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I am feeding my obsession & making an unnecessay trip to my local fabric shop today. My house has slowly turned into a fabric store of it's own so I have made Mr. Momi start to rearrange & get the sweltering shop in order....why is it that my husband is SOO much better at doing an outstanding job than I, when it comes to cleaning/getting rooms in order. I know a few people have requested to see pics of my lovely sewing area...however, when my daughter comes into my room & says.."that's a pretty mess" & I'm not sure if she's trying to tell me "that's a pretty dress" or my shop is really "a Pretty mess"....So, I'm going to hold off on those pics until she either learns to say the word dress or the "rearranging" is complete!
On a side note,
I have marked down almost all OOAK Ready to Ships in my pink momi shop!
If you "Follow" my blog you will also receive Free shipping on all Pink Momi "SALE" items. (shipping refund will be given after purchase. Please do not message me before purchase for a private listing because I do not want to be to blame if your item sells before I get around to setting up the listing) I have a fun idea for Pink Momi so I want to get the OOAK's cleared out of my shop :)
I have listed a few new designs in Momi boutique last evening...starting the Fall collections slowly. Since I have not done a pre-order on the Lydia designs...anyone who is a blog follower will receive free shipping on your entire order when you purchase any of the Lydia pieces.
(shipping refund will be issued after purchase)

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Jen Ulasiewicz said...

LOVE these! Keep the new fall designs coming!!!!! :)