Soul Mates

The other day I pulled out this yummy Paris print & the other print that I hand picked at my fabric shop (sweet pea by windham) (top secret place, don't ask because I will not tell). They were on two completely opposite ends of the store...no where near each other. Now realize, I didn't go into the store with the intention of buying any pink Paris fabric or anything to coordinate with it. Typically I don't go into the store with the intention of buying what I usually come out with. I don't go out hunting my fabrics, usually they jump right off the shelf & into my arms begging to go home with me. (They know they will get the royal treatment) When I try to find something to coordinate, or at least look half ok, with a print, it never happens....the fabric ends up vegitating in my armoire for a few months. However, I am a firm believer that every fabric does indeed have a soul mate (no, not the fabrics that were MADE to coordinate with each other)..something completely different, completely opposite (because opposites do attract right?) When I found these two it was instant perfection, love, a dream come true. A perfect match. If fabrics do indeed have soul mates than call me the match maker! This lovely duo just happened to find their soul mates really fast....as for the rest of the fabric in my house, well...the waiting is the hardest part!

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Jayme said...

So cute Rachel! You have such an amazing eye for mixing fabrics.