Equally as entertaining...


It seems like the earlier I start my days...the more entertaing they become. At 5 this morning everything was running right on schedule. (I know who wakes up at 5 on a Saturday!) 9:00 my best friend calls me.."Let's take Lily to an egg hunt, I saw a sign for it the other day"...of course I declined...come on, I never leave the house! But, I reluctantly told her to please take my deprived child who is wallowing in her own boredom. Then I kept sewing away & thought to myself..maybe this "work at home mom" thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. Isn't the point of working at home so I don't miss out on my kids lives...maybe. So, I turned the machine off...gasp....bundled the baby(bundled! can I tell everyone how much I LOVE Pennsylvania weather) & away we all went...setting out for what we thought was going to be Lily's first official easter egg hunt! (P.S. Lily was decked out in Momi...yes, I had a slight glimmer of hope that we might see Kate & her 8) 11:00 rolled around & there was no Art Show....& no egg hunt. We pulled up to the park at 10:49 & all of the kids were walking away with baskets filled with eggs...HELLO Mr. egg hunt official..clearly you are not aware that I have a 2 year old in the car who has her high hopes of running like a mad woman to snatch herself up a whole basket full of beauties. (thank god she is 2 & really has no clue what an easter egg hunt is) I had a plan, usually I do, I raced home & broke out those the plastic eggs..filled them with every remaining piece of modeling candy in the cabinet & we had ourselves one of the happiest little egg hunts in the comfort of our own front yard. No elbow shoving & no skinned knees = success.

So that's my story of why I was running late on the Saturday morning art show? Next time I may not have as good of an excuse.

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