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I know, I know, I was almost proud of myself earlier that I bearly list on ebay anymore but, once again duty calls. I don't know if many of you know this but, I am part of a super fab design group on ebay called "Wisterialane". (Honestly, I've never watched desperate housewives even once so it really has nothing to do with the TV show!) Might I say we have some amazingly talented designers..some of the best on ebay! We have launches every month with a different theme & this month we chose birds. You will have to purchase this set for yourself just to see that there are indeed birds on this lovely fabric! Also, we are having a great contest this month so if you are the first to bid on this set...or any WL bird sets...you will get your name entered into a drawing to win a prize. A little birdie told me it was a pretty good prize! I know a few of you already own the "For the birds...For the Trees" peasant dress & sash so I am willing to substitute out the peasant dress for any peasant dress of your choice if you would like to bid on this set!

For all of you Olivia the Pig fans, while you are over there, you may want to check out this great Momi boutique resell from an amazing lady who has been one of my best customers since the very very begining of Momi boutique. Believe me when I say I'm confident this dress has been kept in prestine condition. A very meticulous mother of 4. FOUR!! I don't even know how she does it! Cheers to you!

With all due respect...I decided to snap a few pics of the littlest one (mine) for all to see. I know you always get extra doses of Lilyahna so I figured why not show the babe for once...

P.S. This is also a sneak peek of my next collection to be released next week....Extra Sweet!
(Don't worry, Lucy is still right on schedule!)

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Melanie said...

Oh that precious baby girl!! I love her to pieces :)