Arizona & a Follower Special!

I am going to be holding more discounts for my blog followers & today is a great day to start! Why? ....no good reason other than the fact that I like you & because in a perfect world every little girl would have a momi dress in her closet. Today & tomorrow receive the Lydia knot dress (pictured below) for just $40 when you purchase the Lydia peasant dress. Message me through etsy for your private listing! http://momiboutique.etsy.com/

(This offer can not be combined with any other discount except the ooak Pink momi discount)

Arizona was the art show piece today in all it's sun blazing glory!...No...don't worry..Lily was not picking her nose..

Yesterday my West Reading shop received their first round of Momi boutique. If you are in the area...maybe celebrity stalking the Gosselin's...be sure to stop by!

P.S. personally you will be happy to know I have also gone on hiatus...in regards to celebrity sitings :) However, my mind is still churning 37,000 mph...more on that at a later date.

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