I'm here! I finally made it! I bet you all are thinking...how cliche to pull out the flamingos for Florida...I know, I know but, it just had to be done!

I am a woman of few words this week, not my normal self....physically I am here but, mentally..not so much. It was one of those weeks... the kind that no news would have been good news. The kind that makes you kiss your loved one a little bit longer, squeeze your children a little bit tighter, look out the window a little bit longer, & cry just a little bit harder. My aunt was diagnosed with multiple myeloma mid week after being sick for many many months. It will be a long road.

I didn't mean to disappear right after Miss Florida made her appearance but, I think you will all be pleasantly surprised with what Miss Lil & I were up to...oh, & Leah too!

Pink Momi was scheduled to open June 1st, however, I took this week to console in some yummy fabrics & veg out on a few gorgeous OOAK dresses. Yes, you saw that right...OOAK! These unique pieces will be sold one time only, in one size only...no tweeks, no twists, no turns...all ready to ship! It's like one big saturday morning art show. Pink Momi is now scheduled to launch Wednesday May 20th. Sorry to keep you waiting 11 more days, however, I think you will all appreciate the outcome.

I will not be having a Mother's day special...even though you are all very special....due to the fact that I will be going on vacation this coming week. However, I will be having a PINK Momi's day special to be announced closer to the opening of Pink Momi.

To keep you drooling here is the link...mark Pink Momi as a fav now so you are there right at launch!


In the meantime..you can find this little number newly listed in my etsy shop! There are only 3 customs available...just 3.


On another note..Mr. Momi is in his best friend's beach wedding this coming week in NC....you know what that means..vacation & loads of gorgeous beach modeling to come! I will have internet connection & my shop, website, & ebay store will remain open, however, if I am not quick to respond please know I may be trying to get a golden tan or test my surfing skills & will get back to you as soon as I can!

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Britney said...

Happy Mother's Day Rachel!

I'm so sorry about your Aunt, my thoughts are with you and your family at this time.

Have fun on your vacay!