Did I ever mention I have the most BEAUTIFUL customers....
Miss Sophie has been a fabulous Momi girl almost since the very begining of Momi boutique. I love when her mom comes around...she has fabulous taste & always know a good dress when she sees one!

So yesterday I had someone question my authority...ok, yes, it was Mr. Momi himself. He comes home from work all nonchalant as usual & then as I was about to hop in the shower he stops me in my tracks & says "why genuine"? .....ummm....Random! First of all I had no CLUE what he was talking about. Then he pulled out my business card & said one of his customers asked why I chose the word genuine...they thought it should be rare.beautiful.unique. (he likes to brag on my designs & the pics of Lily to all of his customers).

WELL lets see here! Unique...great describing word but, very unoriginal..very UN-unique of me if I used that word....I strive to make Momi boutique distictly different from the rest of the unique boutique world!..However, .....unique designs for anywhere her little feet take her is a grand slogan!

So, I said to him....genuine....because this is the real deal! Pure, 100% grade A quality!

and if that's not enough to convince you why I chose Genuine, here is the dictionary definition...

1 a: actually having the reputed or apparent qualities or character

b: actually produced by or proceeding from the alleged source or author

c: sincerely and honestly felt or experienced

d: actual , true

2: free from hypocrisy or pretense : sincere

Now just because Mr. Momi's alma mater won the NCAA championship last night....my authority over momi boutique still shines brightly!


Britney said...

I agree, I like genuine better too! :)

Jayme said...

I like genuine too, especially since you are such a genuine person!