It's a party.....and your invited!

For today's eye candy treat I have this little lovely...

You can find it here...http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22526925

(don't worry I only had to take 33 pics of Lily this time to find 5 decent...I am firing myself...seeking good photographers...please inquire asap)

Here is the story behind this limited time beauty.....

My ebay design group, Wisterialane, is going to begin our trunk shows mid April so we were to use prints from the new spring "Darla" collection by Free Spirit. Typically I am not one to go matchy matchy with the designer fabric collections, however, for our trunk show I obeyed policy.

Do you know what really makes my heart giggle...when a new fabric collection is launched, I see designers eyes light up with glee to get their hands on all of the coordinating prints. Ebay & etsy are just exploding with designs in the new "coordinating" fabrics. I love it because I am not a victim. I can see it being helpful for someone like my mom who goes blank when she walks into a fabric shop & tries to coordinate fabrics (love you mom :) but, I don't like to coordinate fabrics that were already coordinated for me! Coming from someone who used to ask her sister every morning before school if her outfit matched, I should not be bashing the matching fabric collections, however, I have come along way since then! I like to live on the wild side, put a little more pizzaz into it & pick & choose my prints from different collections, different designers, different seasons to come up with the most amazing color combinations you have ever seen. This is what keeps me....& YOU interested...I know it is! And that is what will always set Momi boutique apart from the rest.

On that note, I hope you will all check out my new Miss Darla's Garden Party design even though it was against my own will....it turned out just DARLing!

I meant to blog yesterday but, didn't quite find the time between my customs & pulling my two babies off of my legs but, look what just rocked my world in my email inbox.

Miss Bella has a smile that could surely light up the world. I would say she looks mighty happy in her new Momi clothes & I can't wait to see more pics in her next set! Thank you Bella & Dodi for being a bright spot in my day!

P.S. I would LOVE to feature more Momi girls on my blog so please send those beautiful pictures my way! Rahzzell4808@hotmail.com

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