In need of one good knot....

And so it goes......I'm about to be at the end of my rope & I'm not really sure if there is a knot to hang on. (you'd think there would be with all the lovely knot dresses in my shop!)

Remember that girl in high school....you know the one, everytime you cut your hair she showed up the next day with the same do, she bought the same car you had, she wore the same dress to the prom, she copied your ideas for school projects, & asked to trade homework so she could copy, she held a polka dot sale just like you, & even started her own Saturday mornings!... if she could have..she probably would have stole your boyfriend too! She didn't rank up there on the favorite list & thankfully you were always one step ahead because she didn't have a mind of her own.
Personally, I didn't have an admirer like that in high school, but, Momi boutique does! Be on the lookout for the generic version of momi boutique being sold in an etsy shop near you! Momi boutique is truly flattered but, not impressed....as we all know the imposter perfumes only ever made it as far as Walmart.

My brain is always churning to come up with CREATIVE, never seen before, ideas. Lucky for me & you I have earned my degree in marketing so there will never be a dull moment. However, for the time being...Momi boutique will be laying low. New designs will be listed as always, however, sales & promotions will not be advertised in my blog or etsy shop until further notice. I will consolidate a direct VIP mailing list with all domestic & international customers. Please message me a momi_boutique@hotmail.com if you have never purchased a momi piece & would like to be added to my sale/promotion mailing list! Sorry for the inconvenience, it is all an inconveneince to me as well, & thank you for your understanding!
On a lighter note...turnaround times are still super fast & I have the most lovely Momi girls who looked very fashionable this Easter!
It was also brought to my attention that the lovely beach dunes ruffle bottoms made the front page on etsy! (....glimmer of hope)

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow morning for Art Show Saturday!

Thank you Lily....I really couldn't have said it better myself!


erin03_22 said...

Please Please Please- put me on your email list for sales- you know we love your work :)

Love the new dress!

erin03_22 said...

Oh- one more..what a bunch of Easter Cuties :) Thanks for sharing the pictures of the little ladies sporting their Momi wear

Britney said...

I'm so sorry this is happening! Its just not fair! I for one am a loyal fan. I've bought before and would love to be a VIP! :) Love your stuff!

pinksarahh said...

I am a previous customer and LOVE your stuff! Kep me on the list srockawat at yahoo dot com