So you may wonder..what do the children of momi boutique wear to their spring/summer weddings....only the most gorgeous Summer in the Hamptons line...
p.s. don't ask about Mr. Momi's shaved head..I did not approve...he really does/did have the thickest most awesome hair around..so it goes.
We had a fab time in the south but, I must once again remind Mr. Momi that I am a "yankee" through & through & as much as I try to pull it off here & there....I am no southern belle.

are you nervous, sliding off the edge of your seat, or jumping with joy because with the next awaited sunrise will come the opening of one of the best etsy shops you will ever lay your eyes on....ok, I may be bias but, really, I'm sure some of you will agree.... :)

Listen closely because Pink Momi day brings some amazing specials...

*the first 20 items sold will ship free..you can check the status of how many items have already been sold by looking at the side bar in my pink momi shop that says "items sold"
(if you earn free shipping because you have purchased one of the first 20 items sold..you will also receive free shipping on all momi boutique purchases at time of order. A shipping refund will be issued once payment is received)

*For every 5 pieces purchased from pink momi you will receive a $20 momi boutique gift certificate good for use at http://www.momiboutique.com/, http://pinkmomi.etsy.com/, & http://momiboutique.etsy.com/. offer good May 20, 21, & 22nd only.
I will begin releasing items on pinkmomi.etsy.com at approx. 7 am EST. Don't miss out as there are OOAK items that will never be repeated & also items that are only made a few times in specific sizes. I hope to see you all at my newly anticipated Pinkmomi shop!

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Jayme said...

Congrats on the new boutique! I wasn't fast enough and missed out on some goodies, but will be back to see what else you list :)