I am giving away a free gift with EVERY item purchase! Oh how exciting!!
Here is the story behind these little tokens of love.....
My top secret...I am terribly afraid of.....the boogyman. When we moved into our new house in December the plan was that the biggest room in our house (the downstairs in-law suite that was added as an addition) was going to be the house of Momi..haha. I had it all planned out in my head where the machines would go, my fabric storage, cutting table, thread racks, samples were hung, & it had double doors that opened into our living room where the girls would play all day. The walls are a dreamy yellow that would just keep me cheerful & upbeat all day....so I hoped! There is a seperate entrance to the outside so that in the summer the breeze could just blow in the door. (That door, in all of it's no dead bolt glory, was the death of my dreams) Well, my plans crashed the week after we moved in. My husband works late hours at his job & me & my terrible fear of EVERYTHING kept me from my new house of MOMI. I tell ya, I am scared of everything. I hated being tucked back away from the rest of the house, it felt cold & lonely. I threatened to have my husband sleep on the couches downstairs at night so that I could stay up & sew. Eventually I just completely stopped designing...(WHAT!) Instead, I sat in the front living room everything night with the girls & started dabbling around making sweet little clippies. At first I started out making them for my little pudding Leah. She was not blessed with a full head of hair at birth & has only annoying bangs that always seem to get in the way. After a few nights of making these sweet clips I started to seriously become addicted. Thank goodness the etsy shop that I gathered my supplies from was on Christmas vacation! Well, a few days later there I sat with over 100 clips! I tossed around the idea of selling them in my etsy shop, however, I couldn't justify the time it would take to list them all.
What does this mean for you?
This means that with every item purchased during the month of March you will receive a free hair clippy!! Now these aren't just any hair clippies...they are all mostly OOAK & oh so sweet! I also found they can double as some great chip clips & paper clips!
So head on over to your favorite MOMI shop & gather yourself some fancy little clippies by purchasing momi boutique items!

(a limited supply is BACK IN STOCK!)

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