I always used to be a Fall kind of girl. Not a Calamity Jane..the season. But, at this point in my life..summer wins my love by a long shot! Oh how I have been longing for the summer months!
Anyhow, so I've been thinking & I'm not really sure...do I really have your attention? When I was a teacher there was nothing in the world that annoyed me more than kids that were NOT paying attention. Whether they were sitting there with their eyes glazing over, looking but not really listening..and I could tell..or just plain resting their heads on their desks...I was bent. So this should answer my question of how many people really read..or check up on my blog. Perfect way to spice things up & have some over the top summer fun....GIVEAWAYS!! Do I have your attention now!?
(please don't tell the man in charge...he has convinced himself that nothing should leave the Sweltering shop for less than $100...if he knew I was openly giving things away...eek!)
Here is your chance to WIN a $15 gift certificate to momi boutique...
the above pic of Lily in this week's art show piece brings back fond memories..
the FIRST reader who comments me on this post with the exact city & state where this picture was taken WINS!
Good Luck!

If you haven't yet, you should....
Meet: Riley


they are super fabulous for spring, summer, & Fall...and even a unique patrioticish look. (did I mention I did not teach English?) The best thing about these beauties is they are ON SALE through Monday May 25th!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend & the winner will be announced as soon as I have one!

P.S..I have now renamed the sweatshop the sweltering shop...don't worry, I don't even sweat..I'm very used to hot temperatures from where we used to live..hmm..now where was that?


Kari said...

Pearl City, Hawaii

Anonymous said...

Honolulu, Hawaii.


Britney said...

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii? (is that a city?) :)

Melanie said...

I know the exact spot where that pic was taken ;) That was our backyard. Lily is such a cute little peanut in this pic. I'm impressed someone actually said Pearl City! Oh the memories...