*New Mexico*

Sorry so late on the post! I suddenly went on a "spring cleaning" purge after I posted today's art show piece. When I get the urge I must go with it because Mr. Momi is pretty much in charge of all of the cooking/cleaning/everything besides Momi boutique that happens under our roof...when he is home that is (I really lucked out!) He will be much impressed with my change of pace today.
Anyhow, here's a funny/true story related to the art show piece of the day..

This past week while I was packaging some sets I wrote the abbreviation NM. I did a double take, in the back of my mind I thought..gee..I didn't even remember New Mexico was a state...maybe I was far removed from the mainland for too long..so then I got to thinking...What on this green earth am I going to feature for New Mexico's art show piece?! I pushed the thought to the back of my mind, ran out the door with a cold piece of pizza & a coke in one hand, 12 packages in the other (my neighbors must think I'm nuts)...speaking of nuts...this is strange..if you google "momi boutique" (sometimes I like to check up on myself) on page #4 at the very bottom Momi boutique was tagged for bipolar disorder because of my blog post titled "Manic Monday" haha I thought it was a song, I didn't mean we had a disorder!
I did a driveby at the postoffice & hit up my secret fabric shop (love it!). You must know something about my fabric shop which may give you a clue about Pink Momi. They have thousands of bolts of fabrics & then one table of remnants. Remnants are like a 1-2 yard cuts that are left over from a bolt (for those of you who have no clue about the fabric world). Anyhow, my fabric shop has the most Yummy designer remnants ever. I don't know where they get them because honestly, I never see the prints on bolts. I could never justify even looking at them because 1-2 yards is only enough for maybe 1 set. Well, I don't know what got into me but, some strong gravitational electro magnetic field pulled me to the table & the rest was history. At checkout the owner looked at me as if I had 3 heads when he saw the "los novios" fabric, then he went on to say that it was for "day of the dead". (A mexican holiday) I was going to save it for halloween-ish time but then after his comment I thought well no, I better go home & make this into a beauty now because that is just next week. Perfect timing!
APPARENTLY someone was sleeping during cultural history because Cinco de Mayo & Day of the Dead are NOT the same holiday. Anyhow, it was a pretty awesome piece..very unpredictable! I knew you were going to either Love it or hate it..not really any room for inbetween. However, you must admit, if the skulls/punk scene are going to be done..it couldn't really come any cuter!


The momi girls featured this blog post have the most awesome moms. The two little girls come from the owner of www.babywearsprada.com & the little beaut in the orchard has a very talented photographer mom who has gone WAY beyond the point of proving to me that she does not buy imposter perfume.

I hope everyone is having an energetic weekend!


Josh said...

Ha, ha! Love the imposter perfume comment. You know it! :)
Also fun to see my little cutie on your blog...along with all the others. Thanks!

Josh said...

whoops...I'm leaving comments while logged onto my hubby's account!

Anonymous said...

New Mexico came out amazing - I LOVED it and wanted to cry when it sold before I could buy it.