Oh Mr. President....

So, I got to thinking last night during a midnight randevu with my sewing maching...you know who really needs this fab patriotic set? The president's daughter. That's right! I may know nothing about politics but, I can make you a show stopper like you've never seen Miss Sasha Obama. I think I'd just nearly have a heartattack if I saw her on the white house steps in a Momi design. I'm tempted just to sew one of these bad boys up & ship it right down to the capital building. I'm not sure if Michelle would enjoy the ruffles as much as we do, however, she may go for the more "J Crew" coordinating dress!

Speaking of children in the lime light....here's a fact for the day!

After leaving Hawaii, tear, we moved back to my home town, Wernersville, PA. Did you realize this is the same town that Jon & Kate plus 8 live in? Well, I guess now you do! But, it gets even better...my sister was great friends with Jon in high school, he would come over to our house, I was young at the time but, he would jump on my trampoline with me. (P.S. my purple trampoline will be going on ebay tomorrow, starting bid $2,000,000. jk I think it is actually long gone) Anyhow, to make a story short....my fabulous sister inquired with Jon in regards to who clothes their 8 kids. Well wouldn't you know Gymboree beat me to the punch line. Good thing for you & me because I am pretty sure that would be 2 full time jobs in itself! However, I do know that Lily & Leah have the same doctor as the Gosselins, so just incase, we will be sure to always wear our best momi boutique to the doctors so Kate can drool. :)

Now to get down to business...my real reason for blogging tonight...Here is the link to the PreOrder line pics & prices. This is much easier than sending out email after email. You can click the pics to see the prices. If you are interested please please preorder by Saturday night midnight. You can see that it is worth it to preorder for the discounted price. My special treat to you for being a dream to design for

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Erica Simpson said...

I would love to see all you Summer pre sale items. I saw your post on Gymbofriends! :)