New items @ Pink Momi

If you get a chance to swing by Pink momi today you will see that the "C" girls have made their debut. A collection of swing tops appropriate for Back to School fun. You will also receive FREE SHIPPING with the purchase of Metro or Lotus Momi ruffle bottoms. Please message me through etsy after your purchase so that I can set up your private listing for coordinating pants!

I have a few Fall tricks up my sleeve, however, I am not sure at this point what the preview date will be on these new designs. Since it finally just got warm here in PA....I am in no mood for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas! We are thoroughly enjoying the nice warm breeze & hoping it never goes away! However, be sure to check Momi boutique often ...as I will be listing a few new pieces & a few oldie but goodie designs!
Speaking of which...here is a DANGEROUSLY cute Halloween design from the past. Lily did a superb modeling job at the young age of just 1 1/2...save my soul...the girl is going to look 25 when she is 16 & even the white fence makes me miss Hawaii oh so much!

P.S. This design will be appearing in my etsy shop when the time is right. However, you can message me if you would like to reserve one for your own! (very limited available)

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