Save the Rainforest....

It really doesn't get any better than this! Despite the fact that both of my children woke up with leaky diapers....this Friday is better than Good...it quite possibly could be the Best! Remember a few post back when I said that either the photographer or the model has got to go & I was halfway serious...halfway nervous!? Looks like they both lost their day jobs.
After hand picking fabrics, coordinating, designing, cutting, sewing, writing descriptions, blogging, posting listings, customer serivce, ironing, packaging, & shipping...did I miss anything(?)..there becomes very little time for chasing a 2 year old for pics. I knew something had to give or SOMEONE was bound to lose their mind.
One of my most fabulous customers, that I could never thank enough, stole me from my comfort zone & hooked me up with the super amazingly talented Shannon Lott of Shannon Lott Photography.
If you are an avid Momi lover, you are more than aware that I come up with new items before you can even click "buy" on the last design. I could never be more thrilled or thankful to have such a fabulous lady to lighten my load. She truly is my Saving Grace.
All models are the found talent of Shannon Lott & if you are ever in the Chino Hills California area you most definitily need to look her up! I am tempted to get on the next flight!
As a celebration of Earth Day I have created another fabulous Mother Nature dress that you can find here....

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Shannon Lott said...

Aah!!! I LOVE your write up. So entertaining and funny. Glad I can take one of your 101 job duties away from you:) Thanks for the kind words too. This is going to be FUN working with you!!!