Art Show contest!

Hello Miss mellow dramatic..I have NO idea where she gets this from! However, her father may beg to differ. ...and before I could finish this post she was gone like the wind....Miss Maine that is.
Ok, everyone brace yourselves...Saturday mornings can get a little hectic in my house & my brain seems to go on the blink when it comes to creativity in the outfit naming department.

I have devised a plan...a CONTEST....a very unique & clever Contest! (just like every art show piece)

Each Saturday morning art show piece will be named after a state. Yes, one of the 50 original states. Every state from A-Z...z? ok from A-W...from coast to coast..north to south.... you must be in the for LONG haul since there are 50.

***Collect as many states as you can (yes, like those silly magnets you get on vacation & put on your map so you remember when you are 210 which states you've traveled to)
I will keep very close track of the state winners in my records & on March 20, 2010 (told you you better be in for the long haul!) the winner will be announced & will receive a $200 gift certificate to Momi boutique....$200? 200!! Have I completely lost my mind?...No, that's just how much I like when you come around!
So don't forget to follow Momi boutique every Saturday morning at 11:00 as we take our tour around the USA! ***

*each state counts as 1 point regardless of how many electoral votes that states has :)

Honestly, look at that face! I instantly fell in love with this little cutie....from the short bob right down to those awesome cowboy boots she is rocking. She looks so tomboy/chic! Did I mention I LOVE her hair..I think it is bringing back childhood memories. My parents were convinced I was a boy (before I was born obviously) since they already had 2 girls...I was always the one with the short hair do. If I can rummage up a pic I will post!

My husband loved this little beauty. He thought she looked like an older version of Lily. I would have to agree! Did I mention Shannon pours her heart & soul into her portraits & it definitely shines through! She puts me to shame & I am ok with that!

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