Pink Momi Day

I just want to take the opportunity to thank all of the awesome ladies who pounced on all of the fabulousness of Pink Momi. You are all such an encouraging inspiration & you are truly what makes the world of momi keep turning.

So, Mr. Momi has been at work now for 15 hours & still counting....since the moment he left I have been listing, listing, changing diapers, listing, listing & eating a few times in between...right about now I am approx. 10 seconds shy of selling my children as OOAK in my new Pink Momi shop...although, I guess that wouldn't work because Pink Momi already had a Leah & a Lilyahna dress!
Speaking of the pink momi girls...please know that the names I choose are completely random...ok, so maybe I used a few friends/relatives names :) but, for the majority of it all..it's just whatever pops in my head at that given time or whatever name I feel best represents that dress. If you haven't seen your name...keep looking, if you missed your name...I am sad for you.
P.S. there will be a Jenny dress :)
So you may wonder...how did Frockly Broccoli & Stuey Blues make their way in there amongst the pretty girls....these ruffle bottoms are made to coordinate with a variety of pieces so rightfully so I could not place them with any particular group of girls.
Well, the fat lady has yet to sing so I must make my way back to Pink momi to keep listing the last few bits...I hope you will join me there!


Melanie said...

I was very excited to see the Melanie dress!! & I really liked how you described the girl ;) All of your pics of the girls modeling from NC turned out amazing. I've been copy & pasting them all onto my computer. Now I want to see the rest of them :D Love ya!

Jenny said...

I can't wait to see the Jenny dress! I'm sure it will be so cool just like sister/aunt Jenny!

teach03 said...

So excited when I woke up and it was 5/20..Yeah! Love the pieces...looking forward to future designs!